It had been a few hours since she and Uncle Charlie had gotten back to his place. Eating dinner and talking a bit more about her parents and the significant role she played in the war. She had also informed him how the healers had suggested taking a little break from most, if not, all magic to hopefully heal her magical core a bit more from the torture she had been placed under by Bellatrix.

Charlie was horrified when she had tiptoed briefly over how she was tortured. Explaining what the three unforgivable's were and how she was placed under the torture one as her two best friends were held in the dungeons beneath her – forced to listen to her screams.

Mind you, Hermione left a lot of details out of the torture session... When he had asked how long this 'integration' had gone on, she gave a vague answer – not wanting him to know how long Bellatrix went at her for, or what Greyback had nearly done to her if Harry and Ron hadn't interrupted with Dobby the house-elf. She did, however, show her him the slur carved into her forearm. He was bound to see it regardless now, without using magic to glamour it away from view. Hermione explained how it would never fully heal because of the cursed blade that was tainted with old dark magic – mudblood would be forever engraved into her skin.

It was nearing eleven at night, and Hermione was still settling into her bedroom.

She was finishing up sorting through the items from her suitcases. The rest of her personal items, that weren't stored in the suitcases, were in her trusted beaded bag that she had brought as a carry-on – the bag, thankfully, having not set off any suspicion while going through TSA at Heathrow or customs in Seattle. It still had the illegal un-detective extension charm that she wasn't planning on taking off anytime soon. It contained all the books Hermione had gathered over the years, as well as the ones Harry had given her permission to borrow from the Black library – meaning, half the books from it were now stored safely in her pouch. Some of those books haven't been opened in centuries. And Hermione was dying to get lost in them as soon as she finished settling in with Charlie and the muggle Forks High School, which she'd be starting after this weekend finished up.

Uncle Charlie's house wasn't as big as the house she grew up in London, but it was cozy and had a very homey element, which she adored. Charlie's and Bella's bedrooms were at the front of the house. In contrast, her's was in the back of the house, with a small bedroom next door, mainly used for Charlie's storage and junk room – it was initially an extra guest room, and Hermione was sure a twin bed was still there, buried underneath all of Charlie's old fishing and hunting gear he had piled up in there... There was one main bathroom on the second floor which she and her uncle would share – not that she minded, she'd take anything over having to share a bathroom with Harry and Ron in the 'not always functioning' bathroom that was in her wizarding tent…

There was a small powder room underneath the staircase that guests would use unless they were spending the night. The living room was on the spacious side, not too massively wide at seventeen feet – but in comparisons to was outdone… The living room's length was of the house, making it around thirty-eight feet long in total. It was filled with all sorts of mismatched furniture, which gave it even more charm in Hermione's own opinion. Charlie had two of his lazy-boy's lined up on each side of the big sectional he had purchased the previous summer. The two of them as well as the sectional positioned evenly around the fireplace and TV. Charlie had converted the fireplace to gas the previous summer as well, mounting his brand new seventy inch 4K OLED flatscreen above it.

The far back of the living room is where he kept his old three-seater sofa, it was a pull-out sleeper. And Uncle Charlie didn't want to part with a perfectly good sofa, or an extra bed for that matter, in case he was to ever have more guests than bedrooms in the house. In the center of the room was a less formal, smaller dinner table with mismatched wooden chairs in various shades and colors. It was the table Charlie mainly used to eat. That way, he had the TV in full view when he ate alone – it was also perfectly stationed for when he had his pals over to play cards, keeping sports games on while they play.

He still had a wood-burning fireplace at the back of the house where the back door sat between the living and dining room. It sat next to the back door that led to enclosed porch where Charlie stored all the firewood that heated the house during the cold months – keeping the wood dry and sheltered, once brought into the enclosed porch.

The dining room and kitchen largely remained the same since Hermione was here last. The only thing that had changed was Charlie having updated the ceiling lights, turning the old gotti eighties light fixtures into updated recessed one's. He had also switched out all the old yellow-ish appliances to new energy efferent stainless-steel champagne ones. The champagne coloring of the new appliances, complimenting the light green cabinets and light countertops.

Hermione's room was the same in size as Bella's at the front of the house. The furniture in both rooms were almost exact replicas of one another, the only difference was the furniture in her bedroom being an ivory wood, in contrast to Bella's, which was more of a teak-colored wood. Also, instead of the purple bedding in Bella's room, Charlie had gotten her the same bedding, only in a light ocean-blue coloring with medium gray sheets.

She loved it.

The icing on the cake was that she had two large windows, one overlooking the small side yard. The second was a large bay window with a built-in bench that overlooked the backyard, which backed out onto the massive forest. Some of the trees almost the size of ones you'd find in the Forbidden Forest.

It was the perfect reading nook!

Hermione smiled, the last article of clothing from her two suitcases going into its place in the bottom drawer of her dresser – finally, she was done for the night, zipping the suitcases up and shoving them underneath her bedframe to keep out of the way. Walking back over to the dresser, she paused.

Her smile slipping some as she glanced at the two wands that lay in front of her.

The one brought a sense of comfort to her – the wand that chose her when she was eleven. Harry had managed to track it down somehow, gifting it to her only a few weeks ago… Her guess, he talked – or rather, blackmailed one of the goblins into helping him get it back for her. The other wand brought a mixture of emotions to her.


She hated that wand.

It fought against her so hard when she had first gotten it. But she noticed during The Battle of Hogwarts; the Walnut dragon heartstring wand stopped resisting her as much as it previously had been. It was a powerful wand. Hermione noticed that her curses and hexes seemed to have a bit more of a punch behind them than with her beloved Vine dragon heartstring one. The Vine wand still worked wonderfully for her, but there was almost a feeling that it wasn't quite the one anymore – she had been without it for months till just recently – and the Walnut one finally seemed to have bonded with her in that time of separation. But that one felt wrong as well – emotionally, Hermione couldn't return the bond. The wand had killed and tortured so many people before her…

Hermione suspected that she would need to get a new wand when her 'magic break' was completed. She needed a wand that she connected to on all levels. One that she could trust and rely on to always answer her.

Leaving the two wands alone, Hermione quickly changed into one of Harry's old Gryffindor practice jerseys – she had stolen a few of his, along with Ron's, before leaving. This way she had a little piece of them with her while she was away in America. This would be the longest that the three have been apart since they started Hogwarts as first years. Harry had promised that if everything was going well back home, he'd see if he could get a portkey situated with Kingsley for them to pop by during the Christmas holidays or shortly after.

After pulling on a thick pair of wool socks to keep her feet warm – Hermione quickly continued with her nightly routine before slipping into her new bed, ready and hoping for a relaxing night of sleep in her new home with her uncle.

"You ready for your first day?" Uncle Charlie asked as Hermione finished making her oatmeal, adding fresh cinnamon on top with a small side bowl of blueberries. She had gone to the local grocery store the previous day with him to load up on groceries for her and Charlie. Uncle Charlie was famous for barely cooking anything ever for himself, besides hamburgers; steak; and fish – and as much as Hermione appreciated a good burger – especially with that lacking at Hogwarts, for it being more of a muggle food – she knew the house needed a bit more variety when it came to the food options. She was not the most experienced cook, but she had a bit more range than her uncle did in the kitchen. Her mother and Bella were the cooks in the family – Hermione and her dad could get by with the basics... but then there was Uncle Charlie and Aunt Renee, who were the two famous for burning food is they had more than three steps to it.

"A bit nervous, if I'm being honest," She sighed. "I feel a bit awkward going in as a Junior when I should be in my Senior year at eighteen.…"

Charlie frowned, swallowing another bite of the oatmeal his niece had also made for him along with her own, "I wouldn't think too much on it, 'Mione. From what the office told me, it's only US Economics; Computer Science; and PE that puts you as a Junior. Just the overall basic requirements that need to be met in the American system."

Hermione groaned, "You'd think fighting and winning a war would exempt me from an American gym course…."

"Ha. Ha." Charlie said flatly back, not amused. "Well, sorry to say, kid, but three years of gym is a requirement here unless you are participating in a school sport to exempt it."

Hermione pushed around her oatmeal a little before taking another bite, "Still, I'd prefer to not have to waste my time taking it.… I'd rather be in an actual classroom learning something there."

"Well, take it as a win that Forks was willing to shave off one year for the requirements for ya, 'Mione."

She nodded in agreement, "Small favors, I suppose."

"Anyways, you can use the old Jeep for getting to school, friends, and whatever else you may need it for. I use the cruiser for most everything as it is – that way, if I'm out, you have a vehicle to use and vice-versa if you're out."

"Are you sure, Uncle Charlie? I can walk to school. It's only a bit more than a mile walk from here."

Charlie chuckled, "You say that now 'Mione, but come to the end of November when the snow and ice start coming, I'm sure you'll start regretting that offer."

"I think you're forgetting that I've spent most of the last seven years in Northern Scotland, Uncle Charlie," She said back with a laugh. "But you're right, walking a mile in slush doesn't sound ideal without magic being able to keep the wet and cold off!"

Charlie nodded in agreement, getting up to fish the keys out to his 2004 Jeep Liberty from a jacket he had hung up in the hallway. "Here ya go, kiddo," Charlie handed the keys over to Hermione. "I added a small bottle of pepper spray on the keychain there for ya – ah, ya know, just to be safe and all…." He itched the back of his head, "Not that I don't think you can take care of yourself – because it seems you're more than capable, with fighting in a war and all that… But, ah – you can never be too sure these days."

Hermione smiled, looking down at the tiny pepper spray connected to the Jeep's keys, no would know it was a bottle of pepper spray unless told otherwise, "Thank you, Uncle Charlie, I do appreciate it – hopefully, it won't be necessary here in Forks, though."

Charlie nodded stiffly, that being way easier than what it'd be with Bella – Bella being too much like him when it comes to talking and giving gifts. "I got ya something else too."


"Now, I know you've got your own money from the Wizarding World, with being one of the war hero's – getting a good chunk in rewards money and all that…." Charlie trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck, his eyes squinting some, "And I'm sure your parents – before everything happened, kept your account in that bank with those troll well-kept."

"Goblins." Hermione correct with a small smile.

"Right, of course." Charlie snorted, "Goblins..." Shaking his head at that, Charlie fumbled around with a shopping bag next to his hung-up jacket on the wall, "But, ah, well – here." Charlie slid a small box over to her.

On top of the box was either a credit card, it taped to the top of the box to not slip away – the logo on it, being from the bank the she knew Charlie had his accounts in. Her name was printed on the card, and the activation sticker was still placed on it.

Beneath the credit card was the latest iPhone model.

Back before Hermione went on the run with Harry and Ron, she had an older version of the apple phone – one she had gotten the summer after her first year, her parents feeling she was old enough then to have a phone of her own. Hermione had had the same model since. There had been no sense in ever upgrading the phone since it was still working well enough for what she needed it to do at the time. She only used it lightly during the summers to text a few muggle friends or fellow muggleborn's – as well as Bella. Hermione had taken the old phone with her while they were on the run, using the spotty data to check the muggle news – trying to see if Voldemort was making any ground in the muggle world or not. But when they had gone to Godric's Hollow and got attacked by Nagini; the phone must have slipped out from her coat pocket as they got away.

She hadn't bothered to repurchase a new one yet – she was on a prepaid minute plan at the time. She had disconnected her phone from her parents' plan days before she had obliviated them. Switching the phone over to the prepaid plan, changing the number and disconnecting her iCloud account from it – essentially making it a burner phone.

"Uncle Charlie, you didn't have to get this for me. I could've gotten myself a phone this coming week or weekend… And I already have a card that is linked to my Gringotts account for money purchases!"

Charlie held his hand up, "I know full well that you could've done that… but I wanted to, kiddo. You may be eighteen and fully capable of taking care of yourself – but that doesn't mean you have to do it all on your own." Charlie shrugged. "Besides, this way you don't need to touch any of your savings till college."

"Are you sure, Uncle Charlie?" Hermione asked, feeling guilty. "I could pitch in for the phone bill, as well as the car insurance and food? Help pull my own weight around here? You're already doing so much, with letting me stay and using your Jeep to get around."

Charlie scoffed, shaking his head, leaning back in the chair, "I'm doing pretty good as Chief' Mione, and having you here isn't going to put any dent into that. Plus, before you called, I was debating on putting the Jeep up for sale anyways – this in a way, helps me out."

"I just don't want you going overboard is all. I'd rather you spend that money on yourself or on Bella instead of on me."

Charlie sighed, "How about this," he paused, she was so much like her mother, always more concerned for others than herself. "I cover all the bills and the food, as well as anything related to school here in Forks – ah!" Charlie held his hand up as Hermione opened her mouth to interrupt. "And then any extra's you want, like new clothes," He paused with a snort, "Books, that aren't for school- you can handle that side of the money, then. How's that work for ya?"

Hermione wrinkled her nose, she felt she should do more, but knew he would never agree to it, "I guess that is fine – but I really don't need the credit card. I have my Gringotts card, and it works both in the Wizarding World and here in the muggle world."

"Nah, I want you to have it. Use it to get gas for the Jeep and any grocery runs you do on your own."

"Uncle Charlie..."

"Nope. Don't want to hear it," He stood, placing his empty bowl in the sink – grabbing his police jacket that was hung over the chair he was just sitting in. "And don't forget, I get the billing statements each month, so if I don't see any gas or food purchases on there, I'll know you're not sticking to the deal."

Hermione huffed in response.

"Anyways," Charlie continued, shrugging his jacket on, "I already activated the phone yesterday while you were taking your time picking out different groceries. The Verizon store was right next door, and the lady who was helping me out, put a screen protector on and one of those clear, flexible cases for you. She also put one of those poppy snap things on the back of the phone – she said a lot of kids your age and older have them, and that it wasn't an option to not have one." Hermione laughed at that. Knowing Charlie would have gone with anything a sales lady said about what to get a teenage girl. "It's a gold metal one. She said something about it being able to snap off to switch it out with a different one, I guess…." He shrugged, "Also, I added mine and Bella's numbers and the station's number, in case you need to get ahold of me and I'm not picking up my cell for whatever reason.

Hermione blinked. Charlie really did go all out, getting everything he thought she may need for a new start in the muggle world, "Wow, thanks, Uncle Charlie!"

He nodded, zipping his jacket up, "It should be fully charged and ready to go. You just got to power it back on." Hermione nodded her head, getting up from the breakfast table, going to the sink to rinse both her and Charlie's bowls out. She'd put them in the dishwasher later that evening after they finished eating dinner. "Anyways, I may be a bit later tonight. I'm taking a rookie out for a drive-along to help him get the hang of the ropes."

"Okay, no worries. I'll see you tonight then…."

Charlie paused at the front door, "Try to relax and not worry too much about today 'Mione. You'll be fine."

Hermione nodded, watching as Charlie walked out the front door. Overall, she knew she'd be fine, but it didn't help with the nerves and small butterflies she felt flutter in her stomach.

Finding the school wasn't difficult.

She had passed it dozens of times just this last week of living with Charlie, and even more, as a child when she and her parents would come to visit every other summer for three or so weeks and then every other Christmas holiday – whereas Charlie in return, sometimes accompanied by Bella and other times without her – would visit London on the other summers and Christmas holidays.

There were shockingly, a lot more students parked at the high school than she had thought there'd be. Forks wasn't a huge town by any means – the most recent population being 8,973 people. So, to see the parking lot so filled with cars and others having to park on the side street leading up to the building was a bit surprising to Hermione.

Once parked, Hermione made her way inside, walking with purpose into the building – ignoring the not so subtle states of the other students as she passed. The administration office wasn't too difficult to find. The women in the office gushed a little bit, telling her how wonderful it was to have Helen's daughter back in Forks, going on how she used to be the head English teacher before switching over to the office for administration work – it being a lighter workload for the sixty-seven-year-old then teaching. The older women apparently had taught both her mother and her uncle while they were students here at Forks High School. Hermione politely listened as she went on for another minute before finally handing over her official muggle high school schedule, along with her locker number and lock combination, as well as a map of the school building and grounds.

Quickly walking from the office, Hermione made her way down to the junior hallway where her locker was located. After finding it, Hermione quickly tested the lock, opening the locker to see if she got it right or if it was going to give her any hassle. Thankfully, it opened smoothly with no issues. Glancing at the two shelves and three hooks beneath those inside the locker, Hermione nodded, it was what she expected. Closing the locker, she glanced down at her schedule and map, starting her way to her first class of the day.

AP English.

After an awkward 'stand in front of the class and describe yourself' session, the class passed quickly. During AP English, she met Angela Weber; a pretty girl with dark hair, olive complexion, a slim body, with thick-rimmed glasses and a camera wrapped around her neck. They shared the next class together as well, which was Computer Science. Angela kindly offered to show her the way, giving her the 'dish' on the school and the people who they passed in the halls. Hermione could tell she was a gentle and kind soul and was genuine with her words, which Hermione appreciated.

After their computer class, Angela showed Hermione where the gym and girls locker room was – wishing her luck with whatever sport the teacher had them playing for the day, and that she'd save Hermione a seat at lunch, which was apparently after this class period.

During the gym class, Hermione met both Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton. The two seemed lovely enough – maybe not the most enduring lot. But the two were nice enough for Hermione, to want to see what friendships could develop there. They showed her to the cafeteria once that period had ended.

Which was where Hermione was now.

Sitting in the high school cafeteria, staring at the five Cullen children, eyes basically popping from her sockets.

What were Class B Vampires doing here in Forks, posing as high school students...?

AN: Hermione in this story, has just turned eighteen following the war not nineteen, even though, yes, I know, she turned nineteen the September following the end of the war in the actual books. Also this story is not set in any specific year or timeline from either book. You can imagine whatever year you'd like, but it will have cellphones and a little more modern tech than either book had in it (especially the HP one's, since those are set in the 90's.)

I'm think I may have Bella come into the story at some point, in this rewrite. I am not sure if I'll have her actually move in with Hermione and Charlie, or if she will just come for a visit during the winter holidays to see her dad and her cousin... still thinking that over?

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