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Doctor's POV

Forget-Me-Not Valley has been such a nice place to go to get away. I just wanted to get away from the drama, but no I get to see the beautiful girl of my dreams with that hideous blacksmith everyday around town. Why did they have to come here?

I understand Gray has to be here for work, lucky me. I just had to come here to get away from all the drama and him. I did such a good job at that!

Claire, why couldn't she have come here by herself? Then I could be working on getting her to like me, and on seeing that I'm not a bad guy. I know she and Gray is staying at her brother's house. From what I've heard his name is Jack and he runs a farm like Claire. But unlike hers its actually really successful.

Uh! Why do they have to be here? Every second of every day tempts me into going to that farm just to see her. I really like her, yet the girl is appalled by my very presence! I really don't know what to do.

Sitting up the pillow that was on my face fell onto the floor. The bright early morning sun shinning through the windows stung my eyes. I stood up and rubbed my eyes.

What should I do today? I've been in this town for a few days now but I haven't actually done more than exploring the town. I walked over to the window and looked outside. Within seconds my eyes fell on a familiar blacksmith apprentice walking into town, without Claire. But he wasn't alone.

Jack's POV

He's gone for the morning again! Yay! I looked up at the top of the staircase and yelled, "Claire get down here now! Please! There's farm work to do!"

"Five minutes please!" she yelled back.

I watched ten minutes go by on the clock. Either my clock is fast or someone needs to learn how to tell time. "Claaaaiiirrrrrreeeee!"

"I'm coming you big baby." she yelled as she came running down the stairs. "Happy now?" she asked looking annoyed and standing in front of me.

"Yes." I said as bubbly as I could just to annoy her more. "Come on I need to feed my animals and water my crops!" I said turning around and running out the door.

I stopped at the edge of my field and looked to see if Claire was following. She was just shutting the door behind her. "Come on! What kind of farmer are you?" I called.

"One who hasn't done much work on her farm." she mumbled.

"I thought you said your farm looks a lot better from how it was when you bought it?"

"I never said I did all the work myself." she mumbled not meeting my eyes.

"Oh so your just using Gray to help you with your farm work."

Her eyes grew wide and a look of shock came over her face. "How dare you say that! It's not my fault I broke a few bones and was stuck in a wheel chair! I would never be that low and mean to use someone like that. How dare you. How dare you Jack!"

I cringed at her words. I've never had the spine to stand through my sister yelling at me. I just crumple and now I feel like curling into a ball. "I-I'm s-sorry?"

"You better be!" she yelled.

After a pause of silence I said, "You broke a few bones? How did you do that?"

Her face got red and she refused to meet my gaze as she said, "I had a few accidents with Gray. And.."

"WHAT? Did he hurt you?" I yelled. If he touched one hair on her head I swear he will be dead. Dead!

"No. No, Jack. He didn't hurt me." she said trying to calm me.

"Well what happened then?" I yelled.

"I fell down some stairs. Ok." Claire yelled back at me.

"Why did you say you 'had a few accidents with Gray' then?"

"Because…..he was there when it happened." she said not meeting my eyes.

Uh this is getting no where but more yelling! Great I have to end this now. Why can't she be the bigger person and take the high road. But no I have to always be the one to end things when it gets to far. I hate being the older brother sometimes. "Fine. I'm just happy your ok." I said calmly.

"Ok." she said quietly.

Why is my sister such a mental case sometimes? And she thinks I'm mental! I walked over to my barn and stopped at the door. "If you take care of my crops, I'll take care of my animals. Ok?"

"Sure." she said smiling.

Please don't let her mess up my crops. Please goddess.

After an hour or a little more I was done feeding, cleaning, and grooming my animals. I love animals so much. This farm was so life draining dull when I bought it. Now its full of fruits and vegetables and lots of animals. Moving to the country has to be the best thing I have ever done. It's brought new meaning to my life. Speaking of my crops I wonder how Claire is.

I left my barn and began looking around my field. It didn't take long until I spotted that familiar blonde hair in the middle of my field of crops. By the look of it she still had a lot of harvesting and watering to do.

I really don't feel like helping. I have decided that today will be my day off from harvesting. If I'm quiet enough I can sneak away from the farm and have some fun relaxing in town. No wait, I have a better idea. I'll go spy on Gray and see what he's doing. Maybe he'll prove to be the 'perfect guy' Claire keeps insisting he is.

Quietly I began walking slowly towards the exit of my farm. My eyes never left Claire working in the field. If she caught me I would be dead.

Shit! All of a sudden Claire stopped moving and began standing up straight. Shoot! Quickly I did a ninja roll on the ground and hid behind a tree. Slowly I peaked behind the tree and looked at my sister again. She was back working and had saw nothing. Yes! Thank you goddess. Within seconds I was running away from my property.

When I knew I was well out of hearing distance of my farm I was yelling, "I'm free! I'm FREE!" The adrenaline rush I got from sneaking away from my farm, farm work, and sister was so much fun. I finally stopped to catch my breath. My lungs hurt from the lack of breathing due to my ninja roll and escape. It was then when I noticed where I was. I was on Vesta's farm.


I turned around to see my sister's friend Celia running towards me. A large smile on her face. Oh great now Claire will definitely find out about this.

"Hi." I said smiling a little.

"What brings you here?" she asked.

How nice. She is trying to get rid of me. Maybe I just wanted to say hi! Maybe I came to see her! MAYBE…

"Jack you ok?" she asked looking at me funny.


"You look like your about to start yelling at me."

"No. I'm sorry." I said scratching the back of my neck. Claire always said I was an open book.

"I'm sorry, but I don't got much time to talk. Marlin isn't feeling well today and o got a large load of work on my hands today. So what brings you here today?" Celia said.

It was then when I noticed how tired Celia looked. Poor girl. If I wasn't playing spy I would gladly help her. "I was actually looking for Gray. Have you seen him?"

"He was here a little bit ago but I'm pretty sure he left. Sorry, but I got to go. Bye Jack!" she said running off.

Sadly I began wandering towards town. But my luck turned when I saw Gray talking to Muffy just a bit outside of town. He better not do anything that would make me kill him. Quietly I snuck closer in the bushes. My favorite thing about this town is how wooded it is so close to town.

I managed to get right beside them and the bushes hid me completely. Now I just hope I don't get attacked by squirrels.

"How are you doing Gray?" Muffy said looking up at Gray, her eyes sparkling. A strand of her long blonde hair was in her fingers being twirled repeatedly.

She's sure working the charm.

"Good. You?" Gray said pulling the brim of his hat slightly so it hid his eyes from mine and Muffy's view.

Is he nervous? He's scared to talk to her! What a shy baby!

"Good. I've been wondering when you were coming back here. I was sad you didn't come like usual in the spring." she said sweetly and with a slight sadness in her voice.

Oh my goddess! She likes Gray, big time.

"I was busy in the spring." he mumbled looking at the ground.

"Let's go to the bar and catch up. I really, really did miss you while you were gone." she said taking his hand and began pulling him towards town.

"Uh…..err….." he said stopping which pulled her to and immediate stop.

Muffy gave him a pathetic look, her eyes getting big and watery.

"Can you let go, please." he said.

She let go and they began walking towards town.

What?! Is there something going on between them? There better not be or there will be hell to pay. HELL! I told Claire but no she insisted that he was a good trust worthy guy. If this is what I think it is, then he isn't even worthy for m to spit in his direction!

Wait where are they? I stood up and looked for them. They were way ahead. I began running towards town. It wasn't long until I got to the bar. Lucky for me there were some bushes just under the window. I hid in the bushes and glanced into the windows.

Doctor's POV

I approached the farm and saw nothing but crops and animals. Where is she? "Claire?" I called hoping to hear some response.

I began walking towards the large farm house. Wow, her brother is a really successful farmer. I glanced back at the large field that was split into two parts. One half of it was used for crops and the other was for animals. Still looking at the field I began knocking on the door.

"Ow that hurts." a voice said suddenly.

My hand froze and I looked at the door. Claire was standing in the doorway. She was wearing a red t-shirt and black jeans. Her hair was in a towel on the top of her head. By the wetness on her face I can assume that I caught her coming out of the shower.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"I just came to see how you're doing. I saw Gray in town with some blonde girl that is not you. So I wanted to make sure your ok." I said looking at the ground, it was the only thing that came to mind. I really don't know why I'm here. I really don't want to get my face broken again, my face just finally begun to heal.

I looked up at her. She had a look of confusion and hurt on her face. Shoot what did I say that upset her? Stupid! Why am I always so stupid?

"I'd ask you to come inside but its not exactly my house. It's my brother's." she said.

"I heard your brother was living here. Where is he, I'd like to meet him."

She gave me a suspicious look. "Why?" she said slowly.

"Nothing to be concerned about. I'm always looking for new clients for the clinic." I said as reassuring as I could.

"Speaking of my brother, have you seen him?" she said looking past my shoulder.

"I haven't actually met him." I said smiling and scratching the back of my neck.

"Oh. I've been wondering where he is. Jack disappeared a little bit ago." she said mumbling.

"Is there something you need him for? If you need any kind of help just let me know." I said. Wow, she hasn't pounded my face in. Today's a good day!

"I don't need him for anything. I'm just not too fond of being ditched." she said sourly.

"Well I'm sorry that he ditched you. I should go. I haven't had my face beaten in yet today, and I want it to stay that way. So I'm not going to push my luck." I said rambling.

A small look of guilt flashed on her face then was replaced with annoyance.

"I know. I deserved it. I really did. But I got to go as I said before. Good bye." I said calmly and picking my words carefully. I turned around and began walking away.

"Bye." she mumbled just load enough for me to hear.

Jack's POV

It took a second for my eyes to adjust and see through the windows. Inside the bar I saw Gray sitting on one of the bar stools. Good nothing is happening.

Suddenly Muffy came out of the back room and brought Gray a drink. But she didn't hand it over the table, she walked around the bar table, stood in front of him and handed it to him. That's odd. At least nothing is happening.

Ow. Suddenly I felt a stabbing pain in my leg. I looked down and moved my leg off the rock I was kneeling on.

Oh my goddess! Looking back up in the window all I saw was Muffy and Gray kissing.

I ran away. I didn't stop running until I was out of town and close to my farm. I can't believe it!…I was right! Gray is just like any other guy. Damn him. Now Claire is going to get hurt. I'm going to kill him. I really am.

I ran back to my farm and looked over at my field and didn't see Claire. "CLAIRE! WHERE ARE YOU?" I yelled. I ran to my house and opened the door and yelled, "CLAIRE! WHERE ARE YOU?"

Within seconds she appeared at the top of the staircase. Her hair was wet and she looked quite annoyed. A look of pure hatred and death burned into me from her eyes.

"EEEEEEEEP!" I went running out of the house.

"JACK!" she yelled running after me.

But I didn't stop running. Before I knew it I was far in the woods. I finally stopped and caught my breath. I looked behind me and felt a wave of relief that Claire wasn't chasing behind.

If Claire doesn't kill me first I'm going to kill that scumbag she calls her boyfriend. If she won't listen to me maybe I need to step in and end this myself.

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