Vampire Knight: Redux

Chapter 2: Duty

Together they have kept the peace on school ground, unknowingly mimicking the two Guardians who came before them ten years before. There is no knowing if they can remain as they are or be torn apart as a rising darkness heads their way.

"Come on. We have to report to Headmaster Cross." Dylan said, pulling on Allana's arm. She let him, holding his arm close to her as they headed towards the Headmaster's residence.

Dylan Kaeda and Allana Uriel are students at Cross Academy. A boarding school for students that is separated by Day Class and Night Class. Day Class is made up of normal high school students. Night Class is made up entirely of vampires.

In order to keep the Day Class from discovering the secret of Night Class, Guardians were created to protect the secret and to protect the Day Class from vampires of Night Class. That is the unspoken truth and one that Allana holds close.

"It's her again! She's looking to eat one of the students and he is just too stupid and blind to notice it!" Allana said, slamming her hands on the Headmaster's desk.

"I'm standing right here." Dylan said pointing to himself, as he stood off to the side.

"Now Allana, calm down. Dylan is a capable student which is why I chose him for a Guardian." Headmaster Cross said with a thoughtful, solemn look on his face, looking in Allana's angry eyes over his intertwined hands. "He's smart and resourceful and most of all, he has experience dealing with vampires."

Allana huffed as she looked away, the scars on her neck standing out before her hair fell over them, hiding them from view. But the Headmaster already seen them, his glasses tilted making his eyes unreadable like the day she was brought to him, weak and scared out of her mind.

"What happened?"

"Don't ask something so stupid. She needs a safe place to stay while I deal with this. The Society wants answers and they want them yesterday."

"I'll watch over her."

"I have experiences with vampires." Allana said quietly.

"You have traumatic experiences with vampires Allana." Dylan said, tugging her gently back to him. "I don't. I want vampires and humans to live peacefully together."

"Which makes you both ideal as Guardians, Allana please understand, I want what's best for both Classes." Headmaster Cross said, putting his hands on the desk and stood up. "You're not blinded by their beauty and skills so you can see the truth underneath. Dylan's kindness and understanding of humans and vampires make it easy for them to learn and allow humans to be equals and not just as servants or food."

Allana leaned back against Dylan, hugging his arms to her. "I want to understand, really I do but—"

"Oh don't deceive me, oh never leave me, how can you use a poor maiden so—Ha! Found you!"

A memory of being grabbed and screaming caused Allana to shiver. Dylan tightened his hold on her, understanding her feelings. There was once a time that he feared vampires after witnessing a feeding at home. But over time he overcame it and sought to show everyone he could that vampires weren't so bad. Of course, he never realized just hard it was until he met Allana.

"Allana, my dear sweet girl, if there is true peace between humans and vampires—" Headmaster Cross walked around the desk and tilt her chin up. "There will be no more sadness. For them or us."

"What kind of insane prattle are you dumping on her now?" Came a demand from the doorway.

"Oh! You're home!" Headmaster cheered, throwing his arms open to greet the newcomer, stars in his eyes.

"Secondary Headmaster Kiryu!" Dylan stepped back from Allana.

"Father!" Allana straighten up and a smile bloomed on her face.

Zero Kiryu walked into the room, his overnight bag over his shoulder. His hair was longer now, wrapped up in the short ponytail but he looked like he should be in school as a senior student instead of a teacher and the Secondary Headmaster of Cross Academy.

Allana walked up to him. "How was your trip?"

"Dull. I can't stomach the politics of the Hunter's Society Headquarters." Zero said with a grimace as he looked down at Allana. "I trust you haven't been causing trouble while I was gone?"

"Of course not!" Allana said with surprise before mock pouting. "How can you believe that your sweet daughter would be trouble?"

"Because if she's anything like me, then I know she is." Zero said, rubbing her head before pulling her into a hug. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." Allana said, hugging her father tightly. "I don't like it when you're not around Father."

Zero nodded before looking up at the other two. Dylan looked touched by the scene and was trying to be as invisible as he could while Headmaster Cross was in love, his eyes wide and full of tears. "I'll be headed to my rooms now. It's been a long trip."

"I'll go with you." Allana said.

"Well, I'll start to patrol the other side of the school." Dylan said, walking by the family pair. "I'll meet you later Allana?"

"Yeah." Allana nodded as she held hands with Zero.

"Oh, I'm all alone!" Headmaster Cross wailed sadly. "Won't someone stay and keep me company through the lonely night-?!"

The room was already empty. He sighed and sat behind his desk, turning his chair to the large window. Outside he watched as Zero and Allana parted ways with Dylan as he headed for patrol and them to their shared apartment on campus. It looked to be such a peaceful scene. One, he hoped, that wouldn't be the last as he re-read the letter he received today.

"They were double teaming against you again tonight weren't they?" Zero asked as Allana finished telling him what they were talking about before he walked in. He sighed as Allana nodded. "He never gives up, even after all these years."

"I guess not. He was like this too when you were here at school right? It's okay though, he just wants his dream to come true." Allana said. "It's kinda touching really."

"But you know better." Zero stated rather than asked.

"How can you use a poor maiden so—"

"I know better. Nothing will change that." Allana said, briefly touching her neck where the scars hid. "I know where my duty lies. I'll protect this school from those beasts that lust for blood."

"Even from me?" Zero asked, pulled her against him and bared his fangs, his eyes glowing red in the night sky. He stopped when he felt the sharp edge of the blade in Allana's hands on his neck and smiled. Allana's blade, so sharp it could split a hair and one that had been in her family for generations. Meant for one thing only—to hunt and kill vampires.

"Even from you Father." Allana said quietly. "You may have found me when vampires attacked and killed my real family. Brought me to Headmaster Cross' to save me and allow me to stay with you when I was scared. You raised me like your own…"Allana pushed the blade harder into his throat and a thin trail of blood slid down his neck. "But if you try to cross that line, I will kill you."