Charmed Places

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Warning: major Scooby bashing (This episode 'Empty Places' pisses me off beyond belief. I might need to write a hundred anti-Scooby stories before I get tired of it.)

A/N: Unsure of how accurate my crossover will be, I may ignore some canon stuff to suit my desires.

Timeline: BtVS – obviously up to S7 'Empty Places.' Charmed – unknown, but after Paige has been with them a while but before Piper gets pregnant.

Prologue: Charmed Ones Learn Slayer 101

Leo orbs into the kitchen where the Halliwell sisters are enjoying a rare quiet night at home and it's clear he's frantic about something.

"Leo, honey, what's wrong?" his wife, Piper asked.

"You three need to get going to a town called Sunnydale immediately! There's an apocalypse about to happen and it needs the Power of Three to help stop it!"

Paige looked at him speculatively. "Sunnydale…isn't that a town near LA that has a lot of strange occurrences and 'gang' activity that goes on there?"

This catches Phoebe's attention. " Strange how? …And how do you know about it?"

"Well, I decided to try to study some California history and maybe get a better read on supernatural happenings around us. It took a bit of digging and reading between the lines, but this town seems to be a hot spot for trouble.

"What I don't understand is why it's so hard for me to learn anything about it. Since we're the Charmed Ones, this is something that we should be taking care of."

"Not really, Paige," Leo started, "The reason that Sunnydale is a hot spot is because it was built on top of a Hellmouth. A Hellmouth draws demonic activity to it and also shields the town from outside attention.

"If the activity starts to get out of control, then a protector is directed there. This protector is called 'The Slayer.' Due to the nature of balance, only one Hellmouth can be strong at a time since there is only one Slayer at a time."

"First, do we know who this 'Slayer' is so we can call them by name? Second, don't they already have backup? Seriously…who fights without help?"

"Just a second Piper, I think I recall reading something about the Slayer in the Book of Shadows when we were studying the vampires," Phoebe interrupted.

Paige called for the book and they found the entry:

'In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.'

"Again I ask, what's the deal with this 'alone' crap? Shouldn't she have help?"

"This is what the Elders could tell me: at any given time there is a girl Called in her teens to fight as the Slayer. She is trained and guided by someone called a 'Watcher.' She is drawn to wherever the hot spots are and fights evil.

"Unfortunately, they are known for very short lives. Once Called, most die within a year and a half. There have been no records of any living past the age of 25. When she dies, the next one is Called."

Piper interrupted, infuriated, "That's a horrible plan! Having teenage girls fight and die? Do they know what's happening to them or get a choice?"

"No, and it isn't hereditary as far as anyone knows. But since they die before they can try to have children, nobody knows for sure. Then there's the issue that, aside from their Watcher, they are lone warriors."

"Does anyone think that maybe that's the reason these girls don't survive?" Paige added disgustedly.

Leo continued, "Well the magicks used to create the Slayer-line was thousands of years ago and used dark magicks as well. The village elders, or 'Shadowmen,' took the most powerful life-force at their disposal and merged it with the essence of a demon. It just so happens that a young girl at the beginning of her child-bearing age is the strongest life-force there is. Since women were considered property back then, it didn't bother them to have to replace them frequently as they died."

Phoebe looked confused. "Okay, so if there is already a protector there, why do we need to be there?"

"Something as happened to screw up the balance. The Slayer should have a chance to win, but now she's guaranteed to fail unless we help. Granted, evil still might win, but at least there is the opportunity for success," Leo explained.

"Do we know what happened?"

"Not exactly, but the support she was supposed to have is suddenly missing, but not in a 'dead' way, more of a 'gone' way."

"I thought she fought alone?" Paige asked.

"She does, but her Watcher is trains her and helps her research things."

"So we're thinking what…her Watcher is now evil or something?" Piper wondered.

"Not necessarily, but it is a possibility we should be ready for. Whatever the reason, she no longer has the backup she needs and that is why it is possible for you to fight with her. But be prepared, due to the Hellmouth, your powers might not works correctly there. It'd be best to bring some potions and weapons. Oh, look up 'Harbingers' or 'Bringers.' They are supposed to be there."

"According to the book, these Bringer are the acolytes of the First Evil…Is that like the Source?" questioned Phoebe.

Leo hesitated before explaining, "Sort of, but in a different way. Right now it is incorporeal. If it wins this battle it will manifest."

Phoebe continued, "Anyway, these Bringers are humans with…ewww, no eyes who kill for the First with machetes. They are pretty efficient for not being able to see.

"In addition, there's mention of something called Turok-Han, which is an ancient species of vampires and that makes them extremely difficult to kill. I think we'll need an incantation or maybe some potions because we wouldn't have the physical strength to fight these things."

"Hey! You never answered my question earlier, what's this Slayer's name and how do we find her?"

"The Elders said that her name is Buffy Summers and she lives at 1630 Revello Drive. The town has basically evacuated so even if she isn't at home, it shouldn't be too difficult to track her once we get there."

Piper shifted into leader-mode. "Let's get loaded up and go help her. Phoebe, why don't you keep looking through the book for any info that can help us? Paige can get weapons and first aid supplies and I'll get started on some potions."

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