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Chapter 1

Evan grinned at the good-natured teasing his best friend had to endure. He should probably help Sam out eventually but Jess was just looking so proud that he didn't have the heart to stop it. Sam finally broke free and glared at him.

"What?" Evan smiled up innocently at his friend and Sam just shook his head at him before throwing himself down on the couch next to Evan.
"We both know you were enjoying that Sam so don't try to act otherwise."

"Fine, next time a girl corners you you're on your own." Evan's jaw dropped and he stared at Sam in horror.

"You wouldn't!" Sam just grinned at him.
"Traitor!" Evan huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, ignoring his friend.

"Hey guys!" Evan looked up as feminie arms wrapped around his shoulders before reaching up and yanking their owner down. Rebecca yelped and glared at him from where she was sprawled across his and Sam's laps.

"You'd think she'd learn." Sam chuckled, ignoring her glare as Evan laughed.

"Not fair! Why does Evan always side with you, I've known him longer." She pouted and the two males laughed at her.

"Male solidarity." Evan said once he'd gotten his breath back.

"Suuuree." She rolled of them and onto the floor.
"So Sam's already done his LSAT's but when do you sit the MCAT's Evan?"

"Next week. And unlike Sam here I have been studying my arse off." Becky laughed as his accent thickened a bit with that last bit.

"Well we all know genius boy has passed and we don't even need to see his results. But you'll do great too Evan, you've really been working hard."

"Thanks." Evan raised his glass her way, taking a gulp of Coke. He was practically the only one at the party not drinking but he never did so it wasn't commented on anymore.

"Just you wait, in a few years I'll be able to brag about knowing the best up and coming lawyer and doctor in the country." The two guys laughed at that statement but Evan smiled at her in thanks as well. She was the only one there who knew his secret so it meant even more to him to hear her say things like that.

Evan lay on his bed staring up at the dorm's ceiling and thinking not of his upcoming exams but of the past. He didn't think much of it, he didn't like the mood dwelling on it put him in and most of the memories just plain hurt but every now and then he couldn't help it. He liked the life he'd lived for the last five years. The life of Evan Black was rather simple and fun. He was just a home schooled wizard off to study medicine at Stanford after all. He wasn't a war hero like Harry Potter. Harry James Potter, the 'Boy-Who-Lived, 'Defeater-of-he-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, and a whole lot of other hyphenated titles. Seriously what was with the wizarding world and hyphenating everything? He chuckled and released the small golden ball he'd been holding, watching as it fluttered about the room.

The war had come to a head in Harry's seventh year and they had all participated in the seriously clich├ęd battle at the end of the year right on Hogwarts front lawn. It had been everything Harry had expected and a lot of things that he hadn't. He'd expected Snape to stab them all in the back but he hadn't expected him to literally stab him in the back, something he still bore a scar from. You had to love prophecy, it was the only reason Harry hadn't dropped dead on the spot. And so the bleeding young hero and staggered on and confronted his nemesis, the man who had made his life into a living hell and while the serpentine man had stood around gloating like an idiot Harry had shot him with the small gun Dudley had bought him when he'd paid him to. Hollow point bullets hadn't left much of Tom's head attached to his neck but they had done the job intended. So Voldemort had died and Harry passed out form blood loss and internal injuries. And as far as the wizarding world was concerned that was the end of the story. Their beloved (and often ridiculed) saviour had died of injuries in the Hogwarts infirmary and no one paid any attention to the young Evan Black who immigrated to America not two weeks later. Only Remus knew the truth and he would never betray the last remaining member of his pack.

Having nothing left in England it had been easy to decide to leave the country if he survived the final battle. So he had approached the American Ministry who had been very happy to help him create a new identity and past plus get him help in attaining a full muggle education so that he'd be able to apply for college. He'd been happy to receive the letter from Stanford and had accepted immediately. As the sole heir to both the Potter and Black lines he had more than enough to put himself through college. Though no one looking at him would know that. He lived in the dorms, used second hand books and wasn't dressed in the latest fashions. He did have a nice house in San Francisco for the holidays though that none of his college friends except for Becky knew about. At school his only shows of wealth were his top of the line laptop and motorcycle. The bike had been Sirius' and was enchanted with several useful spells, including one that made it able to fly. Neither Sam nor Jessica knew the reason for their rent being so cheap was that he owned the building they lived in and had since a week before they had moved in. The building's basement made a great place for him to keep his magic in practice after all. His group of close friends at Stanford may be small but he would do anything he could to make their lives easier and as safe as possible. The entire campus was covered in wards put up within the first fortnight of his beginning classes. Nothing magical or supernatural could step foot on the grounds without him knowing about it and no true violence could happen. He knew officials were stumped as to why the rate of on campus violence had become non-existent the last few years. He was determined not to lose these friends the way he had the last ones.

The Weasley family had been wiped out during Bill's wedding to Fleur just before Harry's seventh year. The Order had lost several more members during that massacre. He had stayed away from the wedding to keep them safe but had apparated there as soon as he'd gotten word of the attack, managing to save Gabrielle from Greyback. The werewolf never threatened anyone again. Dumbledore had arrived seconds after him and between the two of them they had routed the remaining Death Eaters but the cost had been high. Harry had found Hermione hysterically trying to pull Ron out from beneath the rubble that had taken his life, begging her boyfriend to wake up. He'd spent three weeks in the hospital ward sedated before finally calming down. But Hermione had never been the same after that, she'd thrown herself coldly into any battle she could find and soon was feared for her knowledge and creative use of spells many had never heard of. She had died half way through the year but had taken Bellatrix with her. Neville had taken out Pettigrew but had fallen to Lucius who had then been killed by his own son, Harry's lover. Draco had died in Harry's arms not three weeks, killed in an ambush of which not a single Death Eater survived Harry's wrath. It had been up to Remus and Dumbledore to take Harry from the final battlefield but it had been Remus and Poppy who had faked his death, Poppy voluntarily being obliviated of that fact afterward. Hedwig had remained in England with Remus and as far as anyone other than the goblins knew he had inherited Harry and Sirius's estates as well. In fact Harry had given the werewolf several million galleons as a parting gift and to help keep up the facade that he was dead. Evan Black's money was easy to explain, he was a very distant cousin of Sirius' and had therefore been able to inherit part of the family fortune which Remus had gladly given the young orphan since he knew it was what Harry and Sirius would have wanted. Add to that his parents had invested in several muggle companies and you had an explanation that kept him separate from Harry Potter as much as possible while accounting in some small way for their physical similarities since all pureblood families were related. Evan even had similar coloured eyes to his dead cousin though his hair was a shade or two lighter.

Evan fumbled for his phone as the insistent ringing woke him from a post party slumber.

"'Lo?" He mumbled as he finally managed to pick it up.

"Evan? I'm so sorry to wake you but could you come over?" He yawned and then stared at the opposite wall blankly, trying to force his brain into gear.

"Jess? What's going on?" He staggered out of bed and began looking for clothes.

"I don't know exactly." She admitted and he could hear her worry over the line.

"Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes." He hung up and threw on a pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt before throwing his leather jacket over that and grabbing his helmet. It was a short ride over to the apartment Jess shared with Sam and she was obviously waiting for him since she let him straight in.
"What's wrong? Where's Sam?" He rocked back as she threw herself into his arms. He held her tight and let her cry into his shirt. It wasn't at all awkward, of his friends only Jess, Sam and Becky knew he was gay so both of the girls tended to treat him like one of them when it came to physical interaction.
"Easy Jess, it'll be okay. Just take some deep breaths, there's a girl." He sat her down on the couch and then went to the kitchen and got them both a glass of water. He sipped his while Jessica just stared at hers.
"I can't help if I don't know what's wrong Jess."

"It's Sam. He...he got up tonight and I didn't think anything of it till I heard fighting from out here. Turns out his big brother Dean had decided to break in." She finally took a sip and Evan arched an eyebrow. None of them knew much about the Winchester family, Sam was very tight lipped about them but they did know there had been a fight about Sam coming to college.
"He said their dad hadn't been home for a bit and Sam didn't care until Dean said he had gone hunting and was late home. Then Sam got all stiff and started packing. He said it's just for the weekend and that his dad had probably just gotten drunk in a cabin and forgotten to call but there was something..."

"You think their dad isn't hunting?"

"I don't know! All I know is that after four years of silence Sam just drops everything and leaves with his brother and they were both acting kind of weird. I'm worried Evan."

"Sam can take care of himself and I know he'd never leave you. He'll be back in a day or two and in time for his interview, you'll see." But even as he said it Evan felt a shiver of dread creep through him.
"How about I stay on the couch for tonight? And tomorrow we gather the gang and have a day out for fun? Then you can have a girls sleepover thing or something and we'll I'll help you whip up a delicious welcome home dinner for Sam that evening before retreating so I don't see you to being sappy?" Jess smiled and hugged him again.

"Thanks Ev, what would we do without you?"

"Sam would still be trying to work up the guts to ask you out." They laughed over that and then Jess got him some blankets and a pillow.
"Sleep tight Jess."

"You too, thanks again."