My first fanfic :o Basically one about my favourite Sonic character Tails :) Might change the name a few times, I haven't thought up of a final name yet. I usually leave it to the end so I don't really need to base the story around anything.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sonic or any related characters. They are copyright Sega. I own this story, but that's about it. :) Don't get me done for copyright pleaseh?

This story is set after the Sonic X series. Tails has got over Cosmo's death and Shadow managed to make it back in one piece. Again.

Anyway, it's the middle of winter :) Not saying anything else, so read on and I hope you enjoy.

P.S. Italisized words are thoughts, underlined words are emphasized words.

Chapter 1: Happy birthday!

It was a dull, winter day in Mobius. Dull for the fact that it's snowing. A heavy blizzard had hit overnight, covering the landscape with a blanket of pristine white snow. Now the morning, it had settled down and the snow flakes fell peacefully, undisturbed by the raging torrents of the previous night's wind. Untouched, it was one of the most beautiful sights that had been seen for a while. As everyone in the area awoke and threw open their curtains, they were dazzled by the snow. Already, the children were wolfing down their breakfasts in order to get outside and make snowmen, snow angels and start snowball fights. Some had skipped breakfast and were already getting wrapped up warm. A blue hedgehog wrapped in a scarf and a thick jacket strolled casually through the town with a large plastic bag. Sonic was careful not to run, incase someone was stung by the mini blizzard that his velocity would create. Instead he just strolled on through at normal walking pace, looking around at the children that had skipped breakfast or already finished it. Despite he was adapted to all weathers except flash floods (given the fact that he can't swim) the 20 degrees below freezing was enough to catch anyone unprotected a cold, which is something he didn't want on this special day. Man, it's snowed so much, I bet even Egghead is enjoying himself. An image of Eggman making snow angels and having a snow ball fight with Bocoe, Decoe and Bokkun popped into Sonic's head. Trying to save himself from embarassment by randomly bursting out laughing in the middle of a street, he surpressed his giggle as subtly as he could. Reaching the edge of town, he made sure no one was nearby and that the bag was securely on his arm before blasting off at 100 mph towards Angel Falls.

Sonic's destination was peaceful. The home built into the mountain was covered in snow. The peacefulness of the outside matched that of the inside. Not a single thing stirred. In the workshop of the large house, an orange-yellow coloured, twin-tailed fox sat on a chair and was fast asleep on the drawing board. Evidently, he was the only one in the area that hadn't noticed it was snowing. Sonic came through the front door upstairs from the workshop, into the living room/kitchen combined. He seen the door leading down to the workshop still wide open. Poor thing must have been up all night... Sonic wondered as he crossed the room to the door and headed downstairs to the workshop.

The workshop itself is actually very big. Actually, only one small section is a workshop. The rest is one large hangar holding two planes. One is the legendary Tornado, a blue biplane with a propellor on the front. It's able to transform into a second fighter mode that made the small biplane faster and more formidable against foes than it was previously. The second is the larger and faster of the two, the X-Tornado. Unlike the original model, this one is a fighter jet. With it's larger passenger capacity, faster top speed, handling and acceleration and its ability to transform into a walking mode, the X-Cyclone, giving it the advantage of being almost all-terrain. It's stabalising wings on the front gives it it's name, since they form an X shape when fully deployed. Sonic thought of a time that he and his best buddy, Tails, had a race with Tails in the fighter. Sonic had reached absolute top speed (which was passed the sound barrier) and still the large fighter managed to keep up with him, which was also at top speed. It was the first thing that was able to match Sonic's speed to date and he was proud of his adopted little brother of creating such a powerful machine, and wondered if Tails' brilliant mind would come up with a way of making it even faster to beat Sonic entirely.

Sonic crossed the workshop part of the room to the sleeping , grubby fox. He had most likely done some modifications to the X-Tornado since his tools were scattered across the ground of the hangar near the jet. Careful not to arrouse him too suddenly, he placed a hand on Tails' shoulder. Tails half opened his eyes immediately, and started to sit up. 'Huh?' the still half asleep fox muttered before looking round for the source. Spotting Sonic, he sat up, rubbed his eyes and began to wake up. 'Morning Sonic. What time is it?' Tails asked, looking round for a non existent clock. He kept forgetting to install one somewhere.

'Half ten in the morning, bud. You've missed out on the snow aswell.' Sonic explained to the bewildered fox. 'Aww man, it's been snowing? And I've missed it?' Tails exclaimed, clearly not realising he had misinterpreted what had just been said. Sonic decided to play a prank and said 'yup. It's all melted away now. Guess a snowball fight will have to wait until next year, it won't be snowing any time soon.' Tails groaned at the news, murmured something about never sleeping in again and decided to stand up and stretch. Then Sonic told him that the snow was infact still there, and that he hadn't missed out on anything. Seeing the bag hanging loosely from Sonic's arm he quickly became curious and asked 'hey Sonic, what's in the bag?'. Tails had clearly forgotten what day it was. Sonic had spent a lot of time preparing this special day, and the super intelligent fox manages to forget. Tempted to keep his little brother on the tips of his toes, he simply said 'you go get cleaned up first, then I'll tell you.' Tails wasn't entirely convinced, but after realising that he was grubby he gave Sonic an awkward look of confusion before setting off upstairs for a shower. Sonic followed him up to the living room, where he split off for the kitchen to cook the kit his favourite breakfast.

Ten minutes later, Tails came out of the shower and started to dry himself off with a towel. Wow, something sure smells nice. And I recognize that smell anywhere... Tails thought with a pleased grin on his face, knowing that Sonic had just cooked his favourite breakfast. Then his expression suddenly changed to one of confusion as he thought wait... Why is Sonic treating me like this all of a sudden? I haven't done anything special recently. Infact no one has, we haven't seen Eggman since our outer space adventure. His mind, however, wandered back to the delicious aroma. Mmm... chilli dogs... bacon... beans. Ands scrambled egg on toast... This last thought then made a revelation in Tails' mind of Eggman on toast. Bursting out laughing, he put his towel in the laundry basket and headed downstairs.

The plates were already on the table, and Sonic was just about to start his. Before taking a bite he said 'you took your time.' Giving out a short 'heheh,' Tails sat down at the table and began to eat. After a few minutes, the brothers finished off and wiped their faces. 'So you gonna tell me what's in the bag now Sonic?' Tails asked, clearly curious on why his brother would wait until after breakfast and Tails had had a shower before telling him. 'You haven't forgotten anything important have ya Tails?' Sonic said, giving Tails a look that clearly said he was teasing him. Tails, although registered his expression, thought for a moment, then shook his head. 'Not that I know of...' Tails began to get troubled over this puzzling question and looked like he phased out into his own world to see if he could remember the forgotten object. 'What about a certain event a certain someone has been looking forward to for the past month?' Again, Sonic teased him with a question that could easily lead to a misconception. Then something clearly sparked off in Tails' mind, because his face lit up like a light bulb. 'Oh yeah! It's my birthday! I must of forgot because I was so busy last night!' after this revelation, Tails put his hand behind his back, with a guilty expression and said 'heheh, oops...' Sonic let out a short chuckle before revealing his present. 'Happy 9th birthday bro' Sonic said with a smile, handing the now eager fox his present. Unwrapping it, he found a brand new set of tools. It was the latest of the models, and Tails had been meaning to buy it, but kept putting it off for more important matters. Tails looked at it for a moment in amazement, before cracking a smile and hugging his brother. 'Thanks Sonic!'

'Hey, don't sweat it,' Sonic replied, also smiling.

Half an hour past, and most of the crew had now come to Tails' house to wish him a happy birthday. Knuckles taught Tails some fighting attacks to improve on the kit's physical combat. Knuckles wasn't sure that he would like it because Tails normaly fought with his brain rather than his arms and feet, but luckily for him, the birthday boy jumped at the idea like a mountaineer given the opportunity to scale Everest. Amy said Tails had to wait until later for his present, saying that it would smell good. Tails took an educated guess that Amy had cooked him a birthday dinner. Heh, I wouldn't be surprised if she cooked up a special one for Sonic Tails thought to himself. A knock on the door, and Tails hurried over to answer. There stood Cream, Cheese and Vanilla in thick woollen clothing and partly covered in snow. Cream and Cheese's back in particular, which probably meant they stopped to make snow angels. Or in this case, a snow bunny and chao. 'Happy birthday Tails!' Cream greeted the fox as he let them through. 'Chao Chao!' chimed in Cheese, handing over a card three times the size of it to Tails. 'Thanks Cheese!' Tails said with a now over joyfully tone of voice from all the excitement now going around as he took the card. It was a poorly drawn picture of everone, with Tails in the middle jumping for joy, with the words 'happy birthday!' below it. Tails smiled as he opened the card, and nearly chuckled at the message inside. It said 'To Tails. Happy birthday! From Cream, Cheese and Vanilla!' Well actually, it was more of 'To Tales! Hapy Birfday! From Cream, Cheese and Vanilla!' Evidently, Cream or Cheese had written this, and haven't mastered the art of spelling correctly. He thanked them nonetheless, and places it on top of the television with the others. He liked it mostly because of the fact the way the words were actually spelled, but also the picture on the front. It doesn't need to be a good picture to look nice. Vanilla apologised for not having a present for him, but they weren't sure what he would like and Sonic had got the only thing they were sure he would be pleased by. Tails gladfully accepted the apology, saying it didn't matter and they shouldn't let it trouble them. As everyone got ready to play around in the snow, something came through the post. Tails walked over to it to find it was the newspaper. He picked it up, and scanned the front page. And then all of a sudden, everyone burst into a chorus of 'happy birthday to you!' After they finished, they realised that Tails hadn't moved a muscle. He was just staring at the newspaper. Sonic walked over to him and waved a hand infront of the frozen fox. 'Mobius to Tails, anyone home?' Sonic asked. Still no response. He clicked his fingers a few times infront of the fox. Nothing. Sonic followed Tails' line of sight, which landed on the front page of the newspaper. The confused hedgehog read the front headline, which said:

'Professor Amadeus Prower invents Mobius' smartest robot'.

Note: Amadeus Prower is Tails' father according to one of the official comics (not sure which one). So I just adopted it for the purpose of this FanFic. :P Although what he is meant to be is different from this fanfic. He's originally meant to be a war veteran, but I've changed him to a professor.