Chat: Cullen style

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Bella: Hey Jasper! What are you doing on?

Jasper: I'm so alone Alice is nowhere to be found and Emmett's gone nuts.

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Emmett: Hey! Guys! Have you seen Alice?

Bella: No…Why did she do something wrong?

Emmett: No she is supposed to be getting my supplies!

Bella: Supplies? Do I want to know?


Emmett: Geez…Jasper

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Edward: Hey Bella! What are you doing love?

Bella: Hey Eddie! Why does Emmett need supplies?

Emmett: HEY! Why does she get to call you Eddie? I thought you don't allow people to call you that! Last time I did that you spray painted my jeep PINK!

Jasper: That was definitely funny…

Edward: Did you learn your lesson Emmett? And Bella dear please don't call me that its like calling you Isabella and you hate that …right?

Bella: Ok Edward I'm sorry I didn't know.

Emmett: Yes I learned my lesson… Never go near Edward when he's on his period.

Edward: Emmett…watch what you say or I'll tell Bella your obsession.

Emmett: Over my dead ass! You tell her and I'll picture her naked for a week

Bella: Um… Guys I'm right here.

Edward: The hell you will! You do that and I'll tell Rosalie what you're thinking about and you won't be able to get even a kiss from her.

Emmett: Ok I'll shut my mouth.

Bella: …

Edward: And by the way Bella to answer your question…Emmett has on obsession with Hannah Montana

Emmett: EDWARD! You said you were NOT going to tell her!

Bella: Hannah Montana?

Edward: Yes love… He has the outfits, cups, blankets, wigs; yes the wigs; And he even bought a bed set for that bed I got for you but I made him put it in the attic.

Bella: wow seriously?

Edward: Yes.. He's hidden it well but when I find it… I'm burning it.

Emmett: And that will be the day when I burn your Britney Spears cd.

Jasper: Oh don't so mellow dramatic Emmett!

Bella: What! Britney Spears? Edward?

Emmett: you know what I'm signing out! Good bye.

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Jasper: Oh god here he comes bye guys!

Bella: BYE!

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Edward: I'll see you in five seconds… hi jasper!

Bella: SOOOOO…Edward? Want to come over?

Edward: Of course love.

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