Right now, I am doing something very difficult and abandoning Goten for this chapter, to sort out something that has blocked me from continuing for a very long time - the other Z Fighters and their whereabouts. Whether I continue with Goten's story this chapter will depend on its length, otherwise I will do an extra-awesome next chapter that will have nothing holding it back.

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The sun rose behind the hills, orange beams of light draining the end of night away. Satan City was in a state of chaos, a huge portion of the city destroyed by the launch of the ship. People who had stayed awake in fear during the sunset and until the sunrise were now returning to their homes, since the main excitement had died away, to catch up on their sleep. Besides, it was better to face invading evil alien monsters full and energetic than with your eyelids half in the way.

Mr. Buu dragged Hercule Satan with him as he hovered over the remnants of the place and out towards the ocean. Mr Satan was grateful that Buu was there to shield himself and a few of the crew from destruction. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to save the main cameraman and his assistant, and they had yet to be found dead or alive.

And why oh why did the City turn to him to save the day all the time?

Idiots, that's what they were. Gullible idiots. He wasn't a weak man, but so many stronger people had appeared and they had waved them off simply for not having a golden badge on their belt! He had won the championships that Son Goku had missed, that was all! All the previous champions had up-and-vanished, so they did not get to claim their pride. Hercule wasn't surprised, showboating was such a difficult task.

Anyway, where was Goku now? The city was in danger! Capsule Corp had been eradicated! Where was Videl? Probably with that freaky alien boy who he knew could protect her. That was reassuring.

The fact that 'Vegetable' and his son named after western underwear were missing was not.

Buu landed on a small island, which looked to Satan that it was once inhabited but was currently just geography* alike the city. A gigantic turtle was beached on the sand, sleeping in its shell. He stared at it for a moment, giant turtles not being a common sight this far east. Then he turned his gaze to the rubble. It was fresher than he had originally realised, hints of pink stone and fresh thatch, and even a small sofa.

Buu pointed his gloved, blobby hand towards a shape.

'Help', he said, then marched towards it. Mr Satan followed.

'Hey, what're we doing here, Buu?' he asked anxiously. 'Shouldn't we be back home? Having a hot mug of cocoa? Like that Buu? A nice mugga Cocoa and a hot bath!'

The pink thing growled. 'Buu no take bath when friends under rock.' He straightened his arm forward.

Hercule knew this expression. He grabbed a handful of ground as a precaution.

A blast of invisible energy blew the top layers of rubble away, revealing the remainder of Yamucha's head. The human gasped, spitting out a few pebbled and circulating the fresh air around his lungs. He muttered something incomprehensible and pulled himself from the wreckage of the Kame House.

Hercule followed the trend of muttering incomprehensible things, and made a whole sentence of them, pointing with bulging eyes at Yamucha. He didn't notice him.

'Oh, hi, Buu. Aagh, my head hurts. Hey, what time is it?' Yamucha glanced at the sky. 'Aww, man, dawn? I musta been out for twelve hours!'

His face contorted into a grave expression as he remembered the events prior to his situation. 'Did you see the others - ?'

Eighteen chose this exact moment to blow apart the remainder of the wreckage. A brick decided to have a soft landing on Yamucha's head, but Hercule - veteran in the arts of survival - had wisely dived into the sea for cover. She looks pissed, he thought. You wouldn't mess with her, not when she has the child with her, unless you wanted her to mess with your spine.

Marron clapped happily in her arms. 'Do it again , mama,' she giggled. 'Do that thing when Mister Yamucha got hit on the head!'

'Happily.' Eighteen threw another brick at Yamucha's head. He shrieked in pain. The little girl laughed.

There was more moaning as the remainder of the Z-Clan pierced through the blankets of painful sleep back into the consciousness of even more painful reality.

*(Hercule did not understand the concept of metaphors too well.)

Meanwhile, as the ship rode the orbit of the earth, events unfolded that were going to separate this universe from the ones where the world ends...

Vegeta sat in silence next to his son, still imprisoned in the horrible white cell. Smart of them, to paint the metal white. It reflected the energy back onto its source, causing damage to any unwary retaliators who would dare try to break out of the prison.

Gohan seemed to count into this category. The boy had not stopped pounding the glass in the opposite cell for six hours straight. He was exhausted, his hair slightly singed from the backlash of his blasts. It was stupid of him to continue this waste of energy.

Yet Vegeta couldn't help but admire his determination.

Gohan panted, wiping his bloodied lip.

'I'll make that bastard PAY!'

He cupped his hands. and fired a huge blast at the glass. It rebounded, but he blocked it with his arms, used to the pattern.

Son Gohan collapsed in exhaustion, and laughed quietly.

Trunks had simply given up. Why was this guy imprisoning everyone? He had heard that Goku was now captured, Goten with him, and now nothing could save them. Their other friends couldn't have stood a chance but Trunks knew that they'll probably try to save them anyway. And die, just like he will. Again. Well, at least the huge red guy was nice enough to send them to Heaven last time...

'Stop your wallowing. And you call yourself a Prince?'

Trunks blinked. Vegeta stood, eyes glaring at his son. He carried his normal expression of slight disgust.

'No Prince of the Saiyans, no son of mine, will die wallowing in self-remorse!' He picked up Trunks by the collar. The lilac-haired child flailed his arms in shock.

'Trunks, are you going to die quietly? Like a human?'

'N-No, sir!'

'Or are you going to die like a Saiyan? Fighting to the end? Still dead, but in glory and honour and blood?'

'Yes sir!'

Vegeta dropped him, and Trunks pulled a strong salute. 'Permission to kick ass of glass, sir?'

'Permission granted! Now go, soldier! Kick this cell's ass! For the memory of the Saiyan Monarchy!'

The cell doors simultaneously flew open as Trunks slammed himself into theirs, causing him to stumble onto the ground outside. Gohan and Vegeta jerked in mild surprise.

Vegeta laughed.

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