Disclaimer: "Kim Possible" and all related characters, imagery, etc. are property of Disney. This is my very first fanfic – hope you like it!

"Team (Un)Stoppable"

Chapter One: Business As Usual?

"You see, Shego," explained Dr. Drakken, "once my Ultimate Atomic Doom Ray is finished charging – my Ultimate Atomic Doom Ray that I stole from Professor Dementor, I might add –"

"Um," his villainous sidekick interjected, "Dr. D?"

Undeterred, Drakken continued: "I will be able to destroy any city on Earth with the press of this button! And then, everyone will surrender to me!"

"Dr. Drakken?"

"And I will rule the world! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"So not," responded a familiar voice.

Hoping against hope that he misheard the voice, Drakken spun around to see his sworn archenemies standing in the doorway. "KIM POSSIBLE? And that guy who's always with Kim Possible? What are YOU doing here?"

"How many times do I have to tell you, my name is Ron Stoppable," interjected Ron, as Rufus stuck his head out of his pocket and slapped his forehead in agreement.

Ignoring him, Kim responded, "The same thing we do every other time we come here. Ron, Rufus, would you mind shutting that thing down?"

"That thing is an Ultimate Atomic Doom Ray," snapped Drakken, "and you're too late, Kim Possible! She-"

With Kim distracted by Drakken, Shego fired a green energy blast at the teenage heroine, who evaded the shot with a well-timed back handspring and assumed a fighting pose.

"Already on it, Dr. D!" Shego cheerfully replied.

As they had many times before, Kim and Shego began to fight, with neither gaining an advantage. Across the room, Ron and Rufus were having little success breaching the metal outer shell of the UADR.

"Yo, KP, I need the laser lipstick!" shouted Ron. Without skipping a beat, Kim grabbed the device out of her pocket and flung it across the room. Ron retrieved it and began to cut a hole in the outer shell.

As he did, the last metal ring on top of the UADR lit up, indicating that the device was ready to go. Neither Kim nor Ron noticed it, the former busy fighting Shego, the latter with the hole he was cutting in the device. Dr. Drakken grabbed the remote, ready to strike.

But of course, he had to gloat first: "And the first city I'm going to destroy with the Ultimate Atomic Doom Ray is one you happen to hold dear – your hometown. Farewell, Middleton! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Turning to a monitor displaying an aerial view of Middleton, Dr. D...had given Kim just enough time to dodge an attack, race over, and kick the remote out of his grasp before Shego could react. Drakken groaned in agony; as he did, Ron finished cutting the hole in the UADR.

"Hey buddy," Ron asked Rufus, taking him out of his pocket, "can you shut this thing off?"

"Uh-huh," replied Rufus. Ron held Rufus up to the hole he had created, and the naked mole rat climbed into the jumble of wires on the inside.

"Try the blue one!" Ron suggested. With Kim and Shego still locked in battle, Dr. Drakken had been able to reclaim the remote without anyone else noticing. A huge grin crossed the mad scientist's face as he turned towards the monitor and pressed the button...which had no effect.

Drakken was in shock. "WHAT?" he yelled, pressing the button several more times to no effect. Finally, he turned towards the UADR, which had been deactivated.

Drakken groaned as a triumphant Ron stepped out from behind the Ultimate Atomic Doom Ray. "Booyah!" Ron exclaimed as he gave his beloved pet a high-one.

"That a way, Ron! Now," said Kim, "let's get out of here." Both members of Team Possible headed for the exit. Not one to let her foes get away that easily, Shego fired an energy blast at Kim, who rolled out of the way...inadvertently exposing Ron to the full brunt of the shot. He crumpled to the floor.

"Ron!" With a look of concern on her face, Kim tended to her fallen boyfriend, failing to notice Shego launching an energy blast at her. Kim was hit and knocked out just like her sidekick. Meanwhile, Dr. D had returned and started talking again:

"Kim Possible, you thought you stopped my plan, but that wasn't really my plan."

Shego cut him off: "Yes, it was!"

"No," Drakken continued, "it wasn't." Shego turned towards Drakken and noted the new item he had grabbed: a Henchco Reverse Polarizer helmet. In that instant, his true plan became clear.

The former superhero interjected again: "How much time do you think you have? Just DO IT already!"

Shego gently propped Kim's head up as Dr. Drakken moved in. Ron recovered from his energy blast and sat up. Hearing the commotion, Ron turned and saw a scene straight out of his worst nightmares:

Drakken slammed the helmet down onto Kim's head, activating the device. The lifeless cheerleader began to shake violently from the electrical impulses.

"Ron," Wade said fearfully over the Kimmunicator's loudspeaker, "please tell me that wasn't what I think it was."

Stunned by what he was witnessing, Stoppable was unable to respond.


"Well, Wade," he replied, "did you think it was MY GIRLFRIEND IS EVIL NOW?"

Realizing what he had just said, Ron was suddenly frozen in terror. Rufus was actually first to respond, opening his pocket and saying, "Uh-oh."

"You see, buffoon, THAT was my real plan. I have unleashed the greatest evil force the world has ever seen: Kim Possible! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Fearing for his life, Ron sprung up and raced out the door, evading energy blasts from Shego every step of the way.