Okay you are all probably wondering, well those who have noticed, why there is no Extended Ending Part 2 but Three,

it's because it was LOST. lol jk, no I thought I had it written there, but apparently I didn't, so thne I wrote part 3, and it made no sense. Opsies. No worries, there is no REAL missing part, that you guys haven't read, I just made the mistake of forgetting to write down, Extended Ending Part 2 so I admit my fault.

But then again who else would it be? So anywho here is the last Extended Ending.

Extended Ending Part 4


Abby was released from the hospital two weeks after, the car crash. Everyone was so relieved and happy that she was okay. "Hey, Marie have I ever mentioned how much I HATE casts?" Abby asked me. "No I don't believe you had," I said in a nice proper English voice. "But look on the bright side, it won't happen to you as often as Bella when she was human," I said in my normal tone. "Yeah, your right, she tripped over her won two feet on a daily basis," Abby agreed. "Hey!" Bella yelled behind us. I was about to yell back, Hide your shame, Bella! Hide your shame! But I had a much better idea, that would undoubtly make her feel happier about it.

"Don't worry Bells, she won't take your one and rightful spot as the KlutzQueen!" I yelled. "No one can, that title was made for her," I muttered. "I still heard that," Bella said. "It's okay Bells, your even more graceful than the ballerina you wanted to be as a child, your the real winner out of all those little tutu wearing kids," Edward told her, she smiled. Since when do you call her Bells? I thought. He of course ignored me, because he was busy making out with Bella, well I guess that was one way to shut her up, that I can't obviously provide. I heard him growl. It's just a joke, sheesh. "Even though she used to be one of those tutu wearing kids?" I asked.

Bella stopped kissing Edward, when she heard that.

Hehe, I think I just ruined the mood. Well more like their mood, whatever.

If you ask me, I saved their granite butts, they can't do it outside of the bedroom, where people are watching TV. Well I doubt they were really going to do that but still, show some concern for your empath brother, his wife is out shopping with Rose, and if he sent the waves all around...

I don't think I want to be around two lustful men, when their wives aren't home, it's creepy. Plus, I wouldn't like feeling lustful at my age, or because I don't have a mate, I doubt Abby would like it either.

Think of the people, ExB! "ExB?" Edward asked. For EdwardxBella, it's a sub for saying Edward and Bella, plus you are together right? wait don't answer that, it's unnesscary.

I wish I could eat human food, and like it. Because you can't add flavor to blood. You can't coat it with cinnamon or sprinkles or make it into a sandwhich, or make it into icecream.

Maybe I could freeze some, and make it a bloodicle. Watch out world I am expermienting with blood! And going to invent bloodicles!

I jumped off hte couch, and was about to leave when I said, "No one steals or takes one ounce of credit for my bloodicle idea, or else I would find you."

I ran out the door and heard Abby say, "Don't we live with her? She doesn't have to find us." "Shut up!" You could all runaway from me in terror when you see how mad I am. It's possible.

When I came back I had two containers of blood, the animal kind of course. And got the ice cube trys I bought at the 99 cents store, and poured the blood into said ice cube trays and put it inside the freezer.

"What are you doing?" Jasper asked. "Making the world's first bloodicles," I said proudly. I am so creative sometimes. "Okayyyy," he said oddly. Was it so weird that I was makign this?

Ha! They'll see when they suck on my bloodicles, and ask me to make more. They'll all see!

2 and a half hours later.

I skippped downstairs and opened the freezer. My bloodicles were complete. I licked on one, it tasted alright. I took another lick and another and another. Man they were soo good they were addicting! I was on my fourth one, when Emmet came. "What are you eating?" he asked. "Bloodicles, try one there good," I told him and held out an ice cube tray to him. "Whoa whoa, let me get this staight you froze blood, and your now passing them as bloodicles?" he asked. "Yeah," I said. "Cool!" he took one and licked it. "It's good," he said. I nodded.

"Do you have grizzly?" he asked. "Only one," I said and handed it to him. He ate that one the fastest. "I want more grizzly!" he whined"I told you there was only one, and you ate it all, so deal unless you want me to go get more grizzly blood," I said. "Perfect, call me when there done," he said and tossed the empty ice cube tray onto the countner.

Granite Butt. I sighed and went back into the woods, i got the grizzly blood, but if everyone is going to be like Emmet when they taste it, I'm going to get more, alot more.

When I was done, I put them in th freezer and waited 2 and a half hours before taking them out and telling Emmet they were done. I labeled them all, Grizzly, Deer, Caribou, , Moose, and Chipmunk. I thought chipmunk, for humor plus when I was little one bit me, I figured this was a way of revenge.

"That's an odd revenge," Edward said coming downstairs with Bella. "Where were you two anyway?" I asked. "Let's just say our mood wasn't ruined, and Alice and Rosale are home, so don't tell us we didn't think of the people," he said.

Maybe I shoudn't have asked. "Well are you two going to have any bloodicles?" I asked cheering up. "BLOODICLES!" Emmet yelled from upstairs. He came down shirtless, and got the tray labeled Grizzly. Then Rosalie came down, with a robe on looking pissed.

Oh so that's why he didn't hear me when I yelled, "Emmet I got Grizzly!" But in retrospect, that wasn't the best way to phrase it.

"Anyone care for bloodicles, warning there a bit addicting," I said. I pictured the warning part in the air in red letters, like I was promoting it in a commercial or something like that.

"Addicting? No way," Rosalie said. Be careful Rosalie those in disbelief will only be proven wrong in the end. Hahaha I am so weird sometimes.

She took one that said Moose and popped it in her mouth, I looked into her eyes. Wait for it, wait for it. Ha!

Success! She is totally addicted to it now!

One by one, they all tried the bloodicle and were under it's only ones left were Bella and Edward. But in time they'll be cast under it's allurance as well.

But I admit, I don't know why, they haven't tried it yet.

"Because it's making everyone CRAZY!" Edward answered. "Oh no! We're all out!" Jasper said. What!? It can't be, it only has been 30 minutes since I went to get some more. "No!" everyone said. "This is a disgrace, we shall blame the one who made this sick twisted thing!" Emmet said

"It was her!" Rosalie said pointing at me. Oh no, I was being cornered. I must get more. I must.

And so I did. Everyday, I would go anywhere and everywhere and collected blood, froze it and then we all ate it twice as fast. Minus Edward and Bella.

Oh and Abby too. When was the last time I saw the girl?

2 monthes later-

It has been a while since the Bloodicle fiesta, turns out it takes twice as much of your control to handle those things then human blood. So with the help of Edward and Bella we were controlled and they lasted alot longer.

I still think my invention was a success, just with minor setbacks, but what product doesn't?

Sure we were all crazy for awhile, but whatever we got passed that and evolved.

Ooh and did I mention Abby is a vampire now? We haven't figured out what her powers are, if she has any that is. So Carlisle is thinkind to bring Eleazer over to find out. I can't wait, he seems like a nice man.

You know Nessie told me that she and Jacob are taking it to the- oh no Edward can read minds, the the the the oh forget it, run!

Damn he's the fastest out of all of us. Ummm um um I so wish i could fly right now. "I'll never talk, or think!" I yelled.

He catched me. Turns out the whole time he was slowing down his pace, the whole time. He could have caught me the second I was out of the door. He led me on, that's just sad. On my part that is. It's hysterical on his.

Bella always iked the fast ones. She dated that guy in the track team, she told me. I remember. His name was Daniel, couldn't take his hands off of her though. I came downstairs and caught them making out on the couch, and he was unbuttoning her shirt.

I looked up, Edward was growling. oh he thought he was the first. First boyfriend, first love, and her first time...

he wasn't. He looked angry. And a bit hurt. Bella came downstairs right then.

Just kidding. He looked at me. I was just kidding, you were her first everything, I made it all up, and they say you can't lie through your thoughts. I am undead proof that you can.

He thought I was lying about what I said about the whole Jacob and Nessie thing, I wasn't.

But he doesn't need to know that.

And he never will.

At least not from me.

I am so going to love eternity, and I am going to make it pretty damn interesting.