How to Empty a Commissary

by William S. Moore

"So, did you hear the news?" Lt. Lisa Jones asked one of her fellow nurses.

"No, what news?" 2Lt. Rebecca Masters replied.

"It seems that SG1 just got back from some planet where they found somebody of some importance around here," Lisa said, shrugging.

"Who?" Rebecca asked, becoming curious since it was SG1 involved.

"I do not know who. I just overheard one of the Marines mention someone they call something doc," Lisa said, shrugging again in puzzlement.

All conversations around the commissary came to a sudden halt with every eye in the room swiveling towards Lt. Jones. Taking a gulp, she looked around and saw that all of the faces of every nurse that was currently on break were watching with an intensity that could burrow a hole through concrete.

"Uhm, Lisa, this is important… Which Marine and what exactly did he or she say?" Lt. Gabriela Green asked with a shaky breath.

"I think his name was Ferrarti or something, and I think he said Roc Doc? Why, who is that?" Lisa asked the suddenly empty room.

Every nurse and orderly and other personnel that had been in the room were running out the door, shoving and elbowing each other to be the first to the infirmary.