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The New Marauders once more rode the Hogwarts Express as it made its way back to Hogwarts, ready for a new year.

"Well, this year should be much more – normal, if you can call any year at Hogwarts that – than the past two," Dell said as she leaned against the wall, her feet resting on Fred's lap who sat beside James.

"Definitely," Tyler said with a nod who sat across from the three with Roxanne beside him. James had quickly gotten used to the idea of Roxanne and Tyler going out, but it had taken much longer for Fred to get used to it, she being his little sister. With a little convincing from Dell though, he finally dealt with it, though he still seemed to watch the two carefully. Though he had to admit, the looks that were received on the platforms were quite amusing.

"Well," Roxanne said making all look over to the red head reading the Quibbler that Lorcan had given to her – apparently he was already getting ready to work for the Quibbler when he graduated the year after next, though Lysander wanted nothing to do with it and would leave it to his twin – according to Roxanne he had a skill in cookery.

"Well what?" Asked Fred annoyed by his sister's hesitation. He wanted to have a semi-normal year after the last two being so messed up – especially since it was going to be his last year. He really couldn't believe he'd be graduating at the end of the year – or that neither Dominique nor Lucy was going to be there. Or the fact that it had been his girlfriend to receive the Quidditch Captain – he'd been expecting James (as much as he claimed it would be him).

"Last year when I was out one night, I caught Rose making out with a guy in a closet," Roxanne said, a slight smirk appearing on her lips though her eyes never left the magazine at hand.

"You WHAT?!" Both James and Fred yelled at the same time, all the while Tyler, and Dell too, looked shocked.

"Well, I never expected it of her, of all people. Lily, maybe," Dell ignored the glare James sent her way, "But Rose? Never, who was it?"

"Scorpius Malfoy," Roxanne said the smirk growing as all four of the others in the compartment yelled "WHAT!" Causing a first year passing to look in before running off frightened, and Roxanne to finally lift her eyes from the magazine and look at those around her.

"That's not all, her and Malfoy had a falling out at the end of the year, so things will be interesting this year," Roxanne said making both Dell and Tyler groan and Roxanne to just let off a small laugh.

"I don't care if that little brat is a Ravenclaw, he isn't going anywhere near Rose," James growled hitting his hand with his fist. Fred nodded in agreement.

Dell groaned and lowered down in her spot. "Why, Roxanne, why did you have to tell them that?"

"Rose went back to her common room and sent Lucy out to give me a week's worth of detentions – I figured I owed her." Roxanne said with a shrug as she went back to reading the Quibbler, though nobody else in the compartment wanted to know what she found so interesting in it.

"Can we ever just get a nice, peaceful school year?" Dell mumbled, crossing her arms as she starred out the window.

"It's Hogwarts – what did you expect?" Roxanne said not looking away from her magazine but a smile playing at her lips.

Dell looked around at those around her – Tyler with his arm around Roxanne, the most unexpected couple in history, Fred and James talking about what they could do, pranks they could pull, that would keep Scorpius away from Rose, that was, when Dell thought about it, not nearly as odd as the couple that sat before her. She couldn't help but smile.

"Hogwarts indeed."

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