Catch Phrase

The Princess screamed as her prince fell.

"My prince..." the name tore through her soul as it whispered through her lips.

She stopped in the midst of battle. What was the point? Her heart had died upon jagged claws.

"Princess, we must not stop." urged the cool voice of reason beside her.

"My love is dead, let me go."

A flicker of emotion passed over Mercury's face and her hand moved faster than her mind.

A sharp sting drove the taller girl to her knees.

"Now is not the time princess." frozen rage seeped through every word, searing past the fog of pain and loss. "Too many have died to see you live."

Mercury pulled her to her feet, eyes scanning the approaching hoard.

"We fight for love, their love, and to see justice severed."

"...for love and justice..." murmured the future queen.

The Princess of the moon stood, power rippled from her in waves of pure white light.

"FOR LOVE AND JUSTICE" her voice echoed across the bloody fields of battle "IN THE NAME OF THE MOON I WILL PUNISH YOU!"

And youma died.