Fighting For Your Love

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Chapter 2. Encounter In The 'Crown' Arcade

Walking away Outers didn't see that golden-haired girl finally noticed their presence. Mamoru went to buy some ice-cream for her and soft drinks for him, and the girl was waiting for him on the nearest bench enjoying coolness of tree's shade after spending too much time in the sun. Having ice-cream was absolutely the best idea for now.

Usagi's azure eyes watched intently how two beloved senshi of sky and ocean slowly disappeared in the verdure of the park. They looked so beautiful and graceful, so mysterious and very much in love together…

Golden blonde recalled the sight of Haruka's arm holding Michiru's waist so fondly, and quiet sigh escaped her lips.

"No use, Usa, don't even try…" she whispered to herself. "Enjoy your Mamo-chan. He's the best for you, remember?"

Resting her head on the bench's high back, Usagi closed her eyes and let her memory carry her back in time. When everything was so smooth and clear. When she didn't have to hide some part of her feelings for they were all happy and bright and belonged only to her Mamo-chan. Old good times…

Soft teasing smile played on her rosy lips when Usagi remembered that encounter in the arcade 'Crown'. The one that changed her life irreversibly. Not that she minded it, though. Her present life was almost perfect. It was even better than several moths ago. Mamoru seemed to adore her and cherish her even more than it was in the beginning of their relationship (if it was possible).

'If only…' she cut herself off like she did every time when her mind made an attempt to evoke image of a tall person with tousled sandy hair and unfathomable emerald eyes whose hands were both strong and tender and lips so ardent and insatiable. It was strange, Usagi didn't know why but she grew to miss Haruka every day that she couldn't see her. Maybe that's why waiting for their next 'session' every week recently became hardly tolerable.

The golden blonde loved recalling their encounter. The first of many that followed.

Not that Outers moved out of city or refused to contact with inners and all, but they saw each other very seldom because each one got own business to do, and even Usagi didn't have much time to keep in touch with her elder friends for her study in the university required her full attention (and will-power).

That's why she didn't expect that one fine day she'd meet both of them in such ordinary place as the 'Crown' arcade. She kept smiling, remembering details…

* Flashback *

My second milkshake was finally done when confident palms covered my eyes.

"Mamo-chan?" I smiled joyfully placing my hands over those warm ones and removing them.

It couldn't be him of course since he must have been at work right now but I couldn't think of anyone else in the moment. I wished it was him… I wished that so badly.

"Wrong answer, Koneko-chan", hot breath caressed my skin sending involuntary shivers down my spine. That soft husky voice and those unforgettable words I would recognize immediately among all others of the world.

I couldn't believe my ears. You…? Here…?

Her respond brought me back to the past, to that one wild hot night we shared. I tried to suppress my blush feeling all warm inside. Oh Haruka-san, you're doing this to me again…

Mild lips touched my cheek. Purposely or not but she kissed the corner of my mouth. 'Breathe, Usagi, breathe, she doesn't mean to seduce you again. After all these years… Why would she want to do it? Oh even if she means to, not here, right in the arcade's café, don't be ridiculous. No, I mean, she doesn't mean to seduce you at all, right? Right. Sure, you know that! So breathe again, cool yourself down.'

The tall blonde sat across me at the table and winked at me like she knew what I was thinking about. Thank God I was sitting already for that strange weakness in my knees wouldn't let me stand on feet properly.

"It's so nice to meet you here", she murmured. "Do you come here a lot as usual?"

"Well, milkshakes here are still the best", I nodded at empty glass before me with a huge grin. "And my girls come here often too. We really love this place. All those memories, you know…"

Haruka arched her brow knowingly and leaned forwards a bit, her eyes fixed on mine, captivating, engulfing me. I almost forgot what it is like to be drowned into those enchanting lovely eyes of permanently changing color.

"I would never forget the place where I first met you, Koneko."

Ok, here we go again… Does she really have to be so sexy in daily life? It should be forbidden by law to have those enthralling twinkling eyes, and those luring lips that move so sensually while saying every word. Oh and that deep velvet voice with husky tint. And mild beautiful hands, and that silky hair… ooohh! 'Breathe, Usagi, breathe. She's just like that, it's not about you. Haruka-san is just flirtatious. Don't pay attention. Take it calm and easy.' Ha, I wish I could take it that simple.

Is it really Haruka-san's explicit sensuality that affects me so much or is it just my sexual hunger I wonder? Mamo-chan's been so busy with his work recently, all those 'really important projects'… Maybe this is really what it is, just a lack of sex. And of tenderness and care as well. We're experiencing a rather difficult period now I guess but my hope is that all this is temporary and will pass soon.

But the beautiful woman sitting across me doesn't make it any easier for me.

All of a sudden Haruka took Usagi's hand and turned it upwards, softly tracing the lines on the palm with her warm fingers.

"Haruka-san, what are you doing? People can see!" Usagi hissed and tried to pull her hand away. Her futile efforts made the charming wind senshi chuckle and tighten her grip on the small hand.

"Let them, I don't care", came the calm reply. "What's wrong about it? Maybe I'm just trying to foretell your future reading from your hands", she locked her mysterious teal eyes with surprised blue orbs.

Her thumb slowly and sensually trailed along the delicate wrist of Usagi bringing bright blush to girl's cheeks, then outlined the sides of her palm and unbending the smaller blonde's fingers brushed her fingertips against them.

"Beautiful hands. I remember them", she murmured, her fingers didn't stop caressing Usagi's even for a second. "They tell me you're on the verge of something really big and adventurous. Maybe you should follow their advice. But…" Haruka now held small hand with both of her hands, bringing them very close to own lips like wanting to kiss it. Usagi could feel warm breath of her vis-à-vis on her own fingers, and the heat was growing inside of her making her cheeks slightly blush again. "Hey, would you like to come to dinner with us on Friday? Michiru's cooking something new. Maybe you might wanna try it?" her voice was dangerously raucous again, sending tingles of anticipation throughout Usagi's body.

'Is it still food we're talking about or is it something else?' Usagi thought involuntarily.

Maybe it should have warned the girl but feeling that familiar heat inside she smiled and nodded, looking right into narrowed and twinkling teal eyes.

"I would love to." The golden blonde replied meaningfully.

"Am I missing something?" sweet voice resounded behind Usagi's back. The girl barely jumped out of her skin, trying to withdraw her hand out of Haruka's who obviously didn't hurry to release her that fast, and tried her best not to blush. Why oh why did she get herself into awkward ambiguous situation again? 'Because you lusted for Haruka-san', her inner voice mocked at her not helping as always.

Michiru came closer to Haruka and fondly rubbed her shoulders smiling friendly at Usagi.

"Hello, Michiru-san. Nice to see you here", Usagi said politely. She decided to wait for another girl's reaction to what just happened before making up any ample excuses… ahem, lame excuses.

"Nice to see you too, Usagi-chan. Is Haruka coming on to you again? If she bothers you just tell me. I'll punish her in the name of Neptune", sea goddess laughed mirthfully and got a wide smile from the golden blonde.

'Why haven't I noticed before how melodic and tender Michiru-san's laughter is?' Usagi thought and felt shocked at her own thoughts. Here we go again. No, Usagi doesn't like women. She's not attracted to them sexually. Not attracted. And never was. Never, do you hear that? Ne-ver. Well, except for Haruka-san, once.

But for some weird reason the golden blonde couldn't tear her eyes away from delicate neck of the ocean senshi, of her full rosy lips, her soft yet high breasts, and slim waist clad in lovely white summer dress with big flowers' prints. She was so graceful, so exquisite and beautiful… Thank heavens none of senshi was looking at her right now busy with their own talk.

"Oh, Michi, please don't start it again", Haruka grunted playfully. Now she looked more like a rebuked child, not like a vamp young woman she was seconds ago. "I just invited Koneko to the dinner at our place."

"Of course, love, it looked exactly like invitation. But we'll discuss it later", Michiru hid her playful smirk and warmly smiled at quiet Usagi. "Will you come, Usagi-chan?"

The smaller blonde smiled back and nodded, with a tiny bit of uncertainty this time.

"Wonderful. It will be delightful evening", Michiru cooed looking straight into Usagi's eyes for some long seconds before averting her attention to her lover and tenderly ruffling her short sandy locks. "Ruka-koi, let's go, we should be in another place in fifteen minutes. My apologies for leaving you so soon, Usagi-chan. Have a nice day."

When Michiru was passing by Usagi her fingers softly caressed the ivory skin of the golden blonde from the collarbone up to the neck and finished with a tender stroke behind her ear. 'How do they know that I have sensitive ears?' Usagi thought fighting sensual shiver that went down her spine at Michiru's ever so slight touch.

"See you on Friday, Koneko", husky whisper almost painfully electrified all nerves in her body. Haruka's lips placed warm wet kiss right where Michiru's fingers finished their trail seconds ago leaving Usagi dumbfounded and slightly shuddering.