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Warning: yaoi, mpreg, mention of rape, mention/intention of suicide, and mabey more to come
pairings: Agito x Kazu, Ikki x Ringo,...and mabey Ikki x Akito :D

Baby Feathers

Akito looked into the mirror sadly at his over sized belly. This would have never happened if he didn't go to that party. Oh! So, you want to know what happened. Well, then, let's start from the beginning, shall we.

Ikki's team had won another AT match and they decided to celebrate. Akito was attached to Ikki's arm and Agito was walking next to Kazu smiling at his 'twin', they had separated a month ago. They had the choice weather to stay separated or to become one again. They chose to stay like this. Little did they know it came with a consequence.

"Oh Ikki-kun, that was awesome!" Akito said cheerfully as he bounced up and down. Ikki sighed looking at who decided to come. There was Kazu, Agito, Akito, and him. Buccha and Onigiri had gone home. So it was just the four of them going.

Agito and Kazu had been going out for a week and didn't look like they were breaking up any time soon. Ikki and Ringo were going out as well, but that didn't mean Akito was going to stop loving him. It was funny thou, Ikki and Ringo had a baby girl together. They had named her Kelly after Ringo's grandmother. She looked a lot like her mother but had his eyes. She was a year old now.

They arrived at their destination ready to party. Ikki felt bad because Ringo was at home watching Kelly with out him. She had told him to go have fun thou. He looked down at Akito again when he let go. Akito was looking up at him with a frown.

"Ikki-kun, we're not old enough to go into this club." Akito stated and he was in fact right. They were only 15 years old and you had to be 18 or older to get in.

"Yeah I know, but I also know the boss and she said the next time I win a match, I could bring my team mates down here and celebrate." Ikki smugly explained as Akito giggled. Ikki then raised his right hand and knocked on the door.

The door opened a crack and a big guy peeked out looking at the group of four. "Password?" He asked looking at them seeing if any of them knew one of the two passwords. The boss told him one password that only one other person knew.

"Butternickels." Ikki replied the man smiled, that was the word, shutting the door and unlocking it from the inside. He opened it again letting the four thru.

Once inside they stopped and looked around. They stopped and looked around. There were a lot of people, loud music, pole dancers, a bar, and stairs that lead to bed rooms, and the place was huge.

Kazu smirked grabbed Agito dragging him to the dance floor. Agito called over his shoulder to tell Akito to stick with Ikki. Ikki laughed as he walked over to the bar for a drink. Akito followed behind him silently.

Ikki got drunk fast. The next thing Akito knew, he was being rushed up the stairs and into one of the rooms. Ikki pushed him on the bed locking the door behind him.

"Ikki-kun, w…what are you doing?" Akito asked backing up to the bed post. Ikki, who was giving him a drunken stare, climbed on the bed. He grabbed Akito by the arms while pushing Akito onto his back. So Akito was now lying back while Ikki straddled him.

"Ik…Ikki, no you can't do this." Akito's voice was shaky and nervous. Ikki blinked then some how took off his belt tying Akito's hands together and above his head on the bed post.

Akito tried to fight against him but Ikki was too strong. Akito gasped as he heard one of his pant buttons pop off, then another and another. After Akito's pants were lose enough, Ikki began pulling them down.

Akito's eye shot open he looked back into the mirror and saw that he was very pale and shaking. That was one memory he did not want to remember. He went over to his bed and laid down remembering what had happened after it.

Akito lay on the bed still tied up bloody and covered with something that he did not want to think about. Ikki had raped him. There was a small gash in his right side because Ikki had a knife, which he took and sliced open Akito's side when he tried to get free by bitting him.

It hurt, a lot, mentally and physically. Akito turned his head and looked at the clock it was 2:07am. They had gotten to the club at 7 O'clock, Ikki was drunk by 7:32 and the rape had ended at 12:01. Akito looked away from the clock and at Ikki who was fast asleep next to him.

He looked peaceful and he was probably having a good dream about his family. Akito looked away from him and to the ceiling. He was feeling very guilty.

'This is my entire fault.' He thought sadly to himself as tears started to build up in his eye, the other eye was covered by an eye patch.

'What are you faulting?' Akito gasped at the sound of Agito's voice inside his head. He had almost forgot that Agito and him still had a mental link to one another.

'Akito, what happened, where are you? Please, tell me, I'm worried about you.' Agito begged of his 'twin'.

'Nothing happened, just, Ikki got drunk so I took him to one of the rooms and he fell asleep. Don't be worry I'm fine…I'm tired Agito, I'm going to sleep.' Akito lied and cut the link with Agito falling into a dreamless sleep.

When Akito next woke up he sat up quickly, his surroundings having been changed. He was in the hospital. Akito looked around when he spotted some one next to him. It was Agito. He was asleep in a chair next to his bed side holding his hand.

"Agito?" Akito asked in a whisper, his voice sounded rough as if he hadn't used it for a while. He felt Agito squeeze his hand his eye still closed.

"Why did you lie?" he asked in a sad betrayed tone. Akito gulped nervously before he answered.

"I…I wasn't lying." Akito stuttered and Agito's eye shot open. The shark eye was piercing as it glared at him.

"Don't do this Akito! I found you in a room tied up and bleeding after you cut the link. I took you to the hospital and they ran test on you…they…they said you'd been raped." Agito said tears forming at the corner of his eye.

Akito felt guilty once again. "How long have I've been out and where's Kazu and…" he hesitated, "…Ikki?" he asked, Agito looked at him confused before answering his questions.

"You were out for three days and Kazu…" Agito's eye widen in excitement. "Oh! Akito the doctors found some thing else." Agito said smiling sadly but the excitement in his eye was still there.

"What?" Akito asked afraid, not really wanting to hear it. "We're expecting." Agito whispered pointing to Akito and himself. Akito blinked before passing out.

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