Author's Note: I know, not very original. I just make so many angsty oneshots, I'll just put them all in one. I'm saying this is complete only because if I have to stare at it's not-completeness I'm going to break my fucking computer. This is not complete.


I'd show you how to build your fences,
Set restrictions, separate from the world.
The constant battle that you hate to fight
Just blame the limelight

"Fences," Paramore

I was not a hero. I wasn't really a villain, either. I couldn't pretend to be anything, so I have to say. I am an anti-hero.

A hero, you root for. You want a hero to win. You want them to succeed, and you want them to be happy.

A villain, you hate. You love hating them. They do what they do and you hate them for it. I don't think that many people hate me, though. I hope not.

Anti-Heroes, though. They're tricky. You might mistake them for the villain, if this wasn't their story. They narrate, they inform you of the happenings of this onslaught of events. Without them, you wouldn't have this story, or know this story. They see through they're eyes, and you do to. You can't hate them. If their story ends, it ends for you. You'd be left in the dark.

So, seeing as I'm the protagonist of this tale, what does that make me?

Not a hero. I've done to many things to be a hero.

I'm not a villain. I try. I don't purposely hurt people. I atone.

I'm an Anti-Hero. You want to hate me, everybody wants to hate me. They can't, though, because without me, they're wouldn't be anything to talk about.

I'm Robin, and I'm an anti-hero.

Author's Note: I can hear it now "Waaaaaaa Robins a HERO! A HEEERRRROOOO!" Get over it.