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Everybody in the lab was laughing hysterically. "So, the one you discussed with about the mysterious sound was the one who had caused it all along?" Stella asked as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Sheldon was also amazed. "And she didn't have a clue of what she had caused?"

"Yeah, can you believe it? She worked at night because she said that's when she was in the mood for work. Before her speakers broke down she used to listen to music and sing along in a low volume because she didn't want to disturb the neighbors. But when she used headphones she set it on a high volume. The masking effect made her sing louder," Danny told their audience.

Lindsay said, "She was so out of tune I didn't realize she was singing a song, even when I was standing in front of her door."

"But you said she's a hip-hop fan? Why was she listening to an opera album?" Adam asked her.

"I thought she liked hip-hop because I heard her cell phone ringtone. When I asked her about that she said it was a special ringtone for her brother, a hip-hop enthusiast," Lindsay answered him.

"She actually likes a wide variety of music. When she received the story about an opera singer she thought it would be appropriate to listen to some operatic albums while she worked. You know, to get the atmosphere," Danny added. "It's a good idea actually. Too bad she can't carry a tune."


A/N: I don't think Lindsay and Danny are the sort of people who talk about their friends to others but I want to explain about some things in the story and I think this is a good way to do it. Please tell me what you think about this. Thank you.

P.S. This is inspired by a true story from when I was in college. For days everyone in the dorm was terrified because they heard mysterious sounds after midnight. The case was closed when one of them opened a door at three in the morning and found yours truly (yes me!), singing along to Maria Callas' album, The Soprano, as I studied and I don't even speak Italian. I think that's why none of my friends were willing to go to a karaoke box with me.