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The elevator door was starting to close when someone yelled, "Hold that door, please!" Lindsay Monroe held the door open for a young woman, her short black hair in disarray. She stepped in and the door closed.

"Thank you," the woman said, still breathless, apparently because she had been running. It's a good thing she was wearing sneakers. She then pushed the button for fifth floor. Lindsay just nodded her head, smiling. But then she remembered something and asked the other woman, "Didn't I see you walked out of the building?"

She smiled sheepishly then answered, "Yes, I was on my way out to the repair shop when I realized I forgot to bring my speakers. They were broken and I wanted to have them repaired. What's the point of going to the shop without them?" Suddenly they heard hip-hop music. She reached in to her pocket and took out a cell phone. "Yo, what's up?" she talked to the handset.

At that moment they arrived on the fifth floor and the woman stepped out. She nodded a little to Lindsay and walked down the corridor, still talking to her phone. Lindsay got off the elevator at the seventh floor. She walked to her new appartment. Well, actually it's Danny's. She just moved in last week.

After she closed the door behind her she threw the keys onto the table by the door. She's alone that night because Danny was still in his shift. She walked to the kitchen and put the takeout she had bought on the kitchen table.

After a warm shower she enjoyed her dinner in front of the TV, watching the news. That's when her cell phone rang. She scrambled to find her phone. Finally she found it. "Hello," she talked to the piece. She could hear Danny's voice, "Montana, I'll be home late. We have new leads that we need to check." Lindsay sighed and said, "OK. I'll see you tomorrow." Danny sounded confused and then he laughed, "I'll try to be home before dawn." He hesitated before he said, "I love you." Lindsay smiled and said, "I love you too, Danny." After he hung up she decided to go to sleep.

Lindsay woke up with a start. First she didn't realize where she was. The phone was still ringing. Finally she remembered that she was in Danny's appartment. She looked around for her phone. Who's calling at this hour? She asked herself.

As she flipped the phone open she glanced at the clock. Three a.m. "Hello," she said in a rough voice. "Lindsay, congratulations! You're an aunt now!" the man in the other end of the line was almost shouting. She recognized her brother's voice. "Congratulations, Ben. So what do I have? A niece or a nephew?" she asked him.

"Both! Can you imagine? We're having twins!"

"Wow, Mom and Dad must be excited. Say hi to Beth for me, OK?"

"OK, Linds. Sorry to wake you up at this hour. I'm just so happy."

"It's fine. I'm going back to sleep now. I'll call you tomorrow," she said before she hung up. I'll get even with Ben six months from now, she thought. When my baby's born I'm going to call him to spread the good news. She chuckled at the thought of calling Ben in the middle of the night. She automatically put her hand on her belly.

Just as she put her head back on the pillow, she heard a strange sound. As if someone was crying. Or wailing in pain. She sit straight up on the bed, listening. Other than a car passing by the street seven storey below, she didn't hear anything. She could hear a siren from afar, but she was sure that's not what she had heard.

To be continued...

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