A sign of royalty

Queen Serenity sighed disparagingly as she watched her only child trip over her own feet again.

Pluto looked on, seated across from her Queen.

"I swear that child is the single clumsiest being I have ever seen." the Queen said as the girl picked herself up once more. "I don't know where she gets it from."

Setua chose to take a deep sip from her tea.

On the court below the Princess balance precariously between bursting into tears and glaring at her training master. What she accomplished was so horrifyingly cute as to weaken the masters restraints.

"I'll never get this!" she cried. "The senshi are going to laugh at me again!"

"Princess, please, this is a very simple exercise. The Frisbee wants to fly." the woman demonstrated, flinging the concave disk across the room to land gently between two goal posts. The scoreboard opposite the watching Queen ticked up another notch.

"Its all in the wrist."

The Princess started to blub.

The masters shoulders drooped. "Fine, if you can make a goal shot I'll take you out for ice cream."

"Really?!" perked up the despondent teen.


"YAY!" yelling at the top of her voice the blonde girl bounce over to the downed disk and back to the training master.

Above them the queen sighed again before tacking a sip of her own tea.

Princess Serenity felt a calmness descend over her ice cream induced joy. Magics stirred within her soul, building as she brought the disk across herself. Energy infused itself into it making it glow with purity. Matter shifted, altering the form behind the glow. Words flowed forth, guiding the reforged weapon on its way.

"Moon Tiara MAGIC!"

The Queen sprayed her guardian in a fine mist as a hole was blown through the wall.