So just a FYI, some reviewers are saying that Hermione is too much like Bella in this story, (such as being sad insecure and whatever else) but you have to understand she has just came fresh out of a war and being on the run for six to eight months, and seeing hundreds of strangers and friends/schoolmates being killed. She's been tortured under the Cruciatus curse for hours on end. And in this story, after the war was over and after she thought everyone was safe and no more dark things would come lurking about, tragedy hits one last time. In a form that completely shatters her, overwhelming her with guilt; grief; and anger and blame...making her somewhat of a shell from what she was in the books and movies. Over the chapters and the course of the story she does start to build herself back up again, but it takes time just like it would for any other normal human being on the planet.

You readers that what criticize in a negative rude kind of way need to understand that I'm writing Hermione like the teenage girl she is, not as some superhero or sidekick who doesn't have emotions and feelings. You need to look at it as if this real life, not as Hermione being the most cleverest and smartest witch of her age who can put everything else behind her to solve the puzzle that's in front of her. Because I'm sure JK Rowling would agree that Hermione is just a regular girl underneath all those books who has insecurities, feelings, and strong emotions.


Chapter 1

Hermione at the current moment was sitting on a sixteen hour flight from London, England; to Seattle, Washington. The reason why she was on her way to a city that was on the opposite side of the world was, well to blunt about it she just couldn't take it anymore!

All the turmoil leftover from the war was becoming all too much. All the death and pain felt as if it were always surrounding her now, following and trapping her in this overburing dark black cloud of doom. No matter where Hermione turned or looked, there was always a new story in the prophet of some family or another that was now preparing to bury one of their lost loved ones that coming week or the next. It was suffocating..., maddening!

Hogwarts, her once safe-heaven and home away from home was still left in shambles, the damage from the final battle being so much greater then first previously thought making the reconstruction take much longer then expected. And with Hogwarts not being back up and running meant she couldn't return to finish her missed seventh year due to being on the run and hunting horexuxs. And knowing that she would not be returning to something that was so familiar and comforting to her before the war had started til at least after Christmas holidays, left her feeling completely unsettled and uneasy.

So much had happened in the past year... So much horror that she had whitenessed and seen firsthand. And now with no Hogwarts to return to for some time, to remain in the UK was just not an option for her any longer...at least not for the time being...

Too many haunting memories.

Yes..., there were good memories...wonderful; and amazing memories that she will forever cherish and adore! But there were far too many bad ones now that were too freshly embedded into her mind to outdo all the good. And now it somewhat felt to her that all the good memories were just a constant reminder of what was no longer there. Of what's changed, and is now gone…, a reminder of what will never be returned to her again.

The war left scars on everyone. Yes. Some on their bodies and others on their souls. It was hard for everyone to pick up and move on when it was finally over, gearing up for the new beginnings of a now non-Voldemort world. But for Hermione, it felt near impossible.

It all boiled down to that one night. It was only a few short weeks after the Final Battle had taken place and the war was officially declared over... She had thought everything would be all right, and that they would be safe now and out of harms way from the Order's and Light side's enemies. She believed it to be okay for her to return them back home from Australia and to restore their memories. That everything would return back to normal, and that they could be a family once more.

She was foolish.

Because it wasn't all right. And they weren't safe and out of harms way.

It wasn't okay.

And now they were gone.

She was robbed of them, and was deemed helpless as she laid there bound to floor with the Cruciatus Curse placed on her. Forced to watch their terror stricken faces as they took in their last breaths.

Her mother and father.

Her parents, who were now buried six feet under. With two dull gray tombstones rising from the dull gloomy ground of the Central London Cemetery, stating how they were devoted and loving parents who were wonderful people that would be greatly missed and never forgotten. Their freshly done graves with freshly plucked flowers now where they will forever rest.

Yes, the Weasleys' were like a second family to her, and Hermione loved them dearly for all that they have done for her and have continued to do for her throughout the years. But no matter how much they loved and cared for her, they couldn't and wouldn't ever be able to replace and take her parents spots.

Harry; Ron; Ginny; and the rest of the Weasley's, including the remaining members of the Order have all tried talking her out of her decision of moving to the States. But no one could talk her out of this.

She needed to do this for herself.

It was the best next move that she could make.

She needed a different scenery, a new setting to look at to be able to get a move on and not be reminded of the recent war on an everyday basis. She needed time for herself. Time to reflect. Time to heal.

Time to be away from the rest of the war-stricken wizarding worldbso she could mend properly and be able to return back to the magical world when she was back to her good old-self.

They just didn't understand what Hermione had went through, no one did. Yes, Harry had lost his parents…but that was different…He was only just a baby when it had happened, and couldn't remember any of it growing up. He had never gotten the chance to know them or who they were. He grew up without hearing their voices and feeling their kisses, he only knew them by what other people told him or through photographs. But that didn't mean that it made the pain any less, she knew that... She knew how much it had pained and hurt Harry in the past to have his parents' taken from him at such a young age, but it did make it a different situation to her's entirely. Because she on the other hand…she had witnessed their murder, she had to watch as they got tortured and ripped apart, and be force against her will to sit and do nothing as the green flash of the killing curse was thrown at them. She tried so hard to save them!

For Merlin's sake, Hermione had survived eight dam months of hell on the run from Voldemort; and his Death Eaters and Snatchers,!fought in the battle of the decade...possibly even century, and was now claimed as a war hero…! But yet, when it came to saving her own flesh and blood, she was no match…she was a disgrace to them.

And this was the reason for her being on this plane.

The war was hard. Harry had been labeled as Undesirable No. 1 under Voldermort's rule, she as Undesirable No. 2, and Ron as No. 3... all while they were hunting down horcruxes on the run, trying to remind as hidden as they possibly could. Hunting down the horcruxes was one of the most difficult things she had ever had to endured in her life…Being out there on their own, hiding from snatchers and death eaters, living in and out of a tent with only scrapes of food to spare was horrendous! And destroying the horcruxes once they had found them was ever worse! It took every ounce of strength she had. But she; Harry and Ron made it out okay, with all their limps in tact and functioning properly...

So now, here she was, heading to the almost always-cloudy and mostly always-rainy or snowy small town of Forks to where her only Uncle lived. The last living blood family member she had left. Hermione had immediately taken her Uncle Charlie's offer saying she was more then welcomed to come and live with him till she was of age and could then live on her own..., if she so chose to do so that is...

To her it was kind of like killing two birds with one stone. The changes that America and Forks will be giving to her will be greatly appreciated. Being in a small cozy 'nothing ever happening' town of Forks Washington is just what the doctor ordered. Making a fresh start in a small muggle town. A little town with no magic or supernatural in it, is the perfect place for her to be at for the time being.

Another good thing that came out of this dreadful solution was that it meant that Uncle Charlie would no longer be alone. The company would do him some good. He had always spent way too much time alone and probably hadn't even had a good home cook meal in the longest of time. Which made her feel thankful that her mum had taught her how to cook a few proper meals when she was home from school in the summers.

Also Uncle Charlie knew that she was a witch, which meant that he was able to know the truth to what happened to her parents. And even though he didn't completely understand as to why it happened exactly...he did wholeheartedly agreed that it would be for the best for her to get away for a while to help give her some proper grieving time to move on.

However, by moving to the states and not wanting to go back to a magical school meant that she now had to enroll in a muggle school. And to be completely honest, Hermione was terrified at the idea! She hadn't exactly kept up with muggle studies per-say, besides for literature and a bit of mathematics here and there, so she didn't know how she was going to catch up and understand anything. But then again, she was Hermione Granger; 'the walking dictionary' or 'the know it all bookworm' as everyone seemed to know her by. So hopefully, she'd be able to handle the academic challenge that was ahead of her with ease. If not, then she didn't know what she was going to do!

Hermione sighed as her thoughts of the past; present and future were interrupted with the pilot announcing that they would be arriving shortly and to buckle up their seat-belts. After the plane landed she quickly un-boarded and found her connecting flight, which was only a fifteen minute flight seeing as Port Angelus was only about two hours away from Seattle before landing in that airport and walking off the plane heading to the small luggage claim area where her uncle was waiting for her with a odd goofy smile on his face as he saw her walking through the airport doors making her way closer to him.

"Uncle Charlie!" Hermione screeched excitedly, momentarily forgetting about everything horrible and tragic as she rushed over to him quickly collapsing into his waiting arms.

Charlie had never been one for the lovely dovey stuff. Even when she was a young child, he always seemed to be a bit awkward when he would try to show that kind of emotion around people, but..., at least he tried! 'Way better than the Dursley's by far!' He and her mother, who were siblings, were the polar opposites of one another…her mother would always jokingly kid around with her when she would ask why Uncle Charlie was like that, that she (as in her mum) was given all the good genes when she was born because she was the first-born, and then by the time that Charlie was born Grandma and Grandpa Swan must have ran out of any decent socializing type.

"I've missed you kid, look at ya, all grown up and everything!" Charlie said with a sigh letting her go but leaving one hand on her shoulder. "It's been a while!"

"Yes it has!" Hermione smiled in agreement and they gave each other another one-arm hug. And as she stood in his arms she wondered how she had managed to go without seeing him in over three years (he had visited them over in London for two weeks before her 3rd year in the summer, and then had gone to France with them as well on their family summer trip, but only stayed there for a week instead of the full month that they were staying in France needing to get back to his chief post back in Forks).

"Well, let's go get your stuff and then we can get on our way, all right kiddo?" He said nudging her in the shoulder trying to get her to break the shell that he could apparently already see that she had formed around her from what happened. She tried smiling a smile that would reach her eyes, but she knew she failed miserably when a small frown started to tug at Charlie's lips. Him knowing that her smile was being forced.

Hermione nodded her head and they started their way towards the luggage claim cart, she already feeling slightly better than what she had in the past month. 'See, this was a good idea' she thought to herself as they grabbed her two suitcases that held most of her personal items that she would need. Hermione had already shipped the more important of her belongings over to Forks when she had first decided to move in with Charlie…After getting everything situated they then began to make their way towards Forks in Charlie's Police cruiser. On the way to Charlie's they stopped to get a quick bite to eat and then continued on to their destination with some small talk, catching up on one another's lives, but nothing that involved her parents or the recent events that had gone on in the wizarding world.

Charlie wasn't a dumb man, he knew that was still a very touchy subject for her..., and that when she was ready she would come around and come to him and when she was ready, and only if it was needed of course. After all, he did lose his big sister to some dark wizards that he barely knew anything about as well.

When they arrived at Charlie's house, Charlie explained where to find everything at, even though she already knew from all her summers of staying here as a child, but maybe he thought she just need a refresher or something? Then he dragged her suitcase up the stairs and showed her to her room. "I know it's not much compared to, well..., to what you're used to, but I left everything the same from when you used to visit when you were younger. But I uh…picked out a new bed set for you, well, I didn't exactly pick it out, the sales lady more of said that it was 'exquisite' and that you'd like it…so do you?" he said running a hand through his hair obviously out of his comfort zone when it came to shopping for teenage girls.

"No, no, it's lovely, purple's lovely. Thank you." Hermione told him nodding her head offering him a small smile as she ran a hand over the bedding...but really she just wanting to be left alone to unpack, and Charlie being Charlie quickly took up on that hint rather he realized it was one or not, which was nice, and left her alone to do her unpacking saying that he had to run by the police station to check up on some things anyways.

Hermione sat down on the bed and looked around the small room remembering all the summers she had here as a kid and smiled a little at all the good times she had spending here in the small little town away from the big city that she was so accustomed to.

Saying that this room…her new room, was smaller than what her old room back home was, was an understatement. You could probably fit one and half or maybe even two of these rooms into her old bedroom, but that was to be expected since back in London she had lived in the high upper middle class life, seeing as both her parents were very successful dentist that had their own practice together with four other dentist under them. And plus, this house was a lot older then the one she lived in back in London. Being that this was the house that her uncle and mother had grown up in with her grandparents. But the clutter and small space of the room brought a sense of home to it and it made Hermione feel at peace.

Hermione looked over the room once more and realized as she did that really not a lot had changed in there. The walls were still the purple-violet color that they were when she was a young child, and the floor was still the hard dark wood that seemed to darken the room..., but the one window in the room that faced the side of the house, which gave her the view of the huge dense forest was large enough to lighten up the bedroom and bring some light into it, even with the matching violet curtains that went with the bed set draped around the window. The dresser was the same as it was five years ago, which was the last time she was here, (the year before her second,) dark, large and bulky with a huge mirror on top. The closet was just a big as she had remembered it, which seemed to be half the size of the bedroom...That would definably be more than enough room to fit all of her clothes and shoes in it.

The bulletin board that Charlie had put up when Hermione was only eight held all the letters that were written between her mother; father and herself when she would come here to visit Charlie every summer for the whole summer before she had started attending Hogwarts and other things such as silly little drawings and poems. The board brought tears to Hermione's eyes as she stared at my mother's neat handwriting. But it also brought a smile to her face as well, as she ran her hand lightly over the crumple up old paper. Hermione sighed and shook her head as she turned back around to face the room.

The only things that seemed to be different were of course the bedspread that lay atop of the full-size bed and the study desk that matched the bulky dresser (only in color), which now held a new and up-to-date mac model laptop with a bright red ribbon wrapped around it as an obvious 'welcome home' type of present. Another small smile lit up her face as she sat down at the desk and stared at the laptop in excitement not daring to touch it afraid that she might break it or something.

After a while dazing in and out Hermione groaned and decided that she had better really start unpacking instead of just sitting around thinking, so she got up and opened one of the two suitcases and began to sort out through the items and cloths and started to put them away in the spots where they belonged. It took her a total of three hours to get everything sorted and where she wanted it. By that time Charlie had gotten home she had fallen onto her bed in a heap, exhausted from the entire day, but to help some with her exhaustion Charlie had stop at the Chinese restaurant and got some pickup for the two of them for dinner.

After a quick shushed dinner Hermione excused herself to take a long hot soothing shower washing over the few permit scars that lined her stomach; torso and back from the war. Then she went on to brush her teeth, and changed into some of her nice warm cotton PJ's before slipping into bed not at all ready to close her eyes to see the painful expressions on her parents face's and to hear their screams of agony...

That was how it was for Hermione every night, her trying to get a little bit of sleep and failing miserably because it was always ruined with nightmares from that night.

It was even harder than usual to get sleep that night for Hermione, and it wasn't because of the nightmares or the nerves and jitters of first day worries for school tomorrow. But more so, because of the rain that continued to constantly pour down heavily all night. Sure, Hermione was use to the rain since in England it was raining at least once or twice a week. But never this hard or this long unless there was a storm going on. It felt to her as if she could hear every single droplet hit each and every panel on the roof and it irritated her to no end… She tossed and turned till about four in the morning till when finally she manage to get some sleep before the screams and images reached her mind that she seemed to forever be haunted with.


Yes, Hermione does replace Bella in this story, sorry. So no, there is no Bella in this story, at all. Sorry to those who were hoping there was… :/ but hey, it's my story and if you don't like it then don't read it! And Hermione is only 16 in this story, which is obviously two years younger then what she should be considering she should be in her 7th year (or end of 7th year if the war is now over), but I needed or more likely wanted her to be 16 going on 17 instead of 18 going on 19.

But I hope you guys do like where it's going and continue to read! :)

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