Title: It Takes One...
Name: la_dissonance (that's me! *throws up the peace sign*)
Prompt: #155 - [a link to the prompt, which was a picture, which ffn will not let me post here. It was of a bunch of jack-o-lanterns throwing up, basically]
Prompt Given by: Anonymous
Word Count: 1382
Rating: R
Summary: Al really doesn't remember what happened last night.
Author's notes: A million million thank yous to my completely awesome beta! Guys, she is the definition of awesome. You don't even know.

Red light filtered through Al's eyelids. He turned, became knotted in the blankets, and rolled to the floor with a thump. He groaned and tried to open his eyes, finding the process at least twice as hard as it should have been.

A landscape of bedding greeted his eyes. He groaned again. "Where are we?"

There was a blankety sound and Lily's head appeared over the side of the mattress. "Wow, you must have been even more pissed than we thought."

Not the best words to hear upon waking.

"You do remember about the party last night, right?" Lily was looking at him as though he were a small child.

Pieces of Al's night were drifting back to him. "Yeah... and so this would be what, the Room of Requirement? It didn't look this way last night..."

Lily shook her head. "Nope. We found all this bedding after the party was winding down, but I think it wants us to get up now." She gestured toward the far wall, where daylight was streaming through several wide floor-to-ceiling windows. Al followed her gesture and then immediately wished he hadn't.

"Gods. How much did I drink last night?"

Lily pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows in a disturbing likeness of their mother. "Your guess is as good as mine. You were carrying around a bottle of Ogden's for a while, but then that was gone and you just kept getting worse, so I dunno. Do you remember snogging Lilac Brown?" She grinned wickedly.

"I – what? Merlin, did I actually do that?"

His sister nodded eagerly. She seemed to take a perverse delight in telling him these things.

Al rubbed a hand through his hair wearily. "Well, thanks for looking out for me. It's nice not to wake up with my shoes still on."

"Oh, don't thank me, I didn't do anything. Wouldn't have, either; the last I saw you were heaving into a dust bin. And not just a little - like, buckets. It was completely disgusting."

"Then who –"

"Scorpius Malfoy," Lily said gleefully. "He followed you around all night, far as I could tell."

Al looked at her blankly. He hadn't even known Scorpius was at the party.

"It was really weird. I mean, who would have invited him? And are you guys even friends?"

"No, not really. We know each other from class and stuff, that's all."

"Weird," repeated Lily.

Al walked down the corridor slowly, trying to piece together the past night's events. He didn't remember much. There had been a mass exodus of Gryffindors to the Room of Requirement after the Halloween feast, and there had been James mysteriously producing several cases of alcohol from absolutely nowhere in that way he had. After that, things got hazy.

Al ran into Scorpius just where he expected to, in a sheltered courtyard frequented by Prefects.

"Malfoy," he said, by way of introduction.

"Potter. Feeling better?" There was a glint in his eye that Al did not entirely trust.

"Not horrible. My sister tells me I have you to thank for taking care of me last night. So, well, thanks."

"Why, you're very welcome, Potter. The pleasure was all mine." He put too much emphasis on the word pleasure.

Oh gods. Just when it couldn't get any worse. "We didn't... do anything last night, did we?"

Scorpius's glint became more dangerous. "You mean you really don't remember?"

Bloody Merlin buggered on a stick. They had done something last night. This was so, so not the way Al had wanted to come out to the entire school.

"You really don't remember," Scorpius chortled, at Al's continued silence.

Al shook his head, dazed. "What... what did we do?" Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"Well, after I stopped you making some horrible mistake with that Gryffindor bird, you kind of turned on me."

Al exhaled. Snogging he could handle.

"And then when you pushed me into that corner and started groping me like a dying man, I didn't see much reason to stop you – I mean, it was just getting interesting. Though I admit I was a bit surprised when you pulled my pants off."

Al looked away, blushing crimson and cursing the fates. If he had to go and humiliate himself like that, at least he could have remembered it.

"And sure, maybe by then I was taking advantage, but I was too busy wondering where you'd learned to suck a bloke off like that to really worry much."

Al's eyes cut to Scorpius's crotch, and he was suddenly fascinated with the idea that his mouth had been right there.

Scorpius followed his gaze. "And maybe I'd had a bit too much too, because I really should have said something when you pulled me into that side room with the cot."

Side room with a cot?

"And Merlin, I really don't regret it. I've never done so much with one person in one night in my life – I let you bottom first because you asked, and then you wanted to try fucking me, but it hardly even mattered because of what you did with your mouth after."

"Stop!" cried Al. "Gods." He couldn't stop the images called forth from flashing in front of his eyes, flailing limbs and cocks and debauched mouths. And the person with whom he had supposedly done all that was standing right here in front of him, grinning like the devil himself.

"I can't have done all that," said Al. "For one thing, it's absurd, and for another, Lily told me I was vomiting buckets all night."

"Oh, well, that came much later, obviously," Scorpius said with a slight curl of his lip. "You eventually fell asleep and then when you woke up you were ill, so I got you a dustbin."

"But I woke up next to Lily," Al said.

"Because I put you there."

Al eyed the Slytherin shrewdly, momentarily unable to come up with any further arguments against Scorpius's version of events. "Ah – right. Well, thanks for that much, anyway."

Scorpius grinned. "Not at all."

Al watched Scorpius retreat. He couldn't have done all those things. Could he? It wasn't until Scorpius was well out of sight before Al decided no, he couldn't have done all that. There were certain key pieces of Al's anatomy that weren't sore, for one thing. And since when were Slytherins known for their trustworthiness? He set off in pursuit.

When Al caught up, Scorpius was lounging against a windowsill waiting.

"Back so soon?"

Al looked around to make sure no one was coming down the deserted hallway.

"Yeah." He stepped into Scorpius's personal space and was gratified to see a flicker of surprise in his eyes. "I have some... doubts... about what you told me just now."

"Oh yeah? Need more details? I'd be happy to provide –"

"I don't think any of it actually happened." Al crowded a bit closer.

Scorpius tried for an enigmatic grin, failed, swallowed, and opened his mouth to speak.

Maybe if Al hadn't thought he heard voices at the other end of the hall he would have let him talk. Or maybe it was just the influence of being in such proximity to the Slytherin's body that made him do it.

"Because if it did, you think I'd remember this." Al grabbed Scorpius by the shoulders and mashed his lips against the other boy's in what was a far more accurate approximation of a late-night drunken snog than he had intended.

It lasted a bit longer than he had intended, too. Kissing someone to prove a point should not have been nearly that absorbing. "And that," he said, "that wasn't remotely familiar." He gave Scorpius a calculating stare. "Or maybe you want me to do it again, just to be sure?"

"Stop, Potter." The other boy looked anything but cocky now. Frightened, perhaps, but that wasn't quite it.

"Really? Because if that didn't happen last night, I'm really curious what did."

Scorpius wouldn't meet Al's eyes. "I said stop."

"Lily said something about you following me around, come to think of it. Care to tell me what that's about?"

Scorpius threw off Al's hold. "Nothing happened, ok? Just leave it, Potter." He paused only to glare at him from shielded eyes before stalking rapidly away.