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Picard was trying to think of a way to take out the Borg without alerting the entire continent to their presence. Finally after about 3 hours of debate he decided to head down to speak with Eragon considering that he was native to this planet, also to find out exactly what had happened to cause such a change in what they had first seen in the young man.


Eragon had spent the past few hours unaware of the time learning everything about the Borg. Such as they will ignore someone in their midst until that person was considered a threat, eventually he reached the topic most important to him "Is it possible to free someone from the Borg's control?"

"Negative. 99.99% of cases of Borg assimilation are irreversible."

He was silent for a moment then "Wait only 99.99% what about the last .01%?"

"Only one person has ever been freed from Borg control."

"And who was that person?"

"Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise."

"So that's who I need to speak to. For if anyone can help me free Saphira it's him."

Just then he heard a tone come from the door without turning he asked "Who is it?"

"Captain Picard."

Just who I wanted to speak to. "Come in," he called

He heard the door open and then "Eragon I could tell when you came aboard that something had happened to you please tell me. If it concerns the Borg I may…"

"You can't understand so don't even try. Yes it involves those monsters but it's more than that. Try and imagine for a moment if you can that there is someone who is closer to you than anyone, you can hear each others' thoughts, feel their emotions, their pain. You are more one than two, then imagine that it was all torn away in an instant." It was only then that he turned away from the terminal to look at Picard, who actually gasped and took a step back.


Picard had soon reached Eragon's quarters, he entered once he had gotten permission, to his surprise the minute he tried to talk about what had happened Eragon had cut him off and begun speaking his voice steadily rose until he was almost yelling, he paused and turned the chair around to face him what he saw in Eragon's face caused him to involuntarily step back, his eyes looked…empty, hollow and haunted. He continued speaking and the look on his face changed "If it weren't for Saphira I'd have been dead a long time ago." He turned away his face showing more hurt by the word "The Ra'zac, the Urgals, Slavers, Soldiers over and over she's been there when I needed her. But then when she needed me most there was nothing I could do."


Eragon was no longer numb; anger, rage, grief, and helplessness arose within him. He continued speaking, voice choked with pain "She needed me… and I couldn't save her…" Finally he could hold it in no longer, he lashed out at the wall putting all of his rage, grief, speed and strength behind it, hitting it as hard as he could putting a sizeable dent in it about 2-3 inches deep. He stopped and tried to get some semblance of control then… "I need to ask Picard, how do you free someone from the Borg's control? I have to save her."


Picard was stunned at the anger in the young man's voice as he spoke of what happened, then he asked about the one subject he had hoped he wouldn't ask about "I'm sorry Eragon but she's gone only one person has ever escaped their control…"

"I know that you're the only one who has. You Bastard I don't care how slim my chances are I have to try. Don't you understand…No you probably don't, No one ever understands about the relationship between Dragon and Rider. Picard I have to try," then he said something in a strange language "Vel einradhin iet ai Shur'tugal! Upon my word as a Rider I vow that I will rescue Saphira or die trying."

He could tell from the look on Eragon's face that he was deadly serious "Very well, I heard the story from the rest of the crew, first they blocked the signal from the collective, then they had to break through the borg's control by reminding me of anything, good or bad, any kind of emotional moments. This is the most important part, the success of this depends largely on the strength and determination of the one your trying to free." He explained

"Well then that part is no problem because Saphira is the strongest most determined being I know…Or ever will" Eragon responded firmly.

"Well then I'll speak to the rest of the crew to arrange a place that we can do this, how large is Saphira?" Eragon described her "I believe that the best place to attempt this would be the holodeck," At Eragon's confused look he explained what the holodeck was.

"Okay, but how do we get her here?" Eragon wondered.

"The same way we got you here, the transporter, although I will have to talk to Giordi about beaming her directly to the holodeck…"

"US right to the holodeck. How else are you going to get anywhere near her?"

"Very well I'll make arrangements with the other members of my crew. Try to rest." And Picard left, he had work to do.


After Picard left he sat back down in the chair, he probably wouldn't get any sleep so he decided to plan how he would get through to Saphira; while examining his memories he noted an undercurrent of emotion usually buried under other stronger ones, at first glance he was ready to dismiss it as his almost constant lust for Arya…But upon closer examination he realized that Arya was not involved in most of the memories, so he began examining it more closely and to his surprise he noticed that it was similar but was directed at a completely different person…It was directed at…Saphira…as he realized this he began arguing with himself, Real nice Eragon at least when you lusted after Arya your feelings were halfway reasonable but this…This is completely insane, feeling this way about Saphira. Stated his practical half.

Is it really that insane that I love her? She's beautiful, strong, smart…What more must I say? Retorted his stubborner more accepting half.

How about the fact that she is a DRAGON! The two of you are about as disparate in race as you can get, how can this make any sense at all?

Its love, who said it has to make sense huh? It usually doesn't neither does it have to. I love her, with all my heart and soul, now and forever I love her. The argument continued for several hours eventually his stubborner half won. And the remainder of the night he planned how he would free her.

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