Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, I'm just borrowing them, and no profit is gained.

After the wizard war ended, the three Dursley's came out of hiding after hearing the OK from the ones who had sent them there, almost a year previous. Dudley had missed a whole year of school, but he did not wish to go back to Smelting's to make up for that missed year. He hated school, and his parents claimed 'he was already smart enough'.

The Dursley's returned to number four Private Drive. They soon returned to their normal lives, nothing having changed for them. Except for one thing. They never saw one hair of Harry Potter again. They received a Christmas card from him every year, and the occasional birthday card, along with the wedding invitation (which they never attended) and the three letters announcing the birth of his three children, but that was all.

Dudley went off and became a professional boxer, for a few years, until he met Vanessa Smith. Somehow, they fell in love. The girl was sweet, and beautiful, and nothing like Dudley. She was smart, and a scholar, with long black hair, and intelligent blue eyes. The two got married not long after, and Dudley retired from professional boxing. Instead working for his father, while Vanessa worked as a teacher.

The two only ever had one child. A girl, with the bright blue eyes of her mother and the blonde hair of her father. She was beautiful from day one. This is where our story starts, with this young girl, whose name was Adelle Dursley...