AN/An idea occured to me today that excited me so much I had to start it.

Warning! This Harry will make even some of the most powerful Harry's in Fanfiction appear weak. But Voldemort will also be shockingly powerful. I wanted a new way to develop characters and ignore cannon more than I am in the LOH fanfiction. Plus I wanted a better start.

No, I don't plan to abandon my other fanfiction but I wanted to get some fresh blood. Light of Honor has nearly 60 chapters now and it's still not done. I feel it's time for some new blood.

Parings: No Harry/Ginny, no Hermione/Ron (Blech!)(On both thoughts.) Expect HHR Since they are the reality of Harry Potter. The story focuses on them. It is them.

Ron is a major character in Cannon but he is nothing on Harry and Hermione since he runs off way too much. There is religious reference at the beginning but I don't want to turn it into a religion/magic, super fic. Magic, Evil, Love, and most importantly A very unusual Harry that you might just might hate...Until...

When a world is born a powerful Wizard is born. When a Galaxy is born an even greater wizard awakens. When eternity itself was born the ultimate Wizard was created. With the power of both the beginning and the end. So powerful that he could destroy entire universes with a mere thought. However, For each light Wizard is created a dark Wizard is born. The worst started weak and paltry; easily oblitterated by The Wizard of Eternity. However, each time he was destroyed he grew stronger. Since that time they have fought almost one trillion times. At the beginning the Light Wizard 'Harry' always triumphed. However, after a certain point Voldemort-The dark Wizard surpassed him and the darkness swallowed thousands billions of worlds as Voldemort continued to gather more and more power. Now, everything hinges on a final world. It was dubbed 'Earth' by the Creator. Where the creator's very Son sacrificed his life before returning to glory.

It was the there the Creator's most beloved creation existed. The human race. Harry really didn't understand that and he had tried to do so for countless millennia. Even in his alternate Dimension where time no longer existed and there he pondered much. Including his only weakness. Harry, the Wizard of Eternity A.k.A the Eternal Wizard could not grow in power nor in skill. That was why he had begun to fail against Voldemort. He just couldn't compete against a Wizard that grew in Power.

Harry could only grow should he find what the Creator called the 'Key'. Sometimes he was frustrated by the Creator, but in the end He had always been right.

"Harry, it has been too long since you have approached my throne." The Creator said as he entered Harry's small dimension.

Harry kneeled before his King.

"Hail, King of Kings." Harry said in reverential awe.

"Harry, I wanted to speak to you."

"I will listen my Lord." Harry promised.

"Your only hope remains in one of those on Earth. It will be a human. A female to be precise."

"I don't understand Lord." Harry admitted.

"It's simple she is the key to unlock your ability to grow."

"Who is it Father?" Harry asked.

"If I told you you would err and likely destroy your only chance of growing."

"Sometimes I think you like toying with me." Harry mumbled.

The Creator looked at him cooly.

"Forgive me my Lord. I have not the wizdom to understand. Please forgive me." Harry whispered.

"Anyways, Voldemort is about to make his move. Harry, what is your plan?"

"Lord, my plan is different than ever before."


"I have decided I will start as a mere child this time."

"What do you mean?"

"Remember the Potter's?"


"They were about to have a child when they were killed by Voldemort and their unborn child died by his hand too. Since it takes at least a decade for our power to fully manefest I should be able to repel the Killing Curse. Those accursed Horrocrux's will keep him alive, but he won't be able to fight for a long, long time. That way I will have time to find this female that you spoke of."

"Interesting Plan. Harry...Potter."

"Thank you." Harry whispered.

"Remember Harry, your powers come from the light. Not all human's power is driven by the light. You shall need to find out where their power comes from and Most importantly never forget the cardinal rules."

"Yes my Lord."

"Then begin."

Harry shot towards the final battlefield that he would ever participate in. Earth.

"Hold on Lily! He's almost here!"

Lilly screamed one last time before Harry Potter was born.

Harry potter opened his eyes and saw the one who had just given birth to him. Being born was not a sensation he enjoyed. Period. He was covered in blood, he had to cough to clear his lungs of fluids, and he was naked. This was not one of his better days. In fact apart from his more humiliating (the more recent) defeats there wasn't a worse day he had had.

His mind remained as did his powerful brain. However, it came at a price. His magic was sustaining his Mental capacity. Fortunately that would diminish as time progressed.

However, he had no idea if he could keep the 'Parents alive' Part of him saw no need to do so honestly. That stupid divination applicant was giving her predictions and Voldemort, weak as he was would attack him. Voldemort wouldn't be fooled he would know that the Wizard of Eternity was now Harry Potter. Fortunately, A Galaxy Level Wizard had shielded the Potters. The immensely weakend Voldemort would have to find them first and he knew that would take time, enough for Harry to get back enough of his short bursts. Long enough to banish him from his body at least. Then Harry could search for this female that was the 'key'.

What did the Creator mean anyways? The 'key'. Harry didn't understand.