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This was originally posted at the end of Grey Templar 2. If you've already read it, just ignore ... )

K, Remember I said that writing is easier than drawing ?

It actually depends on the kind of idea you want to convey.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

I am starting a Grey Templar comic on deviantart.

Now, Fanfic net has a rule ( I don't know if it has been changed ) that you must have some fanfic content in every chapter, so here goes:

The Grey Templar: Warp Storm ( intro )

The Warp.

A parallel reality beyond the physical realm, the twisted, chaotic regions of the Immaterium, where the souls of most conscious organisms go after their material shells have expired, where thoughts can manisfest as external phenomena, where the natural laws that we take for granted in the physical plane do not always apply.

The Webway.

An unfathomably vast system of interdimensional passageways that exists partly in the Warp, and partly in the Materium, through which one can travel almost instantaneously from one end of the galaxy to the other.

Long ago, our people constructed special monuments on their colonies to gain access to this webway. Monuments such as the aptly named Webway Gates, built from a versatile, psychically active substance summoned from the Warp itself,

Such as the portal that towered before us now.

Anything built of wraithbone tended to appear as if it once belonged to a living thing. This one looked like the gem encrusted spine of a giant vertebrate that rose up above the surrounding trees and bent forward slightly, forming an elegant half arch. The air between its lower side and the ground shimmered like the reflection of the sun on water.

Now the shimmering intensified, and within the dancing lights she appeared, a lithe figure dressed in the odd, tight-fitting costume of her order.

"You made it, Harlequin."

"I have been exploring the Webway for millennia." She grinned proudly. "Nothing in there can give me pause." She hopped gracefully to my side, the both of us now facing the opposite sides of the clearing.

"Not even a Warp Storm, or the Shadow ?"

"Some shifting of the paths, but with the proper knowledge and skill, we can still find our way safely to the desired destination. That is why we use the Webway, rather than the Warp itself, as the mortals do." She peered at my face. "You look wearied, my friend. Does a Warp Storm have that much effect on a warlock ?"

"What appears as an insignificant shifting of paths to you, has … had a far more disruptive effect on my mind." I looked down at my hands, willing a glowing blue cloud to condense atop my open palms. "The future looks so … clouded to me now. I have the premonition that something important is about to occur, yet its precise nature is still concealed from me."

"You will see it clearly in time." She pinched my shoulder. "For now, we must hide."

Even before she finished her sentence, I was already turning towards the forest behind me. My divination abilities may have been temporarily confused, but my psychic precognition was very sharp when it came to sensing dramatic changes just seconds into the future.

We hid behind a large tree and peered cautiously at the Webway gate, which ironically reminded me of the time when we were young initiates hiding from the stern keeper of a shrine.

As it did when Lydia came through, the ethereal sparks that jumped between the ground and the top of the Gate flashed more brightly, and this time, instead of a Harlequin, what emerged was a tall, imposing figure, much too tall to be an Eldar.

It was clearly eldoid. Two arms, two legs. A head atop an upright body. Its frame, and its gait was unlike any such species I've encountered. It's body was almost entirely wrapped in clothing, including a ragged cape, so I could not make out all of its features, except for its eyes, which emitted a lime green glow. Those eyes now gazed intently upon the portal which their owner had just stepped out of, as the creature assumed a posture suggestive of curiosity and deep thought.

At last I could not suppress my own curiosity, and reached out with my mind, to catch a fleeting glimpse of the creature's thoughts:

not a Xel'naga Warp Gate, then what is it …

Now it should be pretty obvious which Universe I'm dropping Zeratul into this time. In fact, Starcraft was heavily influenced by it.

Heard of it or not, head over to deviantart, search for Grey Templar, and look for the one by Starspawn07.

One more thing: this Thursday I'm flying to New Zealand and won't be back till Chinese New Year. After that I may still be busy for some time. So if I haven't updated ( this and DaemonHunter ), know that I'm still alive and will update eventually.

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