How the little things can change your Life

chapter one

Gray's POV Spring 2 12:50pm

"Today was a better, I guess. Grandpa only yelled at me a few times. Why did he hate my work, why? I never see anything wrong with it, but no, there was always something wrong with it. The only thing grandpa didn't do was take a freaken blowtorch and destroy it. Why do I even bother to work here? Oh yeah my last job didn't go well. My dad Doug owns the Inn and when he decided to have me and my sister start working there it caused a few problems. First off I'm not a people person. Everyone just tends to piss me the hell off. I don't know why dad even thought this would be a good idea, but he still made me work there taking food orders from our wonderful neighbors. Within one week we had no more customers. Lets just say the days before were not a pretty picture. After that dad sent me to grandpa to become a blacksmith." Gray thought getting lost in his memories.

"Gray. Gray!" yelled Saibara.

"What." Gray said trying to stay calm.

"Clean up. It's almost one o' clock."

Sure enough it was true. "Wait what is up with him? He is being nice today?" Gray thought. Gray put away the tool he was upgrading and walked over to the door. "Today had to be the first day I'm not leaving in a bad mood." he thought to himself. Standing in front of the door, Gray turned around to his grandpa.

"Later." he said in a good mood. Gray turned back around only to meet a heavy door hitting him in the face. With a loud bang Gray was on the floor looking at the ceiling. "WTF?! Did I just get hit with a door?" he thought sitting up.

"Did I just get hit with a freaken door?!" Gray yelled putting his hand on his forehead, and there it was a large bump beginning to form.

"Oh my goddess, I'm, so sorry."

"Why the hell did you hit me with a door?" Gray yelled still sitting there on the floor with his eyes closed.

"I'm sorry." said an unknown girl's voice.

Gary looked up to see a girl around his own age with long blonde hair staring down at him. She was wearing a pink and orange plaid shirt and black denim overalls. This girl had a total look of concern on her face. "For me." Gray thought feeling a little bit happy, but his temper was already on autopilot and there was no stopping it.

"What the hell!"

"Gray." Saibara said sternly.

Gray walked past this unknown girl and started walking down the steps. What Gray didn't notice was that the girl losing her own patience after being yelled at for no reason.

"Maybe you should watch where you're going." the girl yelled at Gray from the doorway.

Gray froze in his spot and turned around fully pissed off now.

"Please don't have a short fuse too. We don't need another Gray." Saibara mumbled. Neither the girl or Gray heard him.

"What did you say?" Gray yelled walking up to stand at the bottom of the steps.

"You heard me." she said pissed off now. She did not like being yelled at.

"Why don't you come over here and say that." Gray said.

The girl smiled. Not a happy smile but a smile like she was thinking about doing something she knew the boy wouldn't like.

"You know what… I don't have to take this." she said and slammed the door in Gray's now stunned face.

Gray just stood there stunned. No one has ever done that to him. Gray's good day was now long gone. He turned around and walked to the Inn with a now massive headache. "What the hell is wrong with that girl?" he thought as he walked inside.

"Gray!" yelled his extremely cheery sister Ann. "What did you do to your face?"

"What do you mean?" he said in a whisper.

"Look in a mirror." she said too loud for Gray right now.

"Two things. One stop talking so loud. Second do I look like I have a mirror?" he said very annoyed.

Ann just looked at him funny. Clearly she had no response to that right now.

"Just bring the aspirin to my room." he said walking up stairs to the room he shared with Cliff. He walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and there it was a large bruise and a bump right in the middle of his forehead. "Wonderful I look like a freak." he thought going into his room. There his new best friend was on the table, the aspirin. He took the amount he needed and he just collapsed on his bed. Sleep was all he needed now.

Claire POV Spring 2 1:00pm

"You know what… I don't have to take this." she said and slammed the door in Gray's now stunned face. Clare knew she had a grin on her face. She only just wished she could see the stunned look on his face. It was a shame though Claire started thinking. "That boy was definitely a 20 on the 1 to 10 of hotness scale." she thought. She knew that if he didn't piss her off with his attitude she most likely would have been standing there drooling at the sight of the boy. "It's such a waste of boy." she kept thinking.

Clare turned around still with a small smile on her face and looked at the now shocked Saibara.

"Are you new here?" Saibara said.

"Yes, I just moved in the farm down the road yesterday."

"That's a big job for one girl. Are you sure you can handle it." he said looking at her. He was thinking of how such a small weak looking girl could handle such a run down farm?

"I can handle it. I may not look it but when I put my mind to something I will succeed." Claire said smiling.

"Well then,… my name is Saibara. I'm the blacksmith here in mineral town." he said with a small smile.

"My name is Claire." she said with a big smile.

"And the boy you met a few minutes ago was my grandson Gray, I'm sorry about him. He has a really short fuse. I don't know where the damn boy gets it from." Saibara said practically mumbling at the end.

"It's ok. I have a bit of a short fuse myself." After a long pause Claire said, "I think me and Gray will be good friends." she said forcing a smile.

Saibara just couldn't help it he just laughed.

"What can I do for you?" he said when he was done laughing.

"Well I wanted to start cleaning up the farm. I found these tools in the house and I thought I would get your opinion on if they would be in good enough shape to use."

"That was smart thinking." he said taking the tools into his hands. After a good 5minutes he handed the tools back to Claire.

"They should be fine for now."

"Thank you" she said turning around putting her hand on the door knob.

Pausing she said, "Do you know where I would find Gray? I want to apologize for slamming the door in his face."

The now stunned Saibara said, "I would try the Inn. Ask his sister Ann, she would know."

"Thanks." Claire said leaving. Walking down the street she thought, "I hope she has a different personality than her brother."

Claire found the large Inn. "He better be here." she thought. She really did want to see him. In a weird way she just had to look at his face again, she had never met a boy who was as cute as him. Sad as it is, it was true. Claire walked into the Inn to have a red haired girl jump out at her.

"Who are you?! Are you new here? Do you need a room, or something to eat?" she said all at once. Claire panicked and backed up to the door.

After a long talk, Claire found out this was Ann, and in a way she could see herself being friends with her. At the end she finally got the information on where Gray was. Well after Ann stopped laughing hysterically at Claire's retelling of her meeting with Gray.

"Thank you for hitting him with a door. I wish I could have seen his face. Sometimes I wish I could just hit him with a door." Ann said trying to stop her laughter.

"What's going on?" said a red headed man coming over.

"Claire this id my dad." said Ann.

"Hi. I'm Doug and I own this wonderful Inn. Feel free to come and go as often as you like." he said with a smile. Then he turned to look at Ann who was just starting to calm down.

"Now tell me, what is so funny?" he asked Ann.

"Claire met Gray today." she said.

"What's so funny about that?"

"Well, when she opened the door of grandpa's the door his Gray in the head knocking him down. And he sat there saying, "Did I just get hit with a freaken door?!" over and over again!" she said full of laughter again.

"Ok, that is funny." Doug said holding back a bit of laughter himself. He smiled and walked back into the kitchen.

"Now where can I find Gray. I want to say I'm sorry." said Claire just wanting to get this over with. She didn't like apologizing, but she also didn't like her conscience bugging her either.

"He is upstairs in his room. First door on the right." Ann said pointing up at the door closest to the top of the stair case.

Claire turned around and began heading up the stairs when Ann began speaking again. "Claire."


"Be careful, I think Gray is sleeping. When he gets woken up he is either in a very bad mood or he starts whining."

Claire just stared at her for the moment, taking her words in.

"I know the boy is weird." Ann said smiling.

"Thanks." Claire said going up the stairs. She stopped in front of the door and took a deep breath. "Time to get this over with." she mumbled to her self.

Gray's POV

Gray woke up because of two reasons. One: his head hurt more than hell it self. Second: there was a consistent loud knocking at the door of his room. "Go Away Ann!" I yelled.

"I'm not Ann." yelled a strangely familiar voice.

"Today is just not my day." Gary thought as he opened the door.

"Oh, its you." he said glaring daggers at the unknown girl. "Haven't you done enough damage to me today?" he said pointing to his head.

"Well I didn't put that stupid hat on you, if that's what you mean."

Gray turning slightly red took off his hat and pointed to the large bruise on his forehead.

"Oh." the girl said becoming quiet.

"Well what do you want." I snapped at her not realizing what I set my self up to.

"I'm sorry." she said with tears appearing in her eyes.

"Are you crying?" I said softly.

"No!" she snapped, but a tear ran softly down her cheek.

She turned around to run down the stairs, but it was like everything went into slow motion there. I saw her. Then I saw step right off the stairs to fall to her doom.

"No!" I said or yelled, I don't know. And before I knew it I pulled her back up to the top floor, but that motion caused me to fall to my doom.