December 18th 3:00 AM

Oh no not again. How come I keep waking up early in the morning? I'm going to get bag under my eyes or something I swear. Abby is still sleeping in her bed so I'll just tip toe out of the room so I won't wake her. One step forward, two steps forward, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, out of the room. Quiet. Be quiet I kept telling my self.

I stepped on something ouch! It was a jack I yelped loud enough to wake somebody up. But no one did what a bunch of sleepyheads I thought in my head. So this time I looked where I was going and went through the kitchen and inside the bathroom. "What are doing Missy?!" It sounded like my Aunt I spun around and saw her curlers still in her hair I would have laughed if I wasn't in such deep trouble with her. I didn't see her there since there's another room where the toilet is aside from the rest of the bathroom.

" I was going to brush my teeth if your wondering why I am up so early its that I keep waking up early lately and I couldn't go back to sleep." I said. She smiled and said "I'm not mad silly." "You're not?" I said. "No, its okay if you wake up early once in awhile happens to everybody if it's becoming a problem just drink some warm milk before bed," she said. I'm so stupid why would she be mad? Just in Abby came in walking with her hair in a mess and full of knots and tangles. Five hours later we got our backpacks and we headed out for school. I hated this day because it was the first day of school. Worst of all it wasn't very sunny it looked like it was going to rain today. Not the best thing to ask for to put you in a positive mood on your first day of school. I always liked sunny days and hated the cold cloudy wet days.

"Cheer up Marie it's only a bit of water from the sky," Abby said. But she wouldn't understand only people like my cousin Bella would she felt the same way about the weather too. She was a lot older than me but she didn't treat me like some child like a lot of other people who were older than me. Two weeks later and I still hated school made no friends, teachers were total wack jobs, and the food stinks literally. But cafeteria food always did this one is worse than my old school's food. Wish my aunt had enough time to make my lunch like she used to she was a real good cook. But her new job takes a lot of time and she usually sends takeout for us and only on weekends were we able to eat real food.

January 7th 2:00 PM

I came back from another terrible day from school with pizza on the table and a note from my aunt saying Cheer up, your cousin Bella is coming tonight with her new husband so be happy. I bought some soda for you to gulp down with your pizza.

- Aunt Frankie