Chapter Three: The First Challenge

"So tell me," Professor Dementor began, "what makes you the secret weapon I need to take down Dr. Drakken?"

"Blue Boy?" Duff Killigan responded. "I hate his guts. The lad hires me to steal some top-secret technology. That's exactly what I do, and he doesn't give me my money. I've been wanting to get revenge for years." Dementor grinned; the response was exactly what he had wanted.

"Very well, we have a deal," Dementor said. "You help me eliminate Dr. Drakken, and when I take over the world, I'll get you unbanned from every golf course in it." The villains shook hands, signifying their partnership. Dementor wanted to waste no more time.

"Come, my local henchmen!" the mad Professor demanded. On cue, eight henchmen clad in identical gray battle suits (that, he lamented, were neither self-healing nor spring-stepping) entered the main room of Dementor's lair.

"Tonight, we show Dr. Drakken what my words could not tell him. Soon, victory will be MINE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Sitting at the desk while she filed her nails, Shego noticed an incoming aircraft on the surveillance monitor.

"Kimberly," she said in an almost singsongy voice, "we've got company!"

As if on cue, the alarm system that Kimberly and Shego had rigged up began to chime. Kimberly Ann Possible burst in from the lab with a huge grin on her face. Sure, she loved helping people – well, before her polarity was reversed – but the adrenaline rush she felt on her missions was like nothing else.

"Professor Dementor?" the teenage villainess scoffed. "This oughta be fun."

The older women locked her gaze with that of the younger one, and the pair began to giggle maniacally. As they did, Dementor entered the lair, with his eight henchmen forming a defensive semi-circle behind him. The visitor was first to break the awkward silence, measuring his words.

"Fraulein Possible, the thought of you working for Dr. seemed...impossible."

"In my old family," the young villain responded, "we had a saying: 'Anything is possible for a Possible!'"

"Enough with the games," Dementor snapped back, "I do not have time for them! I came here to speak, regarding the theft of MY Ultimate Atomic Doom Ray, with Dr. Drakken."

"Drakken?" Kimberly's expression changed to a smirk. "Is so not here."

Undeterred, Dementor continued: "I understand that Dr. Drakken is afraid of me; he should be after what he did. But that doesn't MATTER! I want to talk to him!"

"Whoa, were you not listening?" Shego interrupted him. "We don'…for Drakken!"

"Then we must do this ze hard way." Dementor's henchmen assumed a fighting stance; Kimberly and Shego followed suit. "My loyal henchmen, ATTACK!"

In perfect unison, eight henchmen raced across the room, meeting the oncoming Kimberly and Shego in a flurry of fists, feet and a few green energy blasts. As quickly as it began, the rumble came to a crashing halt, Dementor's henchmen laying in clumps of four on the ground. Shego motioned for the henchmen to 'bring it' as Kimberly made a show of brushing her shoulders off. "No big," the latter quipped.

Seething in anger, Dementor began to yell: "My henchmen have fallen, but this battle is not OVER! This time, I introduce you to my trump card!"

A sharp yell pierced the night sky outside the lair: "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!"

"DUFF KILLIGAN is his insurance policy?" Shego asked bemusedly, failing to notice the first shot landing near her feet. Fortunately for her, Kimberly shoved her out of harm's way at the last instant. Killigan teed up another explosive golf ball, but that was as far as he got before Kimberly used her grappling hook to yank Killigan's club right out of his hands.

"Dementor, I've got a wee problem here," was all Killigan could muster before receiving a gray Size 8 squarely in the noggin.

"Better go back to the driving range, Duff," Kimberly sneered. She turned around just in time to dodge a charging Dementor henchman, who slammed into the wall behind her as five of his colleagues looked on. The henchmen closed in on Kimberly, who reached for her trusty hair dryer once again...only to have it swatted out of her grasp by another henchman.

Meanwhile, Shego deftly avoided an attack from the two henchmen she was fighting, causing them to crash into each other and allowing the green villainess to dispatch them with a spinning back kick. She raced over to the fight between Kimberly and the henchmen; the former was holding her own, but was struggling to do so. Using one of them as a footstool, Shego leapt over the henchmen, landing next to Kimberly in a fighting stance.

"All right, boys," Shego taunted the henchmen, "why don't you try five on TWO?"

After taking a second to regroup, that's exactly what Dementor's henchmen did. But try as they might, even with the numbers in their favor, they were no match for the mad kung-fu skillz of Kimberly Ann Possible and Shego, and soon found themselves defeated a second time. Dementor cursed silently; as much as he wanted his vengeance, he knew that any further action on this night would be futile.

"Come, my loyal henchmen!" Dementor commanded. The eight henchmen rose again and made their way for the door where the Professor stood. Kimberly braced herself for another round of fighting.

"Easy, Kimberly," her sidekick said, "I think they've had enough for one night."

"You may have defeated me this time," Dementor taunted, "but I will be back. And vengeance...will be MINE!"

"You wish," Kimberly retorted.

"TO THE SKIES!" Dementor announced; with that, the Professor and his henchmen departed. Kimberly and Shego looked at each other and grinned; they had survived their first challenge.

Wade Load looked at his computer screen in despair; between finding the Reverse Polarizer's energy signature, adjusting it to account for its previous use, running an energy scan to find it, and playing Everlot while he waited for the scan, this was taking far too long. With Dr. Drakken, Kim Possible and Shego working together (he thought), he knew time was not on his side. Suddenly, his main monitor beeped: it had found a match.

The Reverse Polarizer was still in Drakken's lair! This could only mean one thing, Wade thought; they were planning to turn more people evil. And one target stood out as obvious: Ron Stoppable. He had to let Ron know this instant.

"Call Ron," he said to his computer, and it obliged.

"Hey, this is Ron," answered the other end of the line.

"Ron, Wade c-" "...'s voicemail. Psyche! Leave a message and I'll get back to you. Later!" Wade slapped his forehead; he should have known better – this was Ron after all. The message beeped.

"Ron, Wade calling. I got a lock on the Reverse Polarizer! Call me back right away!" The young supergenius hung up the phone and plotted his next move. He didn't think he could afford to wait for Ron to call him back.

He could call Global Justice; Dr. Director certainly knew how much Team Possible had helped them in the past, and would be willing to work with him now. But he dismissed that thought as too risky; GJ's two top agents, Will Du and Dash Demond, both resented Kim and might take the opportunity to eliminate her in the name of doing good. Besides, he figured, no mere mortals could stop Kim and Shego. On that thought, a light bulb went off in his hand.

"Call Hego," Wade said.

"This is Hego," the blue superhero replied. Recognizing the face on the other end of the line, he continued: "Hello, Wade. How can we help you?"

"I know this might sound crazy, Hego," Wade began, as if most of Team Possible's missions wouldn't sound crazy to an untrained observer, "but I have every reason to believe that Kim got turned evil, and I can't-"

"With a Reverse Polarizer?"

"Yep, and I can't get a hold of Ron, and I shudder to think of what Drakken, Kim and Shego together are capable of, and-"

Hego cut the preteen off. "We're on it." With that, he hung up before Wade could give him the location of the Reverse Polarizer. Wade tried calling Go Tower again, but to no avail.

Ron Stoppable was not in a good mood; the thought of losing the love of one's life tends to do that. And when that was the case, one thing was guaranteed to cheer him up: the Middleton Bueno Nacho. Yet, while Rufus had yelled "Cheese!" and dove right in, Ron was unusually reserved this particular evening.

"Hey, Ron," Monique asked from across the table, "is something wrong?"

Ron tried his best to fake his usual goofy grin. "Nope, nothing at all, just not hungry tonight." He could tell immediately that his close friend wasn't buying it.

"Ron," she demanded sternly, "what is it?"

"I know this is going to sound insane, but on our last mission, KP got hit with a device that turned her evil."

Going by some of the stories Kim had told her over the years, that didn't sound so insane at all. "Drakken?"

"Bingo," Ron continued. "Right now, Wade's trying to get a lock on the device; when he does, I'm going to go find it, find Kim, and turn her back good."

"Not by yourself you're not," Monique retorted. With Ron stunned into silence, his friend had time to double-check the words at the tip of her tongue. "I'm going with you!"

Ron was next to speak. "Whoa, are you crazy?" his voice rising in intensity with every word. "We're talking KP and Shego at the SAME TIME! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? Do-"

Monique slammed her fist on the table. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE?" she shouted, directing a sharp glare Ron's way. Stunned by her outburst, both teens took a few seconds to collect their breath and their emotions.

"Monique," Ron said, "you're serious?"

"Like, yeah," was her response, as it if was completely obvious. "Kim's my friend too, ya know? So, when do we leave?"

"Hopefully tomorrow morning." Ron finally took his first bite out of his naco. "Say, thanks, Monique. You have no idea how much this means to much it will mean to KP."

Ron Stoppable's most important mission ever was starting to come together.