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It was my angel. It was Bella. She was here. But how? How did she get here? I thought she died in the car accident. I didn't realize I'd been talking until I heard myself talk in disbelief.

"Oh my... No. It can't be… Bella?" I said.

No. She was here! When I called her name she turned. Oh... she was just as beautiful as when I last saw her 90 years ago. I stood there in shock as I waited for all of this to be explained to me, seriously beginning to consider myself crazy, thinking I'd been imagining all of this.

When I was almost convinced that I was insane, hallucinating and just imagining my angel there, she spoke in a small, astonished voice, "Edward."

Chapter 5-It's Been A While


I stood there in shock as I looked up at my beautiful angel. How was this possible? I thought he was gone; I never thought I would be able to see him again. While looking at him, I decided I needed to know what he was thinking, prove to myself that he was real, so I tapped into his thoughts.

I thought she was dead. Maybe I really am crazy and having hallucinations. I can't hear her thoughts, so that could be it.

After hearing that, I knew I had to say something. He isn't crazy—he needs to know that.

"Edward," I finally managed to gasp out. His family looked around at one another, plainly confused. He still just stood there so I decided that I might be able to get him to realize I was real by using my power.

Is that really you? I threw the words into his mind. His head jerked up, alert. He looked even more shocked and I heard him think, How is that possible? I couldn't hear her thoughts a second ago and I can't hear them now. Maybe I really am crazy. Great.

I had to laugh at that. When he looked at me with a look of confusion, I told him, You aren't crazy. This is part of my power. Is that really you Edward?

"Bella? You're actually there?" His voice was barely above a whisper, and I saw the fragile hope in his eyes.

I nodded, smiling timidly. "Yeah."

"Oh my God. I thought you were gone. Nicholas—he said—he said that you were—dead." He swallowed hard and with that said, he was down the stairs and standing right in front of me in a second.

I looked at him, drinking him in. He was so perfect and after all the pain I'd been through, thinking he was dead, here he was... it was too much. I started to dry sob as he pulled me into a tight hug. We stood there, just holding each other, content just to be in each other's presence after so long. I was afraid to let him go—afraid that if I did, he would disappear and just be a figment of my imagination. I was afraid that I would lose him again. I knew I couldn't lose him again—I wouldn't survive if it happened.

After standing there in each other's arms for a while, I remembered that both of our families were still in the room. With this realization, I pulled away from Edward but kept a hold of him, while looking at my family and the Cullens.

The first person I saw was Alice, the pixie-like vampire who had come to the meadow that day, weeks ago. Now I understood what she meant when she said "'Don't cry. Everything will be alright," she had said. "I know everything will work out, Bella.'" I know what she also meant with her rambling earlier today. I smiled, knowing she knew we were going to be happy.

I kept looking around and decided to hear what they were thinking after seeing all of their smiles.

He's so happy, happier than I have ever seen him. I'm so happy for him, even though I wonder exactly who she is. I could hear the care for Edward laced in her thoughts. It was good to know that someone cared for him while I was not with him.

Who is she? Why is he all of a sudden so happy after seeing her? He's never been this happy. Edward, are you going to clue us in on who the hell she is?! The blonde who I believe was Rosalie seemed to be really upset. I wonder what her deal was.

Eddie is so happy! Wow! Maybe now he won't be such a stiff. This thought made me laugh. Emmett was so funny!

I can feel the happiness and love rolling off of them. It's almost overwhelming. I'm so happy that Edward is finally happy.

I was filled with joy when I heard all of his family's caring thoughts for Edward. It was good to know that he was taken care of by people who clearly loved him for these past 90 years. After hearing this, I was curious, but also a little nervous to hear what my family thought.

Is this the one she lost? Bella never really talked about it really. She was always in too much pain when it came to the accident before her change. I only know about it because of Chris. Well maybe she'll be happy now, even if he isn't the one who she lost. Maybe he's just someone she knew. I guess we'll find out soon… Gina seemed to be trying to figure out exactly who Edward is. She was always like a mother to me and I can tell that she is happy to see that I am finally happy.

Edward, I said through my thoughts. He looked over at me so I continued; I think we need to fill our families in on what is going on. They all seem to be confused. Is that ok with you? Then maybe after that, we can go to our meadow and catch up… I let my thoughts wonder to us in the meadow just talking and laying together. Edward seemed to like this idea because he nodded his head and said, "Well, you guys are all probably wondering what is going on, except for you Alice, you saw this coming. I still can't believe you didn't tell me."

"I'm sorry Edward, but I couldn't really tell you. You wouldn't have believed me, and I wasn't exactly sure who she was. I just knew that you would see her and be extremely happy. That's all I saw and needed to see. Here, look at the vision yourself." It was quiet for a moment while Edward saw into her mind, the vision that Alice saw earlier. I decided not to look; hearing all of these thoughts was getting overwhelming.

"OK Alice, you're forgiven. Well anyways everyone this is Bella. Bella was the one that I was completely in love with before I was changed. She was with me the night I was changed. Up until today, I thought that she was dead. Nicholas had said that she was—she was too far gone. He had said that she had died before he could change her."

By this point Edward was dry sobbing. It broke my heart to see him like this. I couldn't believe that he had to live with this for so long. He had thought, practically known that I had died in the car accident. I had believed the same thing, but I at least had the long shot hope that Edward was alive. I knew what he was going through and I did the only thing I could, I held him. I held onto Edward and reassured him that I was really here. It was all I really could do at the moment. I stood there, holding my angel, just waiting for him to calm down.


I can't believe it. My Bella, my beautiful angel, is alive. She's here with me right now. I still couldn't wrap my head around it. I had gone so long, knowing that she was dead, or so I thought.

I was explaining to everyone Bella and mine's history when I got to the part where she was dead. I couldn't take it. Just the thought of the fact that I lost her was overwhelming me, even though I knew she was right here. This was all just so surreal. I started dry sobbing just at this thought. I didn't even want to know what Emmett was thinking.

As soon as I started crying, Bella had her arms wrapped around me and was saying reassuring words in my ear to try to calm me down. I just stayed there for a while but soon enough, I was calmed down and ready to continue.

"I'm sorry everyone. I just—I never could live without her and I still can't grasp that you're here with me Bella. 90 years of believing you were dead has taken a toll on me. I'm—I'm sorry."

"It's okay Edward. It's the same for me. I'm just so happy that you are really here. I'm so happy that you are here," my angel said to me. This overfilled me with joy to hear this. I smiled down at her and just looked into her eyes. Until I was brought back to reality with Nicholas' thoughts, No, she can't be. Can she? She was so different the last time I saw her. There was so much blood. How? How is she here? Chris changed her. But she didn't—how? I need to tell him; I need to make sure he doesn't hate me for this. Oh God, please don't let him hate me for this.

"Edward," I was thrown out of Nicholas' thoughts by his voice. "Edward I need to tell you about what happened. I have to tell you what happened the night you were changed."

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