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Notes on Story: This story takes place pre-Opal Deception, but after The Eternity Code, so Artemis has been memory-wiped. Fairy stuff will probably cut into the picture later on. Sonja Pirivoc is Cadel's penpal with cystic fibrosis. When she and Cadel chat, he calls himself Stormer and she calls herself El Primo; the false name she used was Kay-lee McDougal, and Cadel used Eiran Dempster. There's a reason for this, but it isn't all that relevant. Cadel is calling himself Cadel Dafydd. Parc Monceau is a park in Paris. I forgot to mention, Vadi came with Wilfreda, Thaddeus, and Cadel. I added him in because I'd initially forgotten.

Artemis is Intrigued

Artemis Fowl was bored. He was currently seated in his first period Mathematics class, rifling through a book about the history of art forgery, and generally ignoring his teacher, Mr. Veneto, while he drawled on and on about geometrical figures and their areas. All of the other boys in the class were either listening aptly, nibbling worriedly on their lower lips and squinting at the difficultness of the problems, or deeply asleep, completely unworried about their imminent failures.

Artemis wasn't being snooty when he figured they would fail. In fact, these boys were in his year at Saint Bartleby's School for Young Men, so he had already very carefully observed them all throughout the school, thus developing a probability that predicted their grades. There was a one point five percent chance of his failure to correctly guess, but most of the time he was correct, often right down to the decimal in the hundredth place. This was why he was bored in class. Not only was he beyond advanced when it came to the course work, he'd observed his peers so much that nothing they did surprised him anymore.

"In triangle ABC—" Mr. Veneto was saying, holding the attention of less than fifty percent of the class. In fact, it was exactly forty-seven percent, Artemis had measured, and he, too, was amongst the number of students lacking attention. He let his mind trail off, completely focusing on his book.

'Carbon dating, used by forensic scientists, is one of the best methods to detect a forged painting,' Artemis read, lost in the book. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps interrupted the otherwise quiet classroom, cutting off the teacher's agitated mutters about being ignored yet again.

"The answer," a soft new voice intoned. "is ac(a plus two times b plus c) over b squared minus ac."

A quick, rushed set of murmurs went up at this, and even Artemis looked up, taking in a petite, almost feminine boy standing at the door, looking shy.

"Er, um, and who might you be?" Mr. Veneto began, looking at the newcomer from over his hook nose and skewed spectacles. The boy was about to answer, but Artemis cut him off.

"What was the question, Mr. Veneto? I am afraid I did not catch it?" Artemis asked, vivid blue eyes locked on the elderly teacher as if trying to pin him to the wall. The man swallowed nervously, probably about to ask why it was so important for him to know, but Artemis's cool, level stare cut him off.

"It was, um, it was: 'In triangle ABC, produce a line from B to AC, meeting at D, and from C to AB, meeting at E. Let BD and CE meet at X. Let triangle BXE have an area a, triangle BXC have area b, and triangle CXD have area c. Find the area of the quadrilateral AEXD in terms a, b, and c.' Is th-that okay, Master Fowl? I ca-can ask another, if you'd like?" he tittered nervously, tugging on his suddenly too-tight collar. But the boy wasn't paying any attention to him, instead rubbing his chin in a thoughtful manner.

"He was right," he murmured to himself, too low for anyone to hear. "And he got the answer instantaneously. Remarkable."

The teacher seemed to grow nervous as his muttering ran on, but Artemis payed him no mind. Finally, when it became apparent that the teenaged boy wouldn't respond, the teacher turned back to the new boy, who still looked a bit anxious, apparently unused to being ignored.

"Let us start again, my boy. Who might you be?" Mr. Veneto asked, hands shaking slightly in front of his chest. Classes with Artemis Fowl were really putting him on edge. This new situation, and how quickly it had caught the young genius's attention, really made his heart quake. The teen standing before him, however, comforted him somewhat when he gave him a soft smile, looking up at him with large blue eyes.

"My name is Cadel Dafydd. I've just moved here from Australia with my grandfather," the boy said softly, though loud enough for the class to hear. Artemis watched him with a scrutinizing blue gaze, but he didn't seem to notice it. The teacher smiled comfortingly at him, and told the rest of the class to be kind to the new transfer.

"Why don't you take a seat next to..." the man began, but trailed off, looking at the only available seat in the class. It was conveniently situated next to Artemis Fowl, as the boy had scared all of the others into staying away from him. Said boy, meeting his nervous gaze, gave a vampiric smile, as if to say there's nothing you can do about it, so just put him here. The teacher swallowed a few times nervously before pointing to the empty seat. "...Artemis Fowl. Right there. Yes."

Cadel smiled sweetly, happy to finally get a chance to adapt to the class, and walked over to the seat, pointedly ignoring all of the whispers that flitted through the classroom. The class then resumed as if nothing had changed, but something had. Even the unassuming old teacher could feel it. Artemis Fowl had taken an interest in the new boy, was even smiling, and the class probably wouldn't resemble normalcy for a while. Mr. Veneto dismissed the class to go talk to the therapist hired by the headmaster to treat victims of Artemis Fowl. To think, a year ago he'd laughed at the stories other teachers had told about the boy. He'd never make that mistake again.

To: Il Primo

From: Stormer

Dear, Sonja, it's Cadel. You are probably surprised to hear from me, since it's been a while since I've 'disappeared'. I'm somewhere else now, though I can't tell you exactly where. Not until I know that the police or my enemies won't be able to trace this back to me. I'm with Thaddeus now; you'll be surprised to know that he's confessed to be my father, and his actual name is Prosper English.

That's why I left with him. I've never felt loved, Sonja. To the Piggots I was just a job, and to Darkkon I was a means to an end. Prosper is different — he cares about me, Sonja. That's why he promised it could be just us now, along with his servants, of course. I might even convince him to give up the life of crime. Maybe the appeal will become stronger as our life of peace drags onward for a while.

I am a different person from the boy who imitated Eiran Dempster. I want to make friends real friends, like you, Sonja. You've always been my best friend, ever since I first started talking to you, ever since I thought you were the nurse Kay-Lee McDougal. And that will never change, Sonja. But now I want to actually try to make friends, instead of just writing people off for being stupider than me. I was the one who was actually being stupid. I took the first step today, when I asked Prosper to enroll me in a highschool again (though he made me enroll in private school, at the very least.)

The classes were all right, even though I appear a lot younger than a lot of the other boys, and the classes are still too easy. My looks throw them off, I think, which is a good thing. I want a new start here. There's only one thing that worries me, though. I've felt watched ever since I started in my new school. Do you think they might have found me? I hope not.

I'll try to contact you again soon, Sonja. Please don't worry; this won't be the last you hear of me. Someday, when I know that I've become worthy to be your friend, I will return, and I'll take you out of those run down facilities they put you in. You and I can live somewhere beautiful, Sonja. We can play chess all day in Parc Monceau, or anywhere else you want, till the sun sets. Wait for me, Sonja.

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