Fighting For Your Love

A/N: Hello everyone! I finally made up my mind to write a story about Haruka-Michiru-Usagi threesome (since I've been asked to do it several times after writing "Another Dream About Us", so here we are), and hopefully you would not want to kill me for what I'm going to do to our beloved girls :)

Those of you, who read my previous fanfic, "Another Dream", will find some references to the familiar events. I just could not miss my chance to use the certain moments from that story :)

Those who didn't… well, this story is NOT a sequel so just keep in mind the premise that Haruka and Usagi once were lovers, and it will do fine.

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Dedications: This story was written specially for those of you who requested a fanfiction about the threesome. Special thanks go to Reader458 for always great ideas, constant support and encouragement. Without you, my friend, I wouldn't start all this in the first place ;)

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Chapter 1. Unintentional Spies

~ * ~ o ~ * ~

You laugh light-heartedly; he probably said something really smart and funny.

The sound of your laughter, like the tinkling silver bells, tingles and vibrates in every nerve of my body.

You look so happy today. And so unbelievably beautiful. Strange, why haven't I realized it before? Those cerulean eyes with long lashes… they remind me of the midsummer sky. Or those mild lips… oh what generous kisses of all kinds they give. Believe me I know for sure. And that creamy tender skin… you don't even know how it always touches me when I can see the tiny blue veins through your fragile and delicate skin.

And there are your cute ears, your sensitive neck, your small fingers - everything in your magnificent body enthralls and captivates me in the sweetest way. And that tiny spot on your inner thigh… By the way, does he know about it, about what it does to you? As I know your reaction when I softly lick that spot with the tip of my tongue or brush against it with my lips? Can he make you shudder with pleasure and beg for more without even touching you? Can he make you feel that needed and desired? Can he… care about you more than I do?

I doubt he can. Not like I do anyway.

And yet… you choose him, over and over again. For so many years. Why? What is there so special about him that you devote all of yourself to him completely?

The tall girl heaved a groan and leaned back on the thick trunk of a tree growing behind her. She had been sitting here for a while, enjoying a beautiful day with its warm sunshine, soft murmur of the trees, its bright sky and the mild caress of her beloved wind. And the day had been beautiful indeed, serene and peaceful… until her teal eyes caught the sight of a familiar couple walking in the alley hand in hand.

It must have been an irony of fate that a handsome tall guy with the short black hair and piercing dark-blue eyes together with his girlfriend, who had the huge navy-blue eyes and long golden tresses made in two cute odangoes, chose the same ground for staying and enjoying each other.

They had not even noticed the presence of another girl; she was disguised by the shade of the tree and the mid-high bushes that grew along the area, separating the walking ground and the lawn.

It had been hardly some minutes after their arrival but the sandy blonde already started to hate her formerly favorite refuge. Of course she tried her best not to pay attention to the couple and continue enjoying her day off but the sounds of their talk and the bursts of their laughter made her efforts go in vain. Besides, her concerned gaze now and then reverted to the beautiful and charming girl who was obviously happy to spend time with her boyfriend.

The tall girl heaved another groan and closed her eyes, her head hitting the tree with a decent thud. Rubbing the sore spot the blonde muffled a few curses and angrily eyed the man who was whispering something into the girl's ear making her giggle. Something pricked at the sandy blonde's heart at this sight.

Oh great, now what?!

Come on guys, you gotta be kidding me! Kissing again? Hey I'm still here! Oh stop it!

You blockhead, you have been dating her for so many years already, and you still don't know what kind of kisses she likes!

If I were you I would grab her with my arms, pull close and kiss her so fiercely that she loses the sense of time and space and would forget who she is or was but mine.

Wait, hold on, what am I thinking about? I can't just walk up to them and go like 'You know, Mamoru-san, you are holding her wrong. She likes it in a bit different way. Oh and by the way, add some heat because she doesn't feel desired.'

Or, what would be even better, take your hands off her, don't drive me insane.

Why on Earth do I all of a sudden care so much about what he does, and how you react to his words, kisses, touches…? Koneko, you are still mine, right?

'Yeah, sure, you wish! Is it not enough that you've got your sea goddess already?! Now you dare have your eyes on the moonlight princess as well? That would be too good for you! Don't you think so?'

Right, damn it. Moreover, what am I supposed to do if one fine day you – all of a sudden, by some miracle! – will come to stay?

The familiar warmth spreading below of the stomach gives me the idea of what exactly I – no, better "we" – will do.

But the warmth spreading in my heart at that thought is something new. Unexpected. What does it mean? I feel so warm and good inside just thinking that you might come to stay. To stay with me.

But what is that? Why, it hurts now.

Oh, sure… you are reaching out for him, of your own will. I still cannot get what you find in him to love for. I am afraid I never will.

That soft blush looks so lovely on your cheeks. If only I knew why you never shine so brightly when you look at me... I wish you did, Koneko. I wish you did.

"Jealous?" A soft melodic voice resounded from behind. Another girl kneeled next to her gracefully.

"Eh?" Haruka did not expect anyone to find her here, and she was too deep in thoughts to understand right away what the newcomer asked.

"Nothing, never mind", the aqua-haired girl whispered aside. And then added louder, "Mamoru-san loves her so much…"

"Um, looks like." The taller girl tried her best to sound as if she agreed entirely but the slight sarcasm leaked out through her tone.

Michiru stealthily glanced at her lover, the latter's eyes were shaded with the sunglasses. But the aqua-haired girl knew where Haruka's gaze was glued to. Recently her beloved sandy blonde became a kind of mystery for Michiru, unreadable and inscrutable. Time after time the ocean senshi happened to stumble upon her lover, drowned deep in thoughts, distant and silent.

Of course Haruka would snap out of her reverie and smile to Michiru at times like this, but for a few first seconds her teal eyes would look faraway, and that is how the aqua-haired girl knows there is something else on her lover's mind.

Come to think of it, there was no mystery at all. It was ridiculously obvious. Her Ruka was falling in love with the golden-haired princess, and all she, Neptune, could do was just to watch… and wait. It would pass, Michiru was sure. Haruka's romantic adventures always passed. This time it was just taking a bit more time and patience… than usual.

But maybe… maybe all those sessions (no matter how hot and fun they were) were a not so good idea after all. If only she could turn back time… she would not let this happen. All of this.

It seemed that now it was time to pay the price for her carelessness. Michiru's only hope was that the price would not be too high… Not losing Haruka. Not losing her love.

"Do you think he knows?" Michiru blew away a few stray locks from her forehead.

Haruka removed her sunglasses and looked at the girl intently.

"Are you serious?" She slightly shook her head, casting a glance to the obviously happy couple not far from them. "Definitely, he doesn't." She paused for a second and added thoughtfully, "Hopefully, he doesn't."

They got up to their feet and smiled to each other.

"Do you want to go home?" Haruka asked wrapping her arms around Michiru's waist and kissing her on the forehead.

Michiru rested her head on the shoulder of the sandy blonde and smiled dreamily.

"Can you take me to the seashore instead? I miss my element badly. And I want to spend the rest of the day with you…"

Haruka grazed Michiru's cheek with her hand and slowly kissed her on the lips.

"Anything for you, love." She replied lovingly. "By the way, do you want to bring along food? We could have a small picnic on the beach as you like it."

Michiru grinned joyfully.

"That would be nice. And we don't need to take much food since Usagi-chan obviously isn't going with us. I think she has a better company for now." With this, the beauty slipped out of the taller girl's arms playfully and ran to the yellow car that was parked not so far.

Haruka let out a small laugh at her lover's comment and rushed to catch up with Michiru, but not before taking a stealthy glance at the charming young creature with the golden odangoes and emitting quiet sigh.

"A better company, huh? So you say…"

~ * ~ o ~ * ~