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We were pulling up the drive and the house was finally in view. It was a beautiful white three story mansion with a wrap around porch. I was awestruck by its beauty.

As we were getting closer Chris said to me, "Bella, why don't you see what powers they have. I know that Nicholas is good friends with them, but still, we would be more prepared if we knew what they are capable of."

"Okay. Hold on, let me see what I can do," I replied, beginning to tap into my power to sense what the Nellucs could do.

My power could get very complicated. When I was first changed, my power was only a shield: I could protect myself from powers that could affect my brain. Over time I began to try to extend my shield, protecting the minds of others. I'm now also able to throw my shield away from myself, which took a lot of practice. I've pretty much mastered how to, but it's still hard at times. With more practice, because my power was a shield from other powers, it developed to the point to where I could sense what power I was blocking. This advanced even more to where I am now, 90 years later. Now I can not only sense other people's powers, but I can also attract them. Because everything I do involves my brain and others, I can also talk to people in their minds or, so to speak, throw my words into their mind for them to hear. One could say that my power has become very powerful over the time since I've become a vampire, and I have a feeling it's not done progressing yet.

"It looks like three of the seven Cullens are talented. One is an empath, he can feel emotions. Another has the ability to see the future and the last...Oh, wow. The last can read minds," I explained to my family, before going off into my own world. I decided that because there was a mind reader, I could tap into his power to see what the Cullens thought of us.

It took me a moment to attract this power but once I did, my head was ambushed with eleven other people's thoughts, along with my own.

This could get annoying, I thought to myself, momentarily sympathizing with the unknown vampire, especially around an entire school.

With that thought I decided to look to see what everyone was thinking. I started off with my family.

She seems to be alright right now. I hope she'll be happier soon. That was Gina. She always cared about me so much. Chris and Molly's thoughts were along the same lines. Nicholas' thoughts, however, were different, guilty almost.

I hope he's doing better. I felt horrible leaving him here, even though I knew they would be a good family to him. I had to get back to my family though, especially since I had Molly back. When I came back home, we had our own little girl who was so sad, just like him. They have a lot in common. Maybe they can find comfort in each other and help each other move on. I care about them both so much…

I stopped listening after that; he deserved his privacy.

I then turned my attention to the Cullens to see what was going on in the house. They seemed to have a lot of concern for one person in particular.

I hope he comes out of this depression. I care about him so much…

I hate that he acts like this. He's hurting the entire family with this. He always has been. If I ever got to see the one who did this to him I swear…

Rose looks really pissed. I hope she doesn't scare the Nellucs too much. Maybe I'll cheer her up later…

He has to snap out of this. Can't he see what this is doing to all of us? I feel worst for Jasper. He has to feel all of his emotions as well as see them.

So Jasper must be the name of the empath, I deduced.

He's going to be happier soon. I know it. Everything will get better soon, everything will get better soon... She repeated her mantra, almost as if trying to convince herself.

Interesting. I wonder what she saw that made her think that. Now I was curious to hear the thoughts of the one they were all so concerned with. I searched through the thoughts of the Cullens and finally found the ones I was looking for.

Are those the Nellucs? Damn. I don't feel like socializing with everyone now, though it would be nice to see Nicholas again…

So this is the one Nicholas saved. Good to know. I wondered if we'd get along well, like Nicholas had thought.

Well, there's four Nellucs, they all seem so concerned about one another. Nicholas is concerned about me, too. Wait. What about the other one? She didn't come to meet us? If she didn't come then why would I need to join them? My family can be missing one if their family is missing one. Maybe I could excuse myself to go hunting.

Dang it, I thought. He doesn't know I'm here because he can't hear my thoughts. Should I let him know I'm here? He was being very rude about meeting us. I mean, I'm here and I don't want to be either. I could say something to let him know I'm here. But I don't want him to know my power, not yet...

Before I could act on anything I hear someone say out loud:

"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" a Cullen, evidently female with her melodic trilling voice, yelled. I detected a slight hint of panic in her words. "You will meet the Nellucs tonight! Everyone is there, you just can't hear her. Now get downstairs with the rest of us. They're coming in twenty seconds and we all need to greet them," she said forcefully. I think I'm going to like her.

"Fine, Alice. I'm coming OK? I'll be down in a few minutes," so that was what the mind reader sounded like.

Or be painfully reminded of it.

"Fine, just don't be too long."

Am I hearing things? His voice; it sounded like the voice of my angel, my Edward. But no, that was impossible. He was dead. Wasn't he?

"Hey, are you okay?" I was brought out of my thought by a concerned Molly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just listening in on their thoughts. I think we should go inside before they start to wonder what we're doing out here," I said quickly, not telling the whole truth but not lying either. I'd figure it out later. I was probably just hearing things.

"Okay well let's get inside then. I'm sure that the Cullens are looking forward to meeting us and we shouldn't really keep them waiting."

With that we were heading toward the door. Chris reached out and knocked on the door lightly and it was swiftly opened by a beautiful blonde man. He looked to be in his early twenties. I wondered idly how long he'd looked this way.

"Nicholas! It's been such a long time," the man said, his voice smooth and welcoming. "This must be your family. Come in, come in." Ushering us inside, we filed in. I tried to let my hair cover my face. If I'd been human, it would've been flaming red.

"I'd like you to meet my family," the man said, gesturing to five others in the room. "I'm Carlisle," he added as he pointed to himself.

"This is my family, Nicholas I'm sure you remember them. This is my wife Esme, and my children; Rosalie with her husband Emmett, and Alice with her husband Jasper," he said whilst pointing out everyone. He seemed to notice someone was missing though because he looked at Alice and said:

"Alice, where's Ed—"

"He said he would be down in a minute, Carlisle. I think he's trying to get more in the spirit for our guests."

Carlisle seemed appeased by this. "Oh, okay. Well, dear friend, why don't you introduce me to your family? I'm familiar with Chris, you joined his family after some time, but I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting these charming women." Carlisle looked at Gina, Molly, and I with a kind, questioning look.

"Sure Carlisle," Nicholas replied easily. Gesturing to us, he started to introduce us all. "This is Molly, my mate. She is the one I was after the last time I saw you," he said while wrapping his arm around Molly's waist lovingly.

"You know Chris already, and this is his mate, Gina. And this is—" before he could introduce me he was cut off by a huge gasp coming from the stairs.

"Oh my... No. It can't be… Bella?" I heard the voice say. It was the same voice; the voice of my Edward. I turned around, and was face to face with my angel.


Alice had just come and told me that I couldn't skip out on meeting the Nelluc's. That was one thing I hated about the future seeing pixie—I never got away with much. I sighed and collapsed on my bed, readying myself to go and meet the family that had just arrived.

I heard Carlisle greeting Nicholas and introducing the Nellucs to my family. I really didn't want to go downstairs and face them. It would be hard to, just like it always was when I was meeting new people. The worst, I must say, was when I met the coven in Denali, though. They were vegetarians, like us, but Tanya, one of the female vampires, seemed to take a liking to me. She always tried to get me to make a move and she wouldn't take my decline as a no. I was glad when we moved away from there. My heart had been taken long ago by my Bella.

I was brought out of these thoughts when I heard Alice think to me, though it was more like she was screaming in my head.


With that thought, I knew that if I didn't oblige soon, she'd come and drag me down the stairs against my will. Not wishing to be embarrassed, I halfheartedly sighed and got up off the bed to head down the three stories to the living room, where I knew I would find my family, as well as the Nellucs. I heard Nicholas introducing everyone in the family as I started down the last set of stairs. I looked up at the family that he was talking about and gasped when I saw her.

It was my angel. It was Bella. She was here. But how? How did she get here? I thought she died in the car accident. I didn't realize I'd been talking until I heard myself talk in disbelief.

"Oh my... No. It can't be… Bella?" I said.

No. She was here! When I called her name she turned. Oh... she was just as beautiful as when I last saw her 90 years ago. I stood there in shock as I waited for all of this to be explained to me, seriously beginning to consider myself crazy, thinking I'd been imagining all of this.

When I was almost convinced that I was insane, hallucinating and just imagining my angel there, she spoke in a small, astonished voice, "Edward."

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