Vampire Knight: Redux


At the school, posters lined the walls announcing the upcoming Ball awarded to the students for getting such good marks on their grades. By far, they were the smartest students to have come to this school and the Headmaster thought to award their hard work. That and he loved dances and dressing up for them. But what made this dance extra special was that Night Class was also invited to the Ball. For the first time in ten years, the classes were going to mingle.

So now each class had an assignment to do for the dance, the 4th years decorated the hall where it was being held, the 3rd years took care of the snacks and drinks, the 2nd years did the announcements and music while the 1st years were in charge of tickets and sittings. And now that it was the weekend, students were milling about with excitement and gathering up courage to ask their special someone to go with them.

Zero grimaced at the loud rambunctious noise walking besides him, doing his best to ignore the call for help from Dylan as he swayed side to side under Allana's weight as she did her best to throw him off balance by wrapping her arms around his neck as she tightened her legs around his waist. He was giving her a ride on his back after losing a bet to her at the shop.

"Come on! Faster, you have to go faster!" Allana egged him on, leaning forward so that he had to double step to keep from falling forward. "Don't be such a wuss!"

"Argh, stop moving back there!" Dylan yelled as he finally regained his balance. "I'm not a freakin' horse you know."

"For now you are." Allana laughed. "All you have to do is carry me up all those steps."

Dylan made a noise that suspiciously sounded like a whimper before he hmphed and started up the stairs leading to the main school building, stepping past Zero in an effort to reach the top before his strength gave out. It wasn't that she was heavy or that he was weak, it just was that he had a full stomach and that the day was warm so he was quickly becoming tired. After all, he patrolled the whole school by himself since Allana bailed on him earlier that night.

Zero watched disinterested as Dylan made it to the top of the steps and promptly dropped Allana. She landed on her feet and laughed as she held Dylan up as he huffed out of breathe, patting his back. She was still talking to him happily when-

The sense of a powerful presence stabbed their senses, freezing them in place. Zero went on alert, his eyes searching the ground for anything out of place or new. Looking over the school grounds, he spotted some students grouped together talking excitedly about some visitors. He turned towards the front of the school, and saw two fancy cars parked, their windows darken. It wasn't the usual cars that picked up or dropped off the students of Night Class, these were new and shiny-

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Dylan shook his hand wildly, wincing in pain as he tried to break free from Allana's increasingly tight fingers.

She was stock still, her eyes wide and unseeing as she breathed softly, her happy little world at the school start fracturing around her, this dream fading from her fingers no matter how much she wished she could hold on to it. School was supposed to be safe zone, free from all vampires that weren't students...Zero snatched her hand from Dylan's, much to Dylan's relief and held it in his own, offering her support. He leaned in, speaking softly in her ear before she blinked, once, twice and looked up at him. Zero didn't have to say anything, his eyes gave her confirmation.

Dylan sucked at his fingers to get rid of the pain, watching curious as Allana let out a shaky sigh and moved closer to Zero, like a child facing something she didn't like. This was new; something that Allana had ever rarely shown to anyone, much less him and he knew her like no one did at school. After all, he was her best friend and partner, and even though she never shared everything, they did talk and he knew that she refused to show fear because it was seen as a weakness in her eyes and if Allana was anything, she wasn't weak.

"What's wrong Allana?" he asked her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

She looked at him, her eyes dark and shook her head, moving away from Zero and Dylan. "It's nothing Dylan, just something not sitting right." she said as if nothing was bothering her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ears. "I think I'm going to take a nap. I'll see you later."

She left with Zero without waiting for a reply. Dylan scratched his head in confusion as they disappeared from view, wondering what the heck just happened. He sighed, put his hands in his pockets and slowly made his way to his room, thinking all the while. There was that dance coming up and already he had dodged heavy hints about it by the girls of Day Class and a few from Night Class. He didn't quite understand why he was dragging his feet; it wasn't like the girl he wanted to ask would accept. He unlocked the door and pushed it open and was instantly tackled by three small bodies.

"Big Brother!" the voices cried in unison, as small hands tugged on his clothes or wrapped themselves around what free body part they could, squeezing with all their might. "You're home!"

"Ahh!" Dylan cried out as he struggled through the door to get into his room, holding on to his siblings as he did so. Once he was inside, he attacked them with kisses and tight hugs, having missed them all these months while at school. "Not that I don't love having you here but how did you get here?"

"The Mistress brought us. She said that it would be a good thing to surprise you. You are surprised yes?" A little girl asked, her brownish blonde hair pulled back in curls. She tugged on her jeweled hair band uncomfortably and Dylan chuckled knowing how she hated being dressed up girly.

"Very Maria." Dylan said with a smile, pulling the hair band off her head receiving a grateful smile from her before he turn his attention the other. "Jamie, are you keeping up with your studies at school annnd leaving the girls alone?"

A little boy with identical features of Maria grinned impishly. "Ha! I'm top in my class and I have too many girlfriends." Dylan smirked at his brother and mussed up his hair as Jamie scowled at him and went about fixing it. Jamie was so conscious of how he looked and was a charmer to everyone he met, especially the girls. Dylan knew that in the future he would have to be on the lookout for angry fathers and brothers.

"He's such a pain Big Brother. All the girls fight over him and then come whine to me since I'm his sister." Maria said very put out, glaring at her twin. "As if I can do anything about that boy!" That boy was her way of saying she hated him when she really didn't. In truth their family was very close knit, rarely fighting except when they were teasing each other.

"Ahh, that's the growing pains of being a twin I guess." Dylan said, leading them to his bed. He stopped and bent down to pick up the youngest and quietest of his siblings. He spoke quietly to her, "Hello Deliah."

"Hullo Dylan." she replied quietly, tucking her head under his chin, curling her small fingers into his clothes. "I miss you. I love you."

"I love you." Dylan kissed the top of her head, stroking his fingers through her long dark locks, amazed at how much she had grown from the last time he saw her though she still seemed delicate and pale. "How is Deliah?"

"Deliah is very good. Deliah is learning the piano with Aido Sensi. Deliah is very good." she repeated with a yawn and closed her eyes. "Tired now."

"Deliah has had a big day so far. She came very far to visit her brother." Dylan said as he set her down on his bed. She sighed and curled up, hugging his pillow close to her. "Sleep well. I won't go away."

She nodded slowly and it wasn't long before she was asleep. Dylan watched her sleep for a few moments when he asked the other two. "Has she gone to see the doctors lately?"

The twins nodded before Jamie answered. "The Mistress took her the other week. Deliah was sick for a whole day."

"But she was much better the next day. She even came and played with us a little bit." Maria added, holding hands with Jamie. "She is tired a lot and-"

"She misses Mum and Da." Jamie finished. "She cries sometimes and even though we try to make her happy, she's sad a lot. Mistress says that it would go away in time but I don't understand how Deliah can miss Mum and Da."

"She was only a baby when they left us." Maria said, refusing to use the word died. Jamie refused to say so too and in the end no one ever said the word died. It was always left, gone away or not here. Dylan understood that it was their way of taking back what was stolen from them. When they grow older maybe they would come to terms about their parent's death but for now it was just fine by him.

"I think she knows in her own way." Dylan said with a soft smile as he brought the twins to his knees to sit. "Oooh, you two are getting bigger. Geez I won't be able to do this much longer."

"Are you calling me fat?" Dylan stared in surprise as the complaint came from, not Maria but Jaime who had a put out face. "You are aren't you?"

Dylan laughed as he and Maria teased Jamie about being so touchy about his weight before Jamie jumped off his leg and called Maria a tomboy, thinking that she would explode on him. She merely shrugged and started telling Dylan how she was awarded fastest fastball pitcher on her team as well as top athlete in the whole school. Jamie, not wanting to be outdone by his sister, started going on about how he was offered special classes to cure his boredom at school because he finished all the school work assigned to him for that year. Dylan listened intently to his siblings, forgetting all about the danger around them at the school.

Knock knock.

The Headmaster straighten his desk, and put a stern face on as he called out, "Come in!"

The doors opened to reveal a tall blonde vampire with bored eyes as he looked over the room before walking in. Right after him, a much shorter vampire with long dark brown hair, warm brown eyes and a slight smile. She was dressed in a beautiful white and red summer dress that showed hints of pale flesh through the filmy long sleeves that seemingly fit her body just right. She walked forward with a wide smile on her lips as she spoke, "Hello Fath-!?"

"Oooh Yuki! You've come home, finally after all these years! You've come home to Daddy!" the Headmaster cheered with tears running down his eyes as he rubbed his cheek against hers. He held her in a hug, trapping her arms down and they twirled around and around.

"Yes, um, Father please-!" Yuki

"Oh Yuki! How I missed you!" he continued, hugging her like an overzealous child with a favored toy. Yuki struggled to free herself before the taller vampire sighed, rubbing his head and walked towards the duo. He tapped the Headmaster on the shoulder to distract him while slipping his Mistress from his embrace.

"Excuse me Headmaster..." he started when the Headmaster squeezed his cheeks together.

"Look at you Akatsuki. So grown up, I knew you would become a handsome man from the moment I've laid eyes on you." the Headmaster said, releasing his cheeks. He went to grab Yuki but she had already sought shelter behind Kain, out of reach. "You're taking very good care of my Yuki?"

"Yes sir." Kain replied.

"Good." the Headmaster tilt his glasses down until Kain could see his eyes, free from the frames and hard as steel. "Because if you haven't, I would have to take care of that problem."

Kain stared at the Headmaster, having momentarily forgotten that Kaien Cross was once the greatest of vampire Hunters in the Society before declaring his intent to bridge the gap between vampires and humans, wishing for them all to live in peace. This foolhardy pacifist hid a dangerous past.

"O-of course Headmaster Cross." Kain nodded. He felt a little better when the Headmaster smiled again, "Good."

Just a little better.

"So as much as I wish you've come to visit me after all these years Yuki, what did you come for?" Headmaster asked his daughter as he walked towards his desk. There was a high pile of paperwork that needed to be worked on and he knew that his second would want them done by the end of the day. The thought made him queasy and depressed but shook it off before sitting down in his chair.

"Well, I've brought the children to see their brother." Yuki said, taking a seat in the chair her father pointed out. Kain settled himself against the wall, far away enough so it looked like he wasn't eavesdropping but close enough to protect her. "After all, they've never been apart so long. I thought that seeing their brother would cheer them up a bit."

The Headmaster nodded before saying, "I'm glad you've come. Now I must ask you to leave."

Yuki looked at her father in surprise, a flush coming to her cheeks when she remembered that it had been years since she had visited him. Maybe letters, phone calls and visits from the children weren't enough for him to forgive her for her negligence. She nodded slowly and moved to get up when he spoke again.

"Please understand Yuki, it's not safe for you here anymore. The Head of the Society has the Academy under strict watch for any outside vampires. He even lives on the grounds. All the students here have been carefully screened and their families have been checked for any unusual activity that may threaten the students here. He has vowed that nothing should happen like ten years ago."

Yuki was surprised at how serious this had become. "And you allow this?"

The Headmaster nodded. "I was a Hunter once. Though I want nothing more to do with them, I still have ties there. Yuki...all I want is to bridge the gap between vampires and normal humans. I won't allow another attack to happen at this school and the Head of the Society has agreed." Yuki noticed that has he said this, he seemed sad that it had come to this. She understood his feelings, his ideals had been tainted with outside control and she couldn't help but feel that this was because of her.

Because ten years ago, she discovered that she was a vampire. Not just a regular born vampire, or bitten and turned vampire but a rare pureblood vampire from the Kuran family. The youngest daughter of Haruka and Juuri who had been wanted by her uncle Rido so he could devour her and become more powerful. But her mother had sealed away her powers and memories, sacrificing herself to do so and her brother, Kaname had taken her to Kaien Cross. He adopted her and raised her until Kaname gave her back her memories.

He awoke her vampire side in order to protect her and because he loved her. Just like Zero loved her and vowed to kill her because she was a pureblood. Together, though enemies they were allies against Rido and together they killed him. He had said that he vowed to kill her if he ever saw her again before giving her to Kaname. At the time she had told him that she would keep running so he would have a reason to live. She had left with Kaname that night and since that night, she had been secluded with Kaname in a country mansion, far from the prying eyes of the rebuilt Vampire Senate and the Hunter's Society for all these years, rarely leaving without body guards and when she did go to parties, it was never as herself.

All these things happened because she was loved.

Yuki clenched her hands into fists, her long hair flowing upwards as her anger grew. Everyone who loved her sacrificed their dreams and ideals for her, or even their lives. They sought to protect her but she was a vampire now. A pureblood. She had come to terms with that and now all she wanted as a Pureblood is to stand on her own without handicaps or aid. It was why she had left the country mansion without Kaname's blessing or wishes.

She looked up, her eyes bright with anger. "I can't let this go on. I will go to the Head of the Hunter's Society and-"

"There is no need. I'm standing right here." a hard voice said from the doorway.

Everyone turned to the doorway to see Aido, who had been standing out in the hall to prevent anyone from interrupting, first followed by- "Zero!"

Zero walked in with Aido his grasp, his thorns wrapped tightly around his whole body, keeping him imprisoned and immobile. Kain pushed off against the wall, his flames lighting the air with a deep red orange light as he rushed forward to protect Yuki. He set the flames at Zero, watching in surprise as Zero's thorns swirled around him, creating a type of shield from the fire.

"Mistress run!" he yelled as he charged Zero. He swung his fist at Zero, missing him by a hairbreadth as he ducked below the attack. He collapsed to the ground as he took a hit to the ribs, holding his chest as Yuki and Headmaster called out to them.



Zero wrapped his thorns around Kain's struggling form, banging Kain's head against the floor when he tried to create more flames. "Stop moving." Zero growled at him before he faced Yuki.

Yuki was shocked and a bit in awe, at the strength and in command Zero seemed to be with his thorns. For someone who despised himself for being a vampire, he seemed to have full control over his powers. It was something she was still getting used to. She felt a smile on her lips even as he glared at her. Though he was tall and more broad shouldered with longer hair and paler skin, he was still Zero.

Zero felt the rush in his veins, as he always felt when high classed vampires were around but more so when Purebloods were near. Yuki was smiling at him, like she always did when they lived together and were friends. When she was human...he shook his head and reached for his gun, the Bloody Rose. Yuki was never human. It was a vampire trick.

Zero pointed his gun at Yuki, his teeth bared in anger and his eyes glowing red that faded to its regular color. Yuki said nothing as he pulled back the hammer on his gun, staring into his eyes with her wide trusting eyes. He growled at her, "I told you if I ever saw you again, I would kill you."

"Yes you did." Yuki replied.

"And yet you come here, come to my home and think that I won't kill you!"

"I did."

Zero narrowed his eyes and lowered his gun before finally looking away. "I have a no kill policy on the school grounds. All vampires must follow those rules or else they are expelled or put on the List to be hunted. I have to maintain that rule since-"

"Since you're a vampire."

"Yes. But I'm a Senior Hunter foremost and Headmaster second." Zero said stepping back from Yuki and releasing his hold on Kain and Aido. They fell forward a bit but quickly steadied themselves. Kain quickly making her way to Yuki's side for protection. "Yuki Kuran," Yuki didn't flinch at his cold tone as he spoke to her. "As a pureblood and parent to one of the students on ground, you are allowed limited access to school grounds provided you are accompanied by one the School Guardians."

"Oh. Dylan wouldn't mind, I'm sure."

"No. He is too close to you and he is not allowed in the Moon Dormitory anyways because he's human." Zero said, stepping away from them and holstering his gun much to the Headmaster's relief. Kain and Aido on the other hand didn't relax at all.

"Then who?"

"Guardian Uriel." Zero called out.

The doors opened and Allana walked in, dressed in her uniform and her extending staff hidden in plain view on her leg and well within her reach. She stopped in front of Zero, off to the side so she could see all the vampires while keeping her stance loose to avoid tension. "Yes sir."

"You will accompany Kuran and her guards while they are on school grounds." Zero said to her, his arms crossed. "Take care, she is a pureblood and must be treated gently."

"I understand. I will watch them close Headmaster Kiryu ." she replied, giving a slight bow before turning to face the vampires, assessing them as they were her. She was cute in her school uniform, much like Yuki looked when she was a student here but unlike Yuki her eyes were hard and cold towards them.

"Good girl." Zero turned to Yuki who had a thoughtful look on her face. "Kuran I'm sure you must be tired from your trip. Miss Uriel will show you to your quarters and you will remain there until nightfall when Night Class rises. You may go."

He walked pass them and out the door without another word.

"This way. I will show you to your quarters." Allana said to the others.

"I would like to talk to my Father..." Yuki started when the Headmaster nodded, walking up to Yuki and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry Yuki. Miss Uriel is just like her father, very stubborn and headstrong. You get settled and I will see you tonight." Headmaster Cross said, giving Yuki a push towards the door. Yuki looked like she was ready to protest but Aido interrupted her.

"Mistress. I believe we've been invited to the Moon dormitory by the Night Class. They are waiting for your arrival." he said, bowing to her.

Yuki sighed before nodding, waiting for him to rise and followed after their guide. It still unnerved her to see him; the former brat and smug vampire treat her with such respect. Of course, now and then, she would do so many things just to upset him so they could fight like they used to. It was something they both enjoyed.

Allana didn't speak much even when Yuki tried.

"So you're a guardian? I used to be one as well."

"How do you know Zero?"

"I miss this place. I see that they rebuilt the building just the same. I'm glad they did."

They turned the corner of the building before Yuki realized that they were heading away from the main entrance and going towards the back.

"We're not going through the front gate?" she asked Allana. "But I thought the Night Class was expecting us, why are we going through the back?"

Aido spoke up, offended that their guide refused to answer any of Yuki's question. "Hey you, answer her when she speaks to you!" he reached for her shoulder when she turned on him, grabbing his hand before it touched her.

"Vampires, stop your insane prattle." she replied hotly. "You came in unmarked cars during the daytime. You came in a small group, heavily guarded and in secret without telling any members of the Night Class. That means one of two things, you're running from someone or you plan on attacking the school. One of those reasons I would kill you for." She threw Aido's hand from her. "But you have the Headmaster's blessings as well as my Master's approval. I trust both. Now unless you want the whole world knowing you're here I suggest you keep your questions until you're safety hidden behind the walls of the Moon Dormitory."

She turned and started walking as Aido glared at her back. Yuki stared at her, getting a familiar feeling from her before it hit her. She smiled which got questioning looks from Kain and Aido. "Doesn't she remind you of someone? Someone tall and angry and silver haired?"

Kain nodded. "She does more than remind you."

"It's like she's a Zero copy." Yuki agreed with a smile. She hurried after Allana. Before long, they reached the high walls of the Moon dormitory and ushered inside by the guards. Allana stopped at the door and knocked on it.

Knock, Knock.


Knockknock, knock, knockknock.

The door opened and they slipped inside. It was dark in the small hallway but Yuki had no trouble, her vampire eyes allowing her to see along with Aido and Kain. Their guide had no trouble at all and they stopped in front of another door.

"This is it. As you know, everyone has been expecting you since you came on the grounds. So appear cheerful, it's been a long time since they've had guests." Allana said before opening the door. She walked through followed by Yuki then Kain and Aido before stopping as the others walked pass her.

Yuki stared in awe as all the students in the Moon Dorm awaited her arrival, bowing to her in respect as a Pureblood. They were all beautiful and all so young, bright lights of the vampire families that had come to Cross Academy like many of their siblings did before. Aido could see his little sister standing near the stairwell and waved at her, which she returned.

"Greetings." A lovely vampire girl said, standing in the front of the crowd, dressed in a sleek violet dress that highlighted her creamy white skin. Her long golden brown hair trailed down her back and over one shoulder as her bright blue eyes sparked with joy. "I am Gaia Tseng and as Class President, I would like to welcome you to the Moon Dormitory."

"Thank you Miss Tseng. I am Yuki Kuran, adopted daughter of Kaien Cross and daughter of Juuri and Haruka Kuran." There were startled gasps from all around the large room even from Kain and Aido. This isn't what they expected Yuki to say. "I am the heir of the Kuran bloodline."

"I'm leaving Kaname. I will not allow anyone to direct my life anymore. You are not tied to me anymore." Yuki said to the cousins as she held the children's hands.

"I will go with you!" Aido said loudly, holding his hand up in the air.

"So will I." Kain replied, shifting his eyes to the stairwell where he knew Kaname stood just out of sight. He didn't know what was going one but he knew that Kaname would want Yuki to be protected and Kain wanted to be the one to protect her.

"You don't have to-" Yuki said when Aido walked up and grabbed a bag sitting near the door.

"Please Mistre-um I mean, Yuki-" he stumbled over the words before making a firm face. "Yuki, you are my friend and I would like to go with you. After all, I would hate for the children to suffer in their piano lessons."

"And you need someone to keep him in line." Kain said, pushing down on Aido's head much to the children's glee.

Yuki smiled with tears in her eyes before she led the children out the door followed by Aido and Kain. Kain paused at the door, looking up at the spot where Kaname used to be before hearing the door to his library slam shut. He sighed and shut the front door and walked down the steps to the waiting cars.

"It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I hope we can be friends." she smiled at them, holding out her hand to Gaia. Gaia seemed startled momentarily before she reached out and shook Yuki's hand.

"The pleasure is all mine." Gaia said.

From behind them, Allana watched as the pureblood enchanted all of the students and wondered what her plan was. She announced herself as a Kuran and from what she knew, it was the Kurans that lead the vampire attack against the school and caused so much death and destruction ten years ago.

It was because of them that her family was killed 10 years ago.

"Blame it all on Kaname Kuran. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here and you, sweet little girl," Allana whimpered as the vampire licked along her throat and chuckled. His long blonde hair fell over his eyes, hiding the blood red luster in his blue eyes. "And you would have lived a full life with your family. Well, at least until we saw fit to rid you all later."

Allana sniffed, trying hard not to cry but she was so scared and she felt a terrible sadness in her heart. If the vampires had gotten this far then her family were...all their friends...even her new puppy...

"What has my pet found for me?" a woman's voice said from the doorway.

"A little treat mistress Shirabuki. For you." the vampire said, turning with Allana in his arms. Allana saw a beautiful woman with a kind smile wearing a blood drenched dress.

"Oh Ichijo-chan, you always know how to make me happy!" she clapped her hands together as Ichijo carried Allana to her. "My look how sweet she is-"

Allana shivered and shook the memory away. Gaia glanced at her and Allana nodded before going out the way she came in, putting a hand over the knife strapped to her leg, wanting to pull it out but knowing that she can't. Zero would understand how she felt and he would know what to do, she thought as she headed for home.