I don't own any of this, I make no money from this this is just a story I would like to see exist and I know no one else will write it so I will. Please don't sue me."

Working Title" Darien Finds an Emerald Spark"

Author Deceleration:

This story was in part inspired by "Emerald Spark" By Cyclone, a Buffy the vampire Slayer /Green Lantern crossover where Xander Harris wore a green lantern costume for Halloween instead of the soldier costume and instead of becoming Kyle Rayner or Hal Jordan for Halloween he becomes a futuristic alternate universe version of himself that lived through the entire Buffy series and afterward and then got transported by a demonic ritual by accident to a different future version of the DC universe, think Batman Beyond Time I think. That Xander posses his body for a night and created a copy of the power ring and calls his power batter to that universe and give that xander the chance to change what he remembers happening because he knows he can use it for good.

This is one of the more intersting Halloween Xander stories based on the Halloween episode for season 2 of BTVS.

Now on with the show.

speech "speech".

Thought "thought"

Mind speech "mind speech"

chapter 1.

Darien is fighting one of the demons that the Senshi fight, black moon, Deathbusters whatever. Darien regrets again that he doesn't have enough power to really make a difference in these battles. Sure he can heal a little bit and sometimes have premonitions about those he is connected to but for the most part he just fights with a stick and throws roses and makes speeches at monsters and villains. Pity about the Japanese gun laws, even if it wouldn't destroy the monsters a machine gun or a grenade launcher would do more damage then those silly roses. Who gave him the power to throw magic roses anyway? There show goes, with her speech again and winding up for the final death blow. He always wonders why the need Usagi's help to finish them off. If the Senshi were really that weak in the Silver Millennium then how could they have lasted even a day against the evils they were supposed to fight on a regular basis, let alone the armies that Beryl brought against them at the end?

Darien saw the machine that the Demon was trying to finish and turn on to drain the people. It seemed odder than most of them. Ami said that it was based on higher dimensional physic and drained a lot more than just the life force of people, but of the entire area, it would drain even potential energy sources and manufacture a much more pure and refined source of energy for their master to supply their creatures with. If activated everyone and everything in the area would be drained to death. Even things like batteries, nuclear facilities and backup generators like the ones used for power failures at hospitals would be totally with out energy. Ami said that such a huge energy drain would weaken the dimensional barriers in this area making it easier to for these creatures and other thing to enter this world and –

"whoa!" Darien said as he ducked some crossfire the demons and the scouts where tossing at each other. "I have to keep my head in the game or I'm going to get killed by both sides." Darien knew that he couldn't do much the power of the fighters so he went after the machine. It looked delicate so his cane should be able to smash delicate machinery. He rain over as the battle continued sticking to the shadows to avoid fire and then dashed out behind the enemy line to smash the machine to foil their plans. He raised he cane and started smashing the stand holding the crystal like structure being powered. "Watch out Tuxedo Mask!" His cane fell again and he felt blinding pain of an electrical shock enter his body and short out his senses and muscles.

Sailor Jupiter screamed in shock as the lighting bolt she had released at the demon missed and hit Tuxedo Mask as he was destroying the machine. She hadn't even seen him their he had been hiding himself so well to get to the device to destroy it. She saw lightning spark between him and the machine through his can and hoped she hadn't killed her leader and friends boyfriend and their future king. Pluto would be pretty pissed too. The demons turned to see what was happening with their device and saw what was happening turned to attack Tuxedo Mask and save it, but the Senshi poured more into their attack to keep them of him. But as they did so Jupiter and Mercury noticed that the light show around the device was getting bigger and bigger and the crystal was cracking. A bright swirly hole opened and was causing a great suction in the air with blue whit light (think the wormholes from Sliders S1) and as Tuxedo dropped from the shocks he fell and the suction lifted him up and sucked him in as the crystal and machine attached blew up and one shard was driven into his hand while others stabbed into the ground and Jupiter.

"Darien, NOOOO!" Sailor Moon cried as she saw her boyfriend get injured and sucked into the blue/white hole thing. She ran to get him but before she could get there the rip flashed out of existence blinding everyone there. The demons were beaten but alive, until Sailor Moon looked up and called on her powers through he Silver Crystal. "Moon Heal- Ah , screw it, Just DIE!" she screamed and her power flashed out in blinding silver light flood and disintegrated every demon there. Ami scanned with here computer and analyzed the readings.

Jupiter,"Where is Mercury?" she said. Moon turned towards the group and walked over to them as she came closer mars put an arm around her to offer comfort. Mercury monologued, "It seems we were right about the devices effect on dimensional barriers, though it wasn't fully powered it managed to create a dimensional hole to another demension or universe with that power surge near the end. Most of the power it had gathered already was wasted and created that hole we saw. Apparently that stray blast from Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask' cane damage made it use its power and rip a hole in space/time instead of storing it and expanding the draining effect.", she finished.

"But where is he? Where is my boyfriend?!" Moon wailed. Jupiter was looking guilty as hell for hitting him and sending him to some other dimension or possibly to his death.

"I don't know yet, I'm still seperating the readings, but what little I got on the hole while it was open seems to indicate an oxygen rich atmosphere with pollen particles and smog in the air so that would indicate a strong liklihood that he has landed on a world like this one, at least one with life like ours and some livel of technology if the smog particles where any inidcation. He may be fine. He might even be on some parallel earth with a different history or civilization. It is entirely possible, but we wont' know until the data is completely analyzed.", Mercury said.

Mars spoke up, "But can we get him back?" Mercury frowned and closed her eyes and thought then,"Yes, I think so, after we analyze the data in the Mercury computer we should be able to find were he his , but to find the actual place for certain we will need Pluto's help. Her mastery of time will also allow her to enter other time/places and her power will be necessary if we are to find him."

Sailor Venus said,"Alright, we all go home tonight, Mercury does her computer thing and we get in contact with Pluto and try finding him tomorrow". Usagi wasn't happy with this but they all knew they couldn't get it all done tonight so the agreed to meet at Setsuna's house tomorrow.

Darien slowly came awake to a pounding headache and burned and burning smelling skin. He looked around and saw that he was on the side of a road. He walked up to a sign wondering were he was, maybe even when he was. He remembered the white hole and new it must have taken him somewhere else. The fact that he was on the side of a paved road gave him hope he was at least still on earth. He looked at the sign and tried to read it, when with a jolt, he realized it was in English. It read 20 miles to the city. Well, that probably put Japan out of the location equation. "Himm, miles eh? That probably means I'm not in Europe or Australia either since they switched to the metric system years ago, unless this is an old sign they just never remembered to update. But I've never even heard of this city in the U.S.A. Oh, well, I probably don't know every United States city. I guess I'll have to walk or hitch my way to the city where I'll call one of my friends and given them and address to send a check I can cash so I can get a plane ticket home. Or I could call Usagi and have the Senshi Teleport here and teleport me home. Guss its time to start walking". And with that Darien started walking the towards the city, leaving the sign behind him reading. The sign read "20 miles to City, Welcome to Coast City"

As he was looking straight ahead on the road he never noticed a man in primary colors and a red cap flying a few hundred feet overhead of him.

To Be Continued in

Chapter 2

"Justice What of America?"

Alright, what do you think of my first chapter? I know its rough, but first feed back I would like is any spelling and gramme errors I made and then what I can do make the story better or make it run more smoothly or naturally. I'm not a writer, just a guy who gets ideas whenever I watch a episode or read a story. I was exposed to Sailor Moon anime early on as a kid and it was one of my first animes along with Robotech and Ranma ½. Recently I got into comics again and Green Lantern especially. I like Green Lantern more because its all about having will power and green being the color of will power and life and that you can do pretty much anything with the ring if you have the strength of will and the imagination of how it can be done.

In case this and the title aren't clue enough, this is going to be a crossover of Sailor Moon and Green Lantern. Its going to be a story where Darien gets to power up and act like a man and not be such a pansy like he is in the SM anime series. I know its a girl manga and thats why only the girls have super magical powers, but even the bad male characters have powers as long as their on the side of evil.

I just feel as the Prince of the Earth Darien should be packing more power and there aren't enough stories out there that have him getting strong except "His own path" a DBZ/SM crossover where Piccolo is Dariens real dad in his previous incarnation and "Twin Dragons Under Moonlight" where Ryoga and Ranma essentially take Dariens place in the group and Darien becomes an evil bastard when he gains his full memories of his past, but at least he is a powerful evil bastard and doesn't make those dumb speeches anymore.

Yes, Darien will eventually become a new Green Lantern, but first he has to realize he isn't in Kansas anymore first. And the scouts will look for him, but the multiverse is a big place and it will take them along time to find the right universe, let alone the right city. But my plan is he will be returned either under his own power or by some power in the DC universe. Let me know where I could take this story. I have an outline, but its still loose and has room for growth.

Scott Pike