The two lovers gazed up at the sky in disbelief, watching as the flock of blue butterflies, moonlight reflecting from their shiny wings and creating a silver glow, flew into the large, white moon. Victoria could barely believe what a noble sacrifice the corpse woman had done for her and Victor. She dearly hoped she would rest in peace, and that Victoria would see her again someday.

As Victoria stared up at the moon, she felt Victor's thin hand grasp her left shoulder and pull her into his chest. She snuggled up against him as he rested his cheek on her head. Victoria shivered. She never found out if it was from the chilly night, or just the fact that she was so close to Victor that she could feel his warm breath.

They stood there for a while, holding each other close, daring not to speak, feeling words weren't sufficient to hold the moment. Victoria was a bit surprised that Victor had been so forward. It was only a long-lasting hug, but he almost never touched her before. She knew how shy he was, probably even more shy than herself. And that was very shy indeed.

Just when Victoria couldn't think her love could be anymore straightforward, he bent down, a little hesitantly, and kissed her forehead lightly. She felt her face go warm and looked up into his eyes, only to find that his cheeks seemed pink as well.

"Victoria…" his voice shook a little. Oh, how much she missed his voice! "I…I've missed you…"

The young woman snuggled closer. "And I you, Victor. I thought I'd lost you forever…" her voice cracked at the thought of never seeing him again. She felt hot tears press against her eyes, the same ones she had been holding in when she found out Victor was with another and she was told to marry Lord Barkis. She had always thought that she was too sensitive. She turned away from him and wiped her eyes. Victor didn't remove his hand from her shoulder, a worried expression on his face. Clearly, he didn't know what to do.

At his gentle touch, she tried to suppress her sobs, but her shoulders shook ever harder. She was scared. What would have happened if Victor let Barkis take her away was too horrible to imagine. If Victor hadn't stood up for her like that (and the Corpse Bride!) Victoria might have been dead…or worse. Victoria clasped her hands over her eyes and sniffled loudly. She shook, embarrassed.

What she expected was for Victor to stand there, patting her shoulder awkwardly, waiting for her to stop sobbing. She didn't blame him. After all, she had never cried in front of anyone before, with the exception of her maid and her mother when she was a little girl. Her mother used to slap her on the mouth and scold, "Proper young ladies never cry in public! Dry those tears, you foolish child!" And Victoria would cry all the harder.

What she didn't expect was for Victor (still awkwardly, mind you) to turn her around and take her into his arms once more. She openly sobbed onto his chest, and he rubbed her back soothingly, occasionally mumbling, "Sh…it's alright, I'm right here." After what seemed like forever, Victoria's sobs slowed down into steady breathing and sniffles.

Finally, Victoria stood back a little; Victor's hands still around her back, and wiped her eyes. "Forgive me, Victor…I…I don't know what came over me…" she smiled sheepishly. Victor smiled back at her and pressed his forehead against hers. They closed their eyes, feeling each other's breath on their faces. She rested her hands on his chest. Suddenly he opened his eyes, the old worry back within them.

"Er…Victoria…" he said slowly. "You know…I felt so…empty without you these past few days because…you were the one light I ever had in my dull life. From the moment I first saw you, I fell in love with you…" he blushed, and said the words hurriedly, trying to get them out. Victoria listened intently. He was being so open with her, and looked terribly uncomfortable, but at the same time, calm. "Before, I was always worried about what my expectations were. I was alone, always listening to the orders of other people. I was as good as dead. But then on meeting you…I…I came alive when I met you, Victoria and…" his voice trailed off, nearly at a whisper. "There's…there's no one else I'd rather spend my life with than you…" He averted her gaze and slid his hands off her waist, but took her hands in his. He held them there, looking like he didn't know what to do next, until he finally looked up into her eyes.

Victoria gazed into his eyes, hers shimmering with tears once again. She found her voice after a while, and muttered, "That…that was the nicest thing anyone has ever…" she placed her hand over her mouth and shook again.

The shy man bent down to look into her face and to gently place a hand on her cheek. "Victoria…I love you…I really do. Will you be my wife…again?"

She could barely suppress her joy. She clasped her hands in front of her face. "Oh, yes, yes! Of course I will!"

"Oh, no you won't!"

Both Victor and Victoria jumped at the sudden noise and looked around, wondering where it had come from. Victoria nearly groaned out loud to see her own mother storming towards them, all etiquette forgotten. Her father was trying to keep up, waddling from behind and breathing as if he had run across the vast mountains instead of across the street. Mrs. Everglot reached them and grabbed her daughter's hand, pulling the girl away from her love.

"Victoria!" she scolded in that voice that made Victoria want to cringe. "What do you think you are doing? Running off like that, and in the arms of someone who is not your husband, nonetheless!" She put the back of her hand to her head dramatically. "You have brought shame to this family!"

Victoria stepped back to Victor and tried to explain. "Mother, please! Lord Barkis is dead! He died by his own hand."

Mrs. Everglot gave a loud gasp. "Finis! Finis! Do you hear the vulgarity coming from your daughter's mouth?" Mr. Everglot had finally caught up. Victoria looked at her parents, determined.

"Mother, Father," she said as calmly as she could. "Death has parted myself and…my husband. I was rather hoping, well…"

"That is to say, we," Victor had snuck up behind her, sounding extremely nervous. After all, who wasn't scared of Victoria's beastly mother? "We…um…we were hoping that we could continue with the previous plans…Victoria and I…" his voice trailed off as he looked hopefully at the witch before him. She glared, never really liking the Van Dort boy at all. But, if Lord Barkis was, in fact, dead, then what would she do for money? She stared daggers at him.

"Well, if it were that simple, I would have suggested it myself, now wouldn't I, Mr. Van Dort?" He gulped. "But, unfortunately…" she grabbed her daughter's hand from his and pulled her dangerously close. "…Since Victoria's husband has passed away, it seems fitting that she will have to go through her year of mourning."

Victoria gave an audible gasp. A whole year? She couldn't stay locked up in her room without Victor for an entire year!

"But…but mother!" she stammered. "I…I did not love him! Barkis was a beast…a murderer! Is there no other way…?"

Victoria's mother slapped her daughter. "Hush, child! You will go through your mourning starting tonight. Then you will marry…" she sent a disgusted look in Victor's direction. He didn't flinch, obviously angry that Mrs. Everglot had hit Victoria. "…You will marry the boy. Now come." The mother dragged Victoria away towards their manor across the street, her father groaning and following behind. Victoria stared longingly back at Victor and reached a hand out to the man out of her reach, feeling like she would cry all over again.

Victoria nearly had her heart broken from not seeing Victor for three days. Imagine what a whole year would do!



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