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Wesker's Daughter

Claire sighed as she sat on the plane which was taking them to L.A. where they would be taking a small vacation, yes, she didn't know how she had managed it but she had finally managed to convince Chris and Leon to go on a vacation. Chris oddly enough was fairly simple to convince once she had told Jill about her idea for them to all go on a holiday, Jill had instantly agreed and had done the convincing of Chris for her. Oh how she liked Jill!

Leon… well he had been more difficult to convince… mainly because he wouldn't answer his phone when she called him, something which she found extremely scary given that he always answered the thing.

Anyway after several failed attempts at reaching him she had decided to leave him a message on his voice box which pretty much stated that if he didn't respond to her calls she would come down on him like a ton of bricks in the way that would make a Tyrant look like a girl scout. Almost five minutes later she received a call from him.

She had explained to him that she wanted them to go on a vacation just to spend some time away from thoughts of zombies and Umbrella and the other companies. He had said 'Fine but not Spain.' Of course this had led her to asking what was wrong with Spain which led to him explaining just WHAT was wrong with it… needless to say she crossed that place off her 'list of potential holiday resorts'.

In the end she had chosen L.A. after reading about a hotel that had full day spars, massages and just about every other thing one could think of to help relax.

She let out another sigh and looked at Leon who, to her amazement, was asleep… then again she couldn't really blame him considering the in-flight movie, she looked up at the screen the movie was one of those romance movies that had absolutely no conflict and was just people spouting sonnets of love for three hours. Now don't get her wrong she enjoyed a good romance film every now and then but there was a line and this had well and truly crossed it.

She sighed for a third time and decided that looking around the plane was probably more interesting than the movie. 'How many cheese puffs can that man put in his mouth at once?' She thought as she watched a man scoff down his food.

'That poor woman…' she thought as she looked at the tall and far too skinny woman sitting beside him, she looked as though she was being squished into the window.

"Darling could you please move over an inch or two?" the thin lady spoke to the large man.

Claire paled. 'Darling!? I didn't want that image!' she inwardly whined trying not to think about the images. 'Think about something else… think about something else.' Her eyes darted across the plane. 'Chris and Jill look cozy' She mused as she saw Jill lean against Chris while they discussed something, she personally didn't want to eavesdrop.

'Hey… is that little girl by herself?' she thought concerned as she saw a little girl probably about five sitting on the window seat to the right across from her.

The girl was of pale complexion though the small hint of a tan showed that she did spend time outside. Claire couldn't see the girls eyes but she was fairly sure they were either green or blue given her golden blonde hair which is tied back in a plat. She is wearing simple white sundress with some white shoes, in her arms is a teddy bear and in the chair beside her is her luggage bag.

'She has to have a parent around here somewhere… who would leave their child alone on a plane?' she thought almost angrily as she continued to watch the girl. 'Perhaps her parents are in the bathroom or something?' but she couldn't remember seeing anyone get up to go to the bathroom.

She waited what had to be about ten minuets and she still didn't see the girls father or mother, or SOMEBODY who was caring for the girl… she was completely alone. 'That poor girl…' she thought as she watched the girl watch the in-flight movie.

After about a half an hour later she began to feel really sorry for the girl, she was just sitting there watching the movie, she had barely moved and whenever one of the staff had approached her offering her food she had politely declined. Claire found it odd that a child would turn down candy...

'I should see if she would like some company.' On one hand she really wanted to go over and talk to the little girl as she felt that no one, especially a little girl should be left alone but on the other hand she didn't want to see creepy.

'I'll try to get some sleep.' She snuggled in her chair and tried to sleep in an attempt to get the little girl out of her mind… after about ten minutes of tossing in her chair she gave up. 'How can Leon sleep on these chairs…' she thought to herself as she watched Leon sleep. 'He looks so peaceful asleep.' It was true, when he was sleeping he actually looked relaxed and his face didn't look hard or cold as it sometimes did.

She glanced over to Chris and Jill and noticed that they both were sleeping while holding each other in a cute way. 'aww…' she smiled happy that Chris was relaxed, it wasn't something that happened very often.

She reached into her bag which she has lying on the floor in front of her and took out a small puzzle book. 'Perhaps I should see if the girl wants to do some puzzles.' With that thought in mind she moved out of her seat and made her way to the girl.

"Hello." She said smiling as she stood by the empty seat beside the girl.

The little girl's head shot up and her emerald green eyes locked with Claire's blue. "Hello." She smiled back.

"I'm Claire," Claire introduced herself the little girl. "What's your name?"

"I'm Annabelle." Her smile increased. "But my Daddy calls me Belle."

"Belle," she tested how it sounded, oddly enough she found it suited her as a nickname, but she also continued to wonder where her father was. "Excuse me Belle," when Annabelle looked up she continued. "Do you mind if I sat here with you?"

Annabelle smiled. "No of course not!" she lifted her bag with some difficulty and placed it on the floor in front of her. "Here." She pointed to the vacant seat.

"Thank you." Claire smiled and sat beside the girl. "Where's you're dad?" she asked really wanting to know where Annabelle's father was. Who honestly leaves such an adorable girl alone on a plane?

She smiled brightly. "Daddy's waiting for me at the airport."

Oh. Claire's mind clicked with the thought that her parents must be divorced or something. "Do your parents not live together?" she asked softly hoping not to offend the little girl.

Annabelle shook her head. "Nope, mommy's dead." She said it so calmly, so relaxed like, Claire was a little disturbed. "She died when I was born."

"I'm sorry.." Claire offered her a warm smile.

"It's alright, as long as I have Daddy I can live with it." Annabelle's smile widened at the thought of her father.

Claire knew she was prying but she had to know. "Why aren't you with your dad now? Don't you live with him?"

As Annabelle shook her head a sad and lonely expression formed on her face, Claire went to tell her that it was okay and that she didn't need to tell her but Annabelle cut her off. "Because of Daddy's work I can't live with him so instead I live with my mom's sister and her husband."

'His work?' Claire felt sad at that thought, it was obvious that Annabelle loved her father a great deal so it made her fell bad that she wasn't able to spend a lot of time with him. It was then she realized something. "'mom's sister and her husband'? Don't you mean aunt and uncle?"

She shook her head again. "By blood but me and dem don't get elong very well." Even though what she had said was serious Claire found the way she said 'elong' rather than 'along' very cute.

"You don't?" she enquired.

Annabelle shook her head. "Nope, dey don't like me very much." She placed her little hands on her knees and kicked her legs gently in the air given that her feet didn't reach the floor. "Dey only let me live wit dem because of my mommy."

Upon hearing Annabelle sniff she placed a hand on the girls shoulder. "It's alright, you'll see your dad at the airport." She attempted to comfort the girl and it worked for she instantly brightened up.

"Dat's right!" she beamed. "I love spending time with Daddy, he always makes the week I spend with him fun!"

"Only a week?" For some reason this made Claire feel sad.

"Yup only a week…" the sad look took Annabelle's face again. "Every few months Daddy takes a week off work to spend time wit me," she clasped her hands together. "I'm sad dat it's only a week but Daddy always makes it the best week ever!" she instantly brightened up again.

Claire smiled. "What do you do in the week?" she asked.

"Well…" Annabelle pursed her lips in thought. "Daddy takes me to the movies and buys me popcorn and lots of chocolate!" she beamed. "But I like whatever Daddy does with me…" she smiled warmly. "I remember one time he took me to a park, der was no one else there and he played with me, he chased me around the park, he held me as we went down the slide," she giggled at the memory. "He even pushed me really high on the swing! It was so much fun!"

"Your dad sounds like he loves you very much." Claire's smile widened, she loved seeing and hearing about families who love and care about each other, especially after everything that has happened.

Annabelle nodded excitedly. "He does, well he's never told me but I know."

"He hasn't?" This made Claire a little sad and confused.

The little girl shook her head. "No he hasn't but dat's just how Daddy is, he doesn't tell people how he feels but I can see it in his eyes." Claire was stunned at the maturity the five year old was showing.

"I wish dis plane would hurry up I wanna see Daddy!" Annabelle huffed impatiently.

Claire chuckled at her childish antics before something caught her eyesight, the name tag on Annabelle's bag… the initials were A.W her eyes widened as images of a man flashed before her eyes. A man with blonde hair, black glasses and red eyes…

"Belle…" she began softly. "What is your last name?" her voice trembled lightly as she spoke.

"Hm?" Annabelle tilted her head lightly in confusion. "It's Whittman. Why?" Claire noticed how the girl subconsciously held the teddy bear in her lap a little more tighter and closer to her.

Claire shook her head at her own idiocy, why in the world would she even consider this sweet little girl to be related to that monster. "It's nothing, just your initials reminded me of someone I've met before." She explained.

"Oh…" Annabelle didn't ask on the subject any further, she could tell from the tone in Claire's voice that she didn't want to talk about the 'someone'.

"So," Claire began wanting to change the subject as memories of Steve Burnside began to flow through her mind. "Do you know what your dad and you are going to do this week?"

"Nope." Annabelle said simply her face brightening at the thought of her father. "But I hope he takes me home."

"Home?" It was nice listening to the little girl talk about her father and her life, it was a refreshing change from hearing about Umbrella and viruses.

She nodded. "Yup, Daddy always picks me up at an airport but he usually takes me home on a helicopter from there. I like going home, we live in a small double story house in the mountains." She smiled warmly and in a way that was very mature for a girl her age. "Dere's a large fireplace and our doggy Licker." She giggled.

"L-Licker…?" Claire held back a shiver as memories of the large red animal with the long tongue came flooding back to memory.

Annabelle nodded excitedly. "Yup yup, I love Licker he's such a nice doggy! Though I kinda wish he wouldn't slobber as much." She giggled. "Ohh! And dere's also games to play at home!" she went back to the original topic. "Like monopoly!" she let out a small giggle. "Though I don't tink Daddy likes monopoly that much cause I always beat him."

"You do?" Claire found it to be a somewhat funny that a fully grown man could loose to such a young girl. She giggled with Annabelle.

She nodded. "Yup yup. And whenever Daddy looses he sits in his chair pouting like a little kid my age!" The pair giggled.

To Claire it was obvious that the girls father was loosing on purpose just for her, but that didn't matter she still found it funny, she also found it cute that he would do things like that for Annabelle. It reminded her of Chris in some ways.

She watched through the corner of her eyes as Annabelle tired to stifle a yawn but didn't succeed and ended up letting out a long cat like yawn.

"Why don't you get some sleep," Claire suggested with a motherly smile. "By the time you wake up we'll be at the airport."

She looked up at Claire with large, tired, emerald eyes. "Really?"

Claire nodded. "Yes."

"Tank you Claire." Annabelle let out another yawn before snuggling up next to Claire, her head rested on Claire's arm while her arms wrapped around her teddy bear.

"You're welcome."


Watching from his seat was Leon. His lips twitched into a small smile as he watched Claire. 'She'll make a good mother some day.' He thought warmly.


"Annabelle." Claire spoke softly, shaking the sleeping girls shoulder lightly. The plane had reached the airport and it was time for them to get out of the plane. "Wake up." She said softly.

Annabelle's eyes twitched in her sleep but no other signs of waking were shown. Claire sighed. "Come on Belle." She pressed a little bit harder against the girls shoulder.

Annabelle's eyes groggily opened. "H-Hu?" she blinked and looked up, recognition shone in her sleep-filled eyes. "Claire?"

Claire nodded. "Yep, it's time to get up the plane's stopped." She watched as Annabelle instantly shot up and grabbing her bag she jumped around excitedly. "Well let's go!" she beamed before practically bouncing out of the plane with Claire.


"Who's the kid?" Chris asked giving Leon a meaningful glare. If there was something he and Claire weren't telling him…

Jill hid a smile knowing all too well what was going through Chis's mind and knowing for a fact that whomever that girl was, she wasn't what Chris was thinking.

"Claire met the girl on this plane, she seemed to be concerned because the girl was flying by herself." Leon answered coolly before turning to exit the plane.

Chris mumbled something under his breath before following after Leon. Jill giggled and followed after the pair.


"There you are Chirs!" Claire walked up to the three of them who had just walked into the luggage collecting area. "Where were you? I left the plane then turned around and couldn't see you guys."

"That's because we were still on the plane when you ran off with the kid." Chris sounded irritated, and he was all he wanted to do was go to the hotel and relax... though he had to admit he did get some relaxation on the plane with Jill.

Claire laughed. "That's right." She smiled before turning to see where 'the kid' was, she hoped that she was with her father… but she wasn't, instead she was standing by a chair with her bag on the floor beside her waiting for her father alone.

Chris opened his mouth to say something to Claire but before he could she had turned from them and was walking towards Annabelle. "She left." He blinked.

"She's going to wait with the girl until her father gets her." Leon explained. "From what I saw she got along pretty well with the girl on the plane, probably doesn't want her being alone." With that Leon went to collect his bags.

"Claire'll make a good mom one day." Jill patted Chris's shoulder before following Leon's suit.

Chris sighed and followed after Jill.


"Hey, where's your dad?" Claire asked Annabelle as she knelt down beside the girl.

Annabelle looked up at Claire, her eyes filled with worry. "I dunno." She said helplessly. "He's neber late, someting must have happened."

"Do you want me to wait for him with you?" Claire offered, not wanting Annabelle to be alone in the airport, something might happen to her.

Annabelle sniffed and nodded. "Yes pweese."

Claire's eyes softened. "Hey don't cry, I'm sure your dad will be here soon." She placed her hand on the girls shoulder as she directed them to the seat so that they could sit while waiting.

"I hope Daddy comes soon…" Annabelle sighed holding the teddy in her lap close to her chest.

Claire opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by Jill's voice. "Here, I got your bag for you." Claire turned her torso around and saw Jill standing beside her, in one hand was her bag, in the other was Claire's.

"Thanks Jill." Claire smiled taking her bag and placing it beside Annabelle's.

"Hello," Jill smiled at Annabelle. "I'm Jill, what's your name?"

"Hello Jill." Annabelle grinned. "I'm Annabelle."

"That's a pretty name." Jill commented and was awarded with a bright smile from Annabelle. "Where's your mommy?"

"She's dead."

Jill's eyes widened in shock, Claire thought the shock was probably from the fact that Annabelle had said that so calmly. "I'm sorry…" Jill said softly. "How did she die?"

"She died giving birth to me." Annabelle kicked her dangling legs. "Daddy always tells me tat even though mom's gone she's happy 'cuz she got to have me." she offered the two women a bright smile.

'That's actually a really sweet thing to say to your kid.' Claire thought with a smile, she really wanted to meet this girls father, he sounded so nice!

"Where is your dad?" Jill asked.

"I dunno." Her eyes watered again. "I hope he gets here soon."

"Hey, its alright." Jill comforted. "Don't worry, we'll all wait here for him with you, wont we Chris?" she turned to Chris who was walking with Leon towards them.

Chris blinked and took in the girls pleading faces. "Uhh… okay?" he replied not knowing what he was consenting to.

"YAY!" Annabelle cheered. "Tank yoo Chris!"

Chris blinked, just what did he agree to?


Annabelle giggled as she talked with Jill and Claire, the three seemed to hit it off instantly. Even if they had been at the airport for an hour they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

"So," Jill began attracting Annabelle's attention. "What's your dad's name?"

Annabelle opened her mouth to reply only to be cut off by Chirs's scream of "WESKER!" Their heads shot to Chris and Leon who had their guns drawn and aimed at something.

Jill and Claire's eyes went wide and they followed the guy's line of sight until they saw what Chris and Leon were aiming their guns at. Albert Wesker. Standing there, in the airport with a group of people standing stunned behind him.

"Wesker!" Jill pulled her gun out of her gun holster, now grateful that Leon had been able to get them permits for taking their weapons on the plane.

"Daddy!" Annabelle went to run towards Wesker and the group of people.

Claire thinking her father was one of the people in the stunned group stopped Annabelle from running off. "Stop!" she held onto the girl.

"B-But they're aiming guns at Daddy…" Annabelle sobbed, her eyes locked on Wesker but Claire assumed she was staring at a person behind him.

"I'll be okay," Claire lifted the girl up and let her rest on her hips while she stood behind Jill. "Just don't run over there, that man is dangerous." She warned the girl in her arms.

"But Daddy…" Annabelle watched with sad eyes.


"Christopher," Wesker's lips twitched lightly. "What a surprise, it has been far too long."

"Not long enough!" Chris spat his fist clenching tightly around the gun.

"Mr. Kennedy." His head moved towards Leon whose eyes narrowed. "Valentine." Jill glared at him. His gaze moved to Claire and Annabelle. "Miss. Redfield and…" the slight creases in his forehead showed that he was narrowing his eyes.

"What are you doing here!?" Chris demanded breaking Wesker from whatever thoughts he was having.

"Dear Christopher," he replied smugly. "Know that seeing you here is quite a surprise to me, I was merely picking something up."

"You expect me to believe that!?" Chris growled wanting nothing more than to shoot Wesker though given where they were it may not be such a good decision.

"He's aiming the gun at Daddy…" Annabelle let out a low sob and clutched Claire tightly.

"No he's not, he's aiming it at the bad guy." Even as Claire said this she couldn't ignore the thought that Annabelle wasn't talking about a person behind Wesker that ate at her mind.

Jill glanced at the two through the corner of her eyes, something flashed in her eyes making it obvious that thoughts similar to Claire's were making their way into her mind.

A small chuckle escaped Wesker's lips. "Believe what you like. However as tempting as it is I really don't have the time to play guns with you Christopher." A brow rose and his lips curled into a dark smirk. "Perhaps next time?"

Chris scowled but didn't lower his weapon, neither did Leon.

"He's gunna shoot Daddy!" Annabelle struggled in Claire's arms but Claire held her tighter not wanting the girl to be hurt by Wesker… or Chris… just on the off chance something happened…

"I won't shoot your dad, I just want Wesker!" Chris ground out glaring at Wesker who looked very bored with the whole situation.

"Christopher I really am not in the mood for this, so if you don't want me to snap your neck with my fist I suggest you let me go and we pretend this didn't happen." It wasn't a suggestion, it was more like an order.

"What the hell!?" Chris shouted making the people standing behind Wesker flinch thinking that Chris was going to shoot them or something. "What are you planning!" he growled and if it were possible his hand tightened harder on his gun.

"Nothing Christopher." His tone was beginning to show his annoyance. "I'm here to collect something then I will be on my way…" he smirked in a way that made it seem as though he was teasing Chris and the other's. "It's my week off."

Those words sent panic through Claire as she remembered her conversation with Annabelle. 'Every few months Daddy takes a week off work to spend time wit me' Annabelle's cheerful voice echoed through her mind.

Leon hesitated his hold on his gun for the briefest of seconds while his eyes shot to Clair and Annabelle during those seconds. He looked coldly at Wesker.

Chris fumed at Wesker's statement about it being his 'week off'. "Don't give me that shit!" he shouted. "What the hell are you doing here!?" it was obvious that Chris was getting frustrated and although he really wanted to he knew that if he did it would cause a panic if he started shooting at Wesker… plus he might end up hitting an innocent person instead.

Wesker almost sighed at Chris's stupidity. "I've already told you why I'm here, don't make me repeat myself." There was something in his voice that said that he really didn't like repeating himself.

"Please stop…" Annabelle's voice went ignored by the men but Jill and Claire heard and it only served in increasing the thoughts in the back of their mind.

"Kid I'm not gunna hurt your dad," Chris murmured. "I'll just kill the bastard Wesker then you can run to your dad."

Wesker's brow rose above his glasses as he heard Chris's words. "Are you sure you want to shoot me?" he felt his lips twitch. "If you shoot me you may end up killing her father instead."

"Please don't shoot my Dad…" panic was starting to show in Annabelle's voice and she began to squirm in Claire's arms.

Jill and Leon glanced at Annabelle through the corners of their eyes, then back at Wesker, things were staring to put themselves into place.

"Just shut up asshole!" Chris growled at Wesker. "I'm not going to shoot anyone else but you and trust me I'm gunna enjoy it!."

Wesker's brow rose higher and he opened his mouth to reply only to be cut off by a loud shriek of. "STOP!" They all watched stunned as Annabelle pushed herself out of Claire's arms and bolted across the room towards Wesker. "Stop aiming dat gun at Daddy!" she latched her arms around Wesker's leg.

"A-Annabelle…" Claire stammered wide eyed, she silently prayed that Wesker didn't hurt the girl.

They all watched in horror as, rather than hurting or killing, or doing something painful to the girl he merely lowered his and o her head and petted it in an almost… affectionate way… "Hello… Belle…" he spoke softly.

Annabelle clutched his leg tighter and pressed her face into his trench coat.

"Belle…" Claire said softly. 'my Daddy calls me Belle.' Her mouth fell open in a gasp. "YOU'RE Annabelle's father…?"

Thin lips formed a smirk. "It's nice to see that at least one of you has some intelligence."

"What the!?" Chris lowered his gun an inch. "Since when did you have a kid!?" he was actually surprised that Wesker could even physically have a kid given that he HAD died and was infected with the virus.

"I'm sorry Claire," Annabelle looked up from Wesker's leg. "Daddy told me never to tell people my real last name." her eyes watered and she clutched her father's leg tighter.

Claire smiled sadly understanding that she probably couldn't tell her, her last name for protection which in a morbid way it was kind of sweet of Wesker to tell her do to that. "It's alright I understand."

Gaping Chris lowered his gun but remained cautious just incase Wesker tried something, Leon too lowered his gun with wide eyes though his expression wasn't as stunned as Chris's.

"You're a father…" Jill lowered her gun, she knew they would have to got after Wesker another time, she just couldn't bring herself to attack Wesker in front of the little girl… his child…

Wesker, ignoring everyone around him, looked down at Annabelle. "It's time for us to go." He said firmly. Annabelle nodded and allowed herself to be lifted by Wesker and placed on his hip in a fashion similar to the way that Claire had held her. The sight made Chris and Jill stare horrified, while Leon looked more stunned than anything else.

Claire, even though she knew just what the man was capable of and had seen some of the things he could do, she found the sight to be kind of sweet. She watched with the tiniest of smiles as Annabelle's little arm's went around his neck. It was then that she noticed the girl's teddy bear on the ground a few feet away from Annabelle's bag.

"Here Annabelle." She said softly gaining the pairs attention as she lifted the girls bag and teddy then walked over to them.

"Claire!" Chris protested moving to stop her but Jill stopped him, something telling her that Wesker really wasn't going to hurt them today.

"Thank you Miss Redfield." Wesker accepted the bag while Annabelle took the teddy. "Tanks Claire." Annabelle smiled.

"Your welcome." Claire smiled before turning to move back to Chris and the others who were watching the scene carefully… except for Chris who was feeling faint like he was going to pass out.

"Daddy where are we going?" Annabelle asked as they moved to leave.

Wesker paused as though in thought. "We're going to a hotel for the night then tomorrow we will be going to the zoo." Chris swayed a little at the thought of Wesker at the Zoo. Jill held onto him tighter and Leon stared wide eyed.

Annabelle beamed. "YAY!" she hugged her father before looking at Claire's back. "Can Claire come with us tomorrow?" Both Claire and Wesker froze.

"Well that's up to Claire." Wesker said smoothly and Claire could feel his eyes on her. She turned to them.

"Well… I…" looking at Annabelle's pleading face she really couldn't find a way to say no? Even if it did mean spending the day with a murderous bastard. "I suppose I could?" she could practically feel Chris sputtering in fury.

"What!?" He shouted struggling as Jill and Leon held him back.

Wesker studied her for a few moments before reaching into his trenchcoat and pulled out a business card. "We will be standing in front of this hotel at 10:00am, we will wait there for you for 30mins. If you don't turn up we will leave and don't bother brining anyone with you because if you do I'll know and will be gone by the time you get there."

She looked down at the card then back up at him. She nodded understanding.

"Good," he said smoothly. "Goodbye Miss Redfield." He gave her a nod before turning and walking away from them.

"Goodbye Claire!" Annabelle waved as Wesker carried her off.

As Chris raved about how Claire wasn't going and other rants about Wesker Claire stood there stunned, a million thoughts going through her mind, the main ones though were about tomorrow and how she would be spending it with Wesker of all people.

"You're NOT going!" Chris's voice went unheard by her ears.

She felt her lips form a small smile, despite everything Wesker had done she felt herself feel excited about going tomorrow… she was looking forward to it…

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