Chapter Two: The New Sitch

Completely unaware of what had transpired, Kim Possible opened her eyes to find herself in a room she had never seen before. She tried to take stock of the unfamiliar surroundings as Shego, sitting in a chair nearby, noticed that Kim was awake.

"Wow, Kimmie," Shego said, "you sure took a long time to wake up."

Still utterly confused, Kim could do little but respond, "Shego, wh-what happened? Where am I?"

"You are in the living quarters of Dr. Drakken's lair," the green villainess responded. "You're here because Dr. D used the Reverse Polarizer on you."

"So I'm evil now?" Kim asked.

"Bingo," Shego continued. "I know it feels weird right now – it sure did when Electronique turned me good, and I had been good in the past. You'll get used to it pretty quick. Here, look, I stole you some new clothes."

Kim looked at the new duds and grinned; perhaps she could get used to this whole "being evil" thing after all.

Meanwhile, Ron had returned home after the mission, and was sitting in the Stoppable Tree Fortress. His cell phone began to ring, and Ron answered it; it was Wade.

"Hey, Wade," Ron said.

"Hey, Ron," Wade answered, "I was just calling to see how you're doing after what happened today."

"Well," Ron responded, "physically, I'm in bomb-diggity shape; never been better. But you know, I've known KP for so long, that without her, I just feel empty." Ron hung his head in sadness.

"Ron, I've done some research on the Reverse Polarizer they hit Kim with," Wade said. "It's made by Henchco. What it does is it completely reverses its target's good and evil energies, so someone who was completely good before – like Kim – would become completely evil."

"But..." Ron was hopeful.

"That's right: if we can get our hands on one and use it on Kim again, she'll be exactly how she was before."

"Then I'm going to Henchco," Ron responded. "Can you set me up a ride?"

"Whoa," Wade interjected, "Henchco doesn't have any. They only make them on special order, and they cost way more than we have."

Ron wasn't about to give up, however: "Can you track the one Drakken used on Kim then?"

Wade thought for a second and answered, "I'll see what I can do."

"In the words of a certain great young lady, 'please and thank you,'" Ron responded. He smiled as he said it, but that quickly turned to a frown as he realized again that Kim wasn't with him right now.

Sitting at his desk in his lair, Dr. Drakken had a victorious grin on his face as he talked on the phone.

"Dr. Drakken," a furious Professor Dementor began, "let's get one thing straight. Ze Ultimate Atomic Doom Ray was MINE, and I want it BACK!"

"Dementor," Drakken responded, "don't bother. It got destroyed. Like normal, Kim Possible and her buffoony sidekick had to show up and ruin everything."

"That doesn't matter," Dementor snapped back. "It is a matter of principle, Drakken; you do not steal from PROFESSOR DEMENTOR!"

"Oh, but this time, I do," Drakken countered, "because with both Kim Possible and Shego under my command, I am INVINCIBLE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Pausing for a second to confirm what he had just heard, Dementor continued: "You expect me to believe that Fraulein Possible would work for the likes of YOU?"

"That's right, Dementor," Drakken taunted. "Now perhaps, you will learn to respect Dr. Drakken!" He could hear Dementor laughing wildly on the other end of the line, but it did not bother Drakken one bit. He hit a red button on his desk, and Dementor's picture disappeared from the monitor. As if on cue, Kim Possible, now clad in a green version of her Season 4 mission outfit, jumped around the corner and into Drakken's office.

"What's the sitch, Kim Possible?" Drakken smirked as he delivered the line.

"First of all," Kim responded, "I prefer to be called Kimberly." The former teen hero was taken aback by the words that instinctively came out of her mouth; she had never wanted to be called by her full name. "And second of all, did I hear you say that I was under your control?"

Drakken gulped in horror; it wouldn't be quite as easy as he thought. "Well, Kimberly, that's not exactly-"

"Enough," she cut him off. "Let's get one thing straight, DREW: "; Dr. D groaned as Kimberly called him by his given name; "Kimberly Ann Possible is an evil minion for nobody!" With rage in her eyes, she advanced towards Drakken.

"Shego," Drakken called out, "do something!"

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Shego jumped in between Kimberly and Drakken, facing the former and charging her hands up in the process. Drakken breathed a sigh of relief, but Shego wheeled and shot at Dr. D! Kimberly's face registered a look of shock as she digested what had just transpired. Drakken was speechless as he realized what was happening.

"Let's finish him, Kimberly," Shego encouraged. That was enough to snap the former teen hero out of her trance; the duo continued to walk towards Drakken, who backpedaled towards the door and eventually made a run for it. Much as Ron Stoppable had hours earlier, Dr. Drakken raced out the door, stopping only to get in a few last words:

"Kimberly Ann Possible, you think you're all that, but you're not!"

Four of Dr. Drakken's henchmen stood waiting in the grand hall of the lair. Shego began to speak to the assembly:

"Today, we experienced a hostile takeover of Dr. Drakken's evil operations. And I, for one, believe it is a change for the better. Gentlemen, I give you our new leader, Kimberly Ann Possible!"

Kimberly walked into the grand hall to raucous applause from Shego and the henchmen. However, something didn't seem quite right to her.

"Shego, I thought you said Dr. Drakken had six henchmen on his payroll?"

"I'm sorry, Kimberly," Shego replied, "I have no idea where the other two went."

"So not the drama," Kimberly replied. Shego breathed a sigh of relief. "We have you, and we have me. How much more help do we really need?"

"Say, Kimberly," her new sidekick suddenly jumped in, "this may sound a little weird, but why haven't we destroyed that Reverse Polarizer yet?"

"We're keeping it around because I need it to turn Ron evil. Without my boyfriend at my side, even after we take over the world, it just won't feel quite right."

Shego's expression changed to one of concern as she shuddered at the memory of Ron as a villain, but she broke out into a wide grin realizing what he could do to help them against their enemies.

"Kimberly," Shego said, "that sounds like a plan."