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"Luna?" I glanced at the blonde girl. "What's wrong?" She shook her head, unwilling to say.

"I don't want to say anything, Fred."

"Luna, who's doing this to you? I swear, Luna, if anyone is hurting you, they'll soon learn why it's a bad idea to mess with Frederick Gideon Weasley." She looked at me, and for some reason, she started to talk.

Two hours later, I found myself in Professor McGonagall's office, along with Professor Flitwick and Luna.

"Mr. Weasley, would you please explain why most of my house has had various pranks pulled on them? If it weren't for the fact that you left Hogwarts last year, you would be in detention." Flitwick looked amazingly stern, something I'd rarely seen on the diminutive charms professor.

"Professors, I'll tell you why they have had pranks pulled on them. If you ask them, they will confess to terrorizing Luna here, either by stealing her belongings, or by bullying her or both. When she's talked to prefects, the abuse just got worse. She thought you knew about it, that the prefects had come to you, and that you didn't bloody care." Both professors were very pale by the end of this.

"Mr. Weasley, thank you for telling us this. I assure you that if this happens again, and the parties involved in the bullying and stealing won't stop, even after your prank and any punishments we give them, you have our permission to prank them again."

"Professors, you can be assured that not only will I be pranking them if they ever hurt Luna again, but I will also be teaching her to defend herself, should she wish it." The hug and subsequent kiss from Luna told me how much she liked that idea.

Luna and I had met the year before, in the DA. As I got to know her better, I found myself beginning to like her, not only as a friend, but as something more. What the teacher's didn't know was that George and I had begun to teach her the ways of pranking two days before Toady forced us from the school…not that we minded much. The only regret I have was leaving Luna before she knew the more interesting spells to protect herself. However, since she lived so near Mum and Dad, I'd pop over there at least once a week if I could to just talk with her. I eventually asked her to be my girlfriend As we walked through Hogwarts after leaving Flitwick's office, I ended up asking her to be my girlfriend…again…in the presence of half of her house. The looks on their faces when she said yes was enough to make me smirk.

"Looks like the cat got your housemates tongues, Luna."

"Oh, no, Fred, no cat got their tongues. They just ran into a herd of Plantae Magnoliophyta Rosas. They'll get over it once they get their own thoughtful partners."

As I kissed her, I could hear the Ravenclaws run off. I didn't particularly care where they went, as long as I could keep this up. After the kiss ended, we headed up to the Room of Requirement.