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411 of this story is about when we enter our beloved Toushirou's lovely mind.

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Okay. My name is Hitsugaya Toushirou, and I am the captain of the 10th division. Don't expect that my mind will say whatever the hell that is on the TV shows because if you expect that the go on a Bleach obsessive tour for one of those fan girls (dear lord, if I even had a lord keep me away from those dumb sluts). I am warning you now once you step into my mind you can't expect anything... and there is no way out until I am done. By the way 'My mind' refers to my diary, but you just can't tell people that a boy captain has a diary!

If you haven't left yet... then you have passed the test.

Did you know just because I'm the youngest captain (just because all the old geezers of captain are what... 2000 years old doesn't mean little ole me has to be 2000 to be captain). Just because of that the whole damned world is out to get me!

First, Ukitake is always out for me! God! I can't walk out in the open any time of day without him coming up to me and going "Shiro-chan! Here's some candy!" and hopping away like some frikkin bunny rabbit! Just because we both have white hair does not mean he can call me SHIRO! And I maybe like so many years younger that you, it does not absolutely does not mean I like FRIKKIN CHAPPY CANDY! You know what I think he gets it all from the dear poor girl that is followed by her brother's vice captain and the ugly orange head. But I think she and her captain are conspiring against me. If you don't know what that means look it up. I am not your momma.

Then, that stupid tangerine head Kurosaki comes and calls me "Toushirou" like we are best buddies. No way in hell. I'd rather become the old geezer Yamamoto's back scratcher. Kurosaki, Kurosaki, hey don't think I am gay! I'm just wondering WHAT THE HELL EVERYONE SEES IN HIM! He is a fool, he is stupider than Abarai, no Kurosaki is worse, he is dumber than Ōmaeda. He might have saved us 1 or 2 times, but that is it. Most of the time he creates the trouble, and every time he comes, half the Seireitei is destroyed each time. And guess who has to do the paper work for that? Me, every single time. Good lord he needs to be locked up in a room that is padded, has no doors or windows.

Now do not absolutely get me started on Matsumoto. Dear lord she drinks more sake that a lake... no ocean has salt water! Not to mention she hides all that sake in a mini fridge under my desk. A FRIKKIN MINI FRIDGE! She makes me feel like her personal servant when she should be my personal servant. This stupid world is all reverse. Whenever I hear he speak of god knows what all I hear is "Blah-Blah-Blah" I mean if you were me would you want to hear her talk about her cup size! If you would listen to her talk about this, and you are not a love sick fool with her 'blessings', then you need to go to rehab. I will personally drive you there. You know I could go on about how she is such a horrible vice captain, but that would take much too much of my time. So we shall move on.

Who next... there are just too many stupid people out there. Dear god even Aizen had more common sense that those people.

Okay. Aizen is a smart man (this is a MAJOR compliment, especially if it is coming from ME). But he is evil. I would say he went crazier than those 11th division members. Damn. His name really reminds me of someone in Naruto. His first name I mean. And I do know about Naruto (I get this question every time). But, I had a really scary incident once involving him. I was walking along the bath away from the men's captain bath house when I saw him. He was in the water so thankful my innocent eyes were saved. But he was sitting there without a top and he had more wrinkles on his back than Yamamoto! So thank the lord I did not see lower, who knows what I would have saw! After that, I could never look him in the eye.

Oh no! Matsumoto is coming to check on me (since I am supposed to be doing paper work in my office), if she sees me not doing work my head is going to end up in someplace I don't want it to be.


How was that? It is sort of different from how I usually write stories but I was inspired by Skyskater. Read her stories they are awesome!

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