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Ikki blinked and growled, "He is here because he can be and also because we are beginning our friendship once again. What is your excuse? Oh wait I know what it is, it is you want to cheat on me!" he grabbed Akito's hand, "Well you know what? We are through! Come on Akito, let's get Kelly and leave this place." He said as he helped Akito stand up.

Akito was stunned and shocked and bewildered all at the same time, 'Ikki just broke up with Ringo…to be with me?' he asked himself as he was led up the stairs and into Kelly's room. He was knocked back into reality when Ikki asked him a question, "Huh?" "Do you think you can grab Kelly's to go bag?" Ikki asked as he grabbed the sleeping child up. Akito nodded his head, "Is it the little green bag in the corner?" Akito asked as he walked over to the bag. "Yes it is." Ikki said then turned to Akito, "If it is too heavy you can carry Kelly instead." He said as he watched Akito pick it up and put it on his shoulder since it was a shoulder bag. "Nah, not that heavy." He said with a shake of the head then adjusted it and waited for Ikki to make a move.

Ikki smiled, "Ok then let's go." He said then led the way back down stairs where they saw the red head man leave slamming the door behind him. Ringo looked furious and turned to glare at the pair as the came down the stairs. Ikki lead Akito by Ringo and out the door. They saw a car speed off in the distance as they walked to the side walk. They were both silent, then Akito spoke, "Ikki-kun…um…would you like…to stay at my house?" he asked with a whisper as he looked at his feet. He could also feel his checks flame up in a blush. Ikki stared at him and smiled, "If it is ok with you, then yes I would love to stay over." He said gently as he shifted Kelly in his arms. Akito smiled as well, a real smile that has not been there in months. He then opened up the mental link to Agito and told him what has happened and what was generally going on. He also told him Ikki and Kelly were coming over and staying for the night.

As he was telling Agito this, they were walking to the house when they reached the door Kazu and Agito were at the door waiting for them. Kazu looked at Ikki and winked knowingly then offered to take Kelly. Ikki handed Kelly to Kazu and sighed relieved when the baby did not wake up and start crying. Kazu went up stairs and put Kelly in the crib that was in Akito's room then he head back down stairs where he saw Ikki talking to Agito while holding Akito's hands.

"Agito, you got to understand, I never meant to hurt Akito and I promise I never will hurt him in any way shape or form again." Ikki said pleadingly to the navy blue haired boy. Agito let out a sigh and looked at Akito, he looked happy and not afraid, hell, he was letting Ikki touch him so that must mean Ikki was telling the truth. Akito looked at Agito, "Agito…it took a long time, but I now know Ikki does truly love me…so is it ok if we…" he didn't finish his question because Agito spoke up, "If this is what makes you happy Akito then I will not stand in your way of being happy, but if he goes and breaks your heart again, mark my words he will be dead." With that he stood up and yawned, "Now if you will excuse me, I'm heading off to bed." Agito walked over to Kazu and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Ready for bed?" he asked him in a whisper. Kazu nodded his head some what stunned. He looked at Ikki and Akito who were just cuddling up together on the couch, "Ikki, Kelly is in Akito's room…If you are sleeping down-" "He's going to sleep in my room." Kazu blinked at Akito's words when he cut him off. Agito turned and looked over at the pair on the couch. Akito was looking over at Agito, "Are you sure Akito...are you even ready to have him that close to you again?" Agito asked worried. "Yes I'm sure Agito." He said then looked up at Ikki with a smile. Ikki smiled back then looked at Agito, "I promise with all my heart I will never hurt him. I will protect him with my life Agito." He said seriously and Agito saw the serious look in his eyes, "Ok Crow, I will believe you but if you break this promise I will not hesitate to snap your fucking neck." He said coldly then waddled up the stairs, Kazu followed behind after saying good night.

Ikki looked at Akito, "Are you ready to go to sleep?" he asked him with a smile. Akito looked back at him and nodded his head embarrassed. Ikki got up and helped Akito off the couch and grabbing Kelly's to go bag off the floor head up the stairs with Akito in front of him. Once they reached the top of the stairs, Akito lead him to his room. He stopped in front of the door and pushed it open quietly. As he finished opening it he walked in and turned on the light. He walked the rest of the way in and grabbed out his pajamas for the night and looked at Ikki, "Kazu keeps some spare cloths in here." He said as he went over to his closet and pulled out some pajamas for Ikki. Ikki walked over to Akito and grabbed the cloths from him, "Thanks. I'll go change in the bathroom." He said and left the room, shutting the door behind him. Akito stood there for a second before stripping off his day cloths. He tossed them into the hamper he had in his room then he put on his pajamas. Once he finished putting on the dark orange pajamas he heard a small knock. "Come in." he said quietly as he sat on the bed. Ikki came in wearing plain grey pajamas. He looked at Akito uncertain. "Are you sure you don't want me sleeping down stairs?" he asked him and Akito shook his head no, "No 'cause that would be uncomfortable and plus I want you to sleep up here...with me." He said some what embarrassed. Ikki found the blush that was quickly spreading across Akito's cheeks very cute. He walked over to him and leaned down capturing Akito's lips in his. Akito was surprised and thought about pushing Ikki away but decided against it, instead he kissed back. It was a short loving kiss and soon both boys pulled away. Ikki smiled lovingly down at Akito, "Ok, now I'm ready for bed." He said and Akito finished getting into bed and looked at Ikki, waiting for him to crawl in. Ikki did so and curled up with Akito giving him a kiss on his cheek, "I love you so much." He whispered to the blue haired boy. Akito giggled, "I love you too." He said turning to Ikki and cuddling up with him. Both boys soon fell asleep and had similar dreams of one another.

Kaito had arrived at the abandoned warehouse and went inside. Akira opted to stay in the trailer thing to wait for him. Kaito walked through the door and glared at the group who was laying on the floor playing a card game, "Do you have a 3?" he heard one of them ask then another say, "Nope, go fish." And he mentally smacked himself, 'They are playing go fish?' he thought to himself and growled, "Kyounii! What the hell is going on? I though I told you guys to wait!" he screamed at the dark brown haired girl. She looked up at him from her position on the floor, "I know but you never said we could not challenge them to a match that won't happen for a few months." She said then looked at the cards in her hand, "Hiro, do you have and Ace?" she asked the man. Hiro bit his lip and hissed, "Yes." Then he handed her the card, "Thank you! I get to go again!" she said and was about to ask her next question when Kaito came over to her and snatched her cards from her, "What possessed you to challenged them so early and catch it on live television?" Kaito shouted at her and she looked up at him with a pout, "I only thought of challenging them. Hiro was the one who got the TV dudes. Now give me back my cards!" she said and watched horrified as Kaito threw them to the ground, "Next time listen to my orders." He said then stomped to the door, "Aw man, now we have to start over!" he heard Kyounii whine as he left the building. 'Damn, does all she thinks about is playing cards?' he asked him self but shook his head and climbed back into the trailer and sped off.

((ok I'm doing a time skip since there is going to be no real change or any thing. Ikki and Akito are now in love. Akito, though, is still a little insecure and Agito is starting to accept Akito and Ikki going out, though he is keeping a close eye on Ikki and his actions toward Akito.))

It had been two since Ikki and Ringo broke up and in that time Ikki had been staying with Agito, Kazu and Akito. It was only until Ringo moved out of the house that he had bought. Ringo was currently looking for a house far, far away from them and the last Ikki has heard, she had managed to find a place. Ikki had asked her about if she wanted any rights to Kelly and her responds was that she wanted nothing to do with it. They had all been sleeping when Agito and Akito both woke up at the same time with a scream. Kazu and Ikki both jumped out of their beds they were in and looked at their lovers. "Are you ok?" they both asked their lovers. Akito groaned, "Hospital, now!" he groaned out and Agito glared up at Kazu, "Fuck, does it look like I'm all right? Get me too the fucking hospital before I decided to rip this baby out myself!" he shouted and Kazu jumped off the bed and grabbed his cell calling for an ambulance.

Kazu helped Agito off the bed and down the stairs. He went into the living room with him and set him on the couch to wait for the ambulance to get there. He looked to the stairs to see Ikki helping Akito down. Akito looked up at Kazu and grunted, "Are they on their way?" he asked panting slightly. His body hurt and he really was getting annoyed with it. "Yes they are." Kazu said as Akito was let down onto the couch next to Agito. Agito looked at his twin and smiled, "Dock said we might die doing this." He whispered to him and Akito chuckled, "Yes I know." He said with a sigh then groaned loudly, "Where are they?" he asked Kazu and the other boy turned too looked at the two pregnant boys on the couch. He was going to say some thing when there was a car noise out side.

Ikki had gone back upstairs and grabbed their bags and Kelly as well as her bag then headed down stairs to hear Kazu. "Um, I didn't hear sirens." He said looking confused and Kazu answered the door and four woman walked in. They giggled then headed over to Akito and Agito. Two of them went over to Akito helping him up and out the door while two help Agito up and out the door. Kazu and Ikki followed them out the door. Ikki had Kelly in his arms and Akito's bag on his back. Kazu had Agito's bag and Kelly's bag. Ikki was surprised to see a white van instead of an ambulance. He also noticed a red dragon curled around an egg on the side of the van. The two pregnant boys were put into the van and then Kazu and Ikki got in. Ikki was surprised, the inside was just like the inside of an ambulance just bigger. Two of the girls hopped up front and two of them stayed in the back monitoring Agito and Akito. Ikki noticed then that the girls were wearing white cloths and on the white scrub shirt they were wearing was a red dragon curled around an egg, just like on the door. 'Who…are these people?' he thought then looked at Kazu as the van took off going through back roads that were not very busy.

"Kazu, I don't get it…how come the media is not after them?" he asked his friend. He had been wondering this for quiet some time now. Kazu looked over at him and smiled, "People think they are girls when we go for walks and we have been keeping quite about them being male and pregnant. The hospital we are going to is one that specializes in male pregnancy. They are called the Red Dragon and disguise them selves as a Chinese restaurant. We will be going in through the back of the building when we get there." He said and Ikki blinked, "So only this Red Dragon place knows of them being men?" he asked still confused and Kazu sighed as he watched Agito and Akito. "Yes, they've been helping us since we found out that they were pregnant." Ikki was alarmed by this and frowned, "But wait, we went to a normal hospital when we found out." He said shaking his head and cuddling Kelly closer to him. She was getting big and Ikki knew soon he would have to teach her to walk. Kazu let out another sigh, "Their doctor was working there for part time and he had saw that they were pregnant and switch them over to his care at Red Dragon. If a regular doctor had found that, they would have thought it was a tumor or a parasite and gotten rid of it." Ikki nodded his head even though he was still confused. He was confused because how it possible for these two normal…well sorta normal… boys became pregnant, that was just impossible…or so he thought.

He sighed relieved when they pulled into the back of a building. The two girls in front got out and came around helping the other two girls get Akito and Agito out. They lead them into the back of the building. There was a woman waiting there and as Akito and Agito were lead off the woman asked Ikki if he wanted her to take Kelly to the child's room. Ikki handed her over to the woman and she bowed slightly before walking off with Kelly. Ikki then follow Kazu to the waiting room where they checked in Akito and Agito then they were lead to where the two boys were. They were lead up the stairs and down the huge hall to a room. They were allowed into the room and Ikki couldn't help but notice that the room looked just like a hospital room and every thing. Ikki sighed as he went over to Akito who was lying on a bed looking miserable. Agito was lying on the other bed also looking miserable, Kazu stood next to him.

The doctor came in and evaluated the two and took some notes, asked them questions then nodded his head again, "You two are only experiencing contractions. Since you are males these will be very painful for you. Would you like some morphine to dull the pain?" the doctor asked and Akito shouted, "Yes! Please, do you have to ask?" he whined. Agito held back a pained laugh to his twins out burst. "Well, Akito, if he don't ask if we want it and gave it to us with out our permission we could sue him…I mean what if he didn't know we were allergic to it? He would be in trouble and lose his job." Agito explained then glared at the doctor, "Fuck, you heard the boy! Go get the fucking morphine already!" he shouted at him. The doctor chuckled and left the room to do just that. In a half hour both boys had morphine in their system and were quiet out of it. They both soon past out and fell asleep, Kazu and Ikki left the room. They went to the doctor's main office to have a chat with him.

"So doc, how will the babies be delivered?" Ikki asked sitting down in a chair across the doctor's table and where the doctor was sitting. "They will be delivered by C section since that is the only way to deliver them." The doctor said leaning forward to rest his head on his hands. Kazu sighed also taking a seat in a chair right next to Ikki. "Ikki there is some thing you need to know." He said to his best friend. Ikki looked toward him questionably, "What is it Kazu?" he asked the blond boy who seemed to always have a beanie on his head. "Doc, why don't you tell him what you told Agito, Akito, and I." Kazu said as he slumped forward in his seat, it was starting to make his butt hurt and numb at the same time. The doctor looked at Kazu then at Ikki who looked back curiously. He let out a sigh then spoke, "When we found out that the two boys were pregnant we tried to convince them to have an abortion but they told us that they don't believe in taking a life like that. On these terms we told them the consequences of carrying the babies to full term. Since they are male their bodies are different than a female, if they did not exercise often then they would be in pain and may loss the babies in a miscarriage. As you can see they did not, they had followed what I told them to do, but they are no where near out of danger yet. You see this is the hard part, removing the infants. They are now putting their lives in danger because this is the first time we have dealt with a male pregnancy and we are not sure what we will find when we open them up." He let out a sigh, "The point I am trying to make is that they might loss their lives." Ikki was speechless, Akito might die! He could not bare for that to happen and he shook his head very nervous and scared.

Kazu watched his friend and patted him the shoulder comfortably, he knew how he felt. He was also scared he might loss Agito during the C-section as well and didn't know if he would be able to live with himself if he ever did. He felt very bad for Ikki because, unlike himself, Ikki has not spend much time with Akito, they had only just started to regain their friendship. Kazu knew that if Akito were to loss his life, Ikki might just loss himself and might not be able to live another day. Ikki looked toward him and Kazu could see the fear in his eyes. He then looked at the doctor, "Will we be able to be with our lovers while you do the C-section?" Kazu asked him seriously and the doctor smiled, "Of course but if any thing goes wrong we will have to ask you to leave the room." Kazu let out a relieved sigh and prayed nothing bad would happen.

The two boys were now back with their boyfriends waiting for some thing to happen. They were both pretty tired, but stayed up to watch over their partners. They both jumped though when both Agito and Akito woke up, "The babies are coming!" they both shouted at the same time. Ikki jumped up and looked at Akito and Agito frantically, "I'll go get the doctor!" he shouted, but realized Kazu said it with him. Kazu and him looked at each other nervously and Agito growled, "Fuck! Just go get the damn doctor!" as he shouted this, the doctor and a few nurses rushed in. In a blink of an eye, both pregnant boys were rushed out the room and to the operating room. It had already been set up and ready for the two boys. Kazu and Ikki followed putting the scrubs on that were offered to them before entering the room. They then went to their respected lovers and sat next to them holding their hand.

The C-sections went very quick and there seemed to be no issues. Both Ikki and Kazu grinned at one another when they both heard the wailing cries of two babies. Agito let out a sigh, "Fuck..." he mumbled then shifted his eyes to Kazu, "Fuck, you should get neutered, that way I don't end up pregnant again." He laughed out jokingly then looked over to Akito and smiled at him, "You ok?" he asked his other, who was currently crying at the moment and smiling. "Yes, I am." Akito said to his other half, who was more of a brother now as he looked up at Ikki. Ikki smiled down at him before giving him a kiss on the forehead and whispering, "I love you." He looked up when he heard a giggle and saw a lady their holding out a bundle. Ikki blinked before letting go of Akito's hand and grabbing the bundle, "Congratulations, it's a boy." The woman said watching Ikki cradle the bundle and moving the blanket back some what to look at the baby. What he saw was another beautiful being to add to his life. Staring up at him were two blood red eyes looking up at him. He sat back down in the chair that was provided for him and looked over at Akito who was curiously looking at Ikki's arms. Ikki smiled and placed the baby into Akito's arms, "Isn't he beautiful, Akito?" Akito's gold eyes welled up with tears that started to run down his face as he hiccupped, "Yes, he is." He said as the little baby in his arms yawned. He smiled down at the infant and noticed he had a small mop of dark blue hair on his head. It was darker then his hair and it just looked to cute.

Kazu and Agito had both received their baby as well in a similar fashion, Kazu had been handed the baby and passed him to Agito how looked at bit disturbed, "Fuck, are you sure I'm holding this thing right?" he asked his lover as a flush lighten up his pale skin. Kazu chuckled, "First, it is a he and second, yes you are Agito." He chuckled again as Agito grumbled and looked at the infant and blinked shocked to see a mop of blond hair on the baby's head, "Eh, Kazu…he has blond hair like you…" he said then his eyes widen as the baby opened his eyes and looked at him. Staring back at him were a pair of bright green eyes that had slits. They looked like a cats eye and this made Agito want to laugh, "Fuck…I think there is some thing wrong with his eyes." Kazu leaned over and looked at the baby's eyes. "Hehe, Agito, he has your eyes…just, they're green." He said as he smiled down at the baby. Agito blushed even more, "Fuck…I knew that." He said looking down at the baby with a content smile.

The papers for them to sign were brought over. Akito looked up at Ikki and smiled shyly, "I still like the name Alexander Hue Minami." He whispered and Ikki nodded his head with a grin, "I love the name! And if you switch the A and the H around you get H.A.M for his initials!" Akito looked at Ikki as if he head grown two heads and one of the heads ate the other one. "Ok then Ikki-kun…I think you need some sleep…" he said with a laugh.

Agito had also looked over at him like he was nuts then looked at his own child, "So, um…do you still want to name him Zackary Lee Mikura?" Kazu asked his lover bringing his attention to him, "Fuck yes, since that was the name we agreed upon." He growled out and Kazu chuckled once again, "Calm down, I'm only making sure." Once both babies' birth certificates were done the two couples were lead back to their room. The babies were also brought into the room and were placed into their own crib like things next to their 'mothers'. Agito and Akito both fell asleep to tired to stay up and Ikki and Kazu both watched over their babies and lovers as they slept.

Out side the building, across the street was parked Kaito's truck. Kaito was currently inside on his cell, "So, the babies have been delivered?" he asked and a voice replied with a yes. Kaito grinned, he was glad that he had an inside person in the building or else he would never know when the babies were born or where they were. "Good, expect you check to come by mail tomorrow." He said then hung up. His plan would work now that the infants were born.

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