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I stepped out of the car, surveying the thankfully empty concert arena in front of me. The last time I had been to a place like this...

I shuddered and pushed the memory away, focusing instead on Shane as he made his way towards the building, avoiding the grand front entrance and instead making his way towards the back of the venue where I'm sure there was a back door that only celebrities and venue staff even knew existed. Sure enough, there was a small door that Shane pulled open, motioning me to go through.

To my surprise, most of my tension melted away once I actually stepped into the building. Despite my recent experience with arenas, I had many wonderful memories of seeing all my favorite bands in concert when I was younger, and every time I was inside a venue all the good memories came flooding back.

I saw Shane suppress a smile as he watched my expression change, and I shot him a quick glance warning him not to say anything.

"Finally! You're late, Shane!" Nate was walking towards us, rolling his eyes at Shane, who jumped slightly before glaring at his watch, frowning. Nate laughed, slapping Shane with a wicked smile. "That was too good to resist. You should've seen your face..." Chuckling, Nate turned towards me, extending a warm smile. "I don't know what you've done to talk some sense into Shane, Mitchie, but I have to say thank you. This is the first rehearsal in... well, I don't remember exactly, since Shane hasn't shown up whenever he felt like it.. if he even showed up. He used to just yell that he didn't need the extra practice if we even mentioned it."

"Nate!" Shane's murderous glance said he hadn't appreciated Nate telling on him. "Do you have to just blurt out everything you think?" Nate just looked amused though, as his gaze returned to me.

"See, that's how he used to respond before. Like he was about to bite off your head."

I couldn't resist snickering because, truthfully, it was hilarious. Shane turned his incredulous gaze on to me as he heard my chuckle, looking surprised. As much as he looked crestfallen, I could well imagine Shane's attitude before... mostly because I had already experienced it. Now that it was over, and the 'old Shane' was gone, it was good to laugh about it.

"Let's just get started with rehearsals." Shane looked somewhat frustrated at Nate and my sudden 'friendship', but I didn't feel guilty in the least bit as I followed them both through the maze of corridors that eventually led to the center stage where Jason was already waiting, guitar in hand. He offered a small wave but didn't speak as he watched Shane and Nate's expressions.

"You're welcome to sit wherever you want, Mitch." Shane's tone said he wasn't mad at me, not really, just annoyed with Nate. I nodded as I jumped off the stage and picked a random seat in the front row, listening as the choreographer began explaining, in great detail, what dance moves he wanted to see during the performance and during what songs they were supposed to happen.

I sat back, only half listening as my eyes followed Shane as he moved around the stage, getting comfortable with the routine. He was a good performer, I would give him that - there was just an air about him that commanded the audience to watch.

Time had already passed, but I wasn't sure of how long we'd been there, when the director told them to begin practicing a few of their songs as well.

Before I'd ever met Shane, I hadn't even heard a Connect 3 song. Sure, I had some friends that were major fans and used to try to get me to listen to them, but it hadn't been my type of music. Now, after just a few times of hearing some of the songs, they were already stuck in my head. I might have been annoyed if I hadn't finally made up with Shane. It seemed like my head was filled with a never-ending concert, the lyrics already embedded into my brain.

The music began to play, and I leaned back, closing my eyes, listening as the music washed over me, blocking everything out. They had begun with a song I already knew, and a smile played at my lips as Shane's voice broke softly through the instrumentals.

It was easy to lose myself in the music and forget that there were other people in the room. Without thinking, I began to sing along. The words were purely beautiful, like a gentle lullaby.

When you look me in the eyes,

I catch a glimpse of heaven

I find my paradise

When you look me in the eyes

It was so inspiring, such a sweet song it wasn't hard to fall in love with the whole melody.

When I hold you in my arms,

I know that it's forever...

It took me a second to realize the music had abruptly stopped, and as I opened my eyes in confusion, breaking off my singing quickly, I saw they were all staring at me. Confused and suddenly self conscious, I swallowed harshly, wondering why they'd quit playing. My eyes slid to Shane's as I silently asked him to explain what in the world was going on. He took a second to answer, and I glanced towards the stage door, wondering if I should just jump ship and escape through it.

"Mitch... your voice is amazing." He sounded out of breath, most likely from performing a few seconds ago, and I still stared at him, waiting for the words he'd spoken to finally piece themselves together and make sense in my head. How in the world had he heard me singing above the music? I hadn't thought I was singing very loudly. "It's so beautiful... I can't believe you're not a singer."

At that, I couldn't contain my laughter. "Oh yes, a singer... me, living the pop star life because of my flawless singing voice? Yeah, right." I scoffed - my voice wasn't anything but ordinary. "I can see the headlines now: "Mitchie Torres: Maid by Day, Singer by Night."

"I'm serious. I haven't heard anything quite like your voice. You took my breath away when you sang, Mitch. And that doesn't happen often." He smiled, obviously meaning the last part as a joke, but I was too busy replaying his words over in my head to amuse him.

I hadn't given much thought to my voice, actually. Sure, I enjoyed strumming a guitar in my little bit of free time and writing some songs that weren't all that great, but doing singing professionally? The thought had never even crossed my mind before. There were too many if's and maybe's in the business, and the world already had enough singers - my chances of actually becoming a singer were extremely slim, if not impossible.

Plus, even if I had tried and, by some miracle, actually made it in the celeb world, could I handle living their life? Endless parties, insane fans, paparazzi always lurking around somewhere, always being judged by the media, having every little detail in your life scrutinized...

Being a singer was out of the question. I loved my quiet, common life, and I wasn't interested in trading it all for insanity, where I could never have a private life. Even just thinking about it was stressing me out, and I wished fervently that I'd never relaxed enough to sing in front of them. I couldn't do it, I could never be famous.

"Please just drop it." Suddenly, my stomach was much more upset than it had been all day, and slamming my hand over my mouth, feeling sick instantly, I jumped to my feet and ran out of the door.