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It was finally in his view.


Fire playfully dancing on the kindling that encased it. He tip toed to the campsite where he sensed people were deep in sleep, careful not to wake them up. Katara was peacefully sleeping in her blue sleeping bag above the fire, Sokka was unruly, moving about in his and Toph, Toph was in her usual rock tent which was closed off from the rest of them presumably sleeping. He unfolded an old mat as he let himself fall quietly beside Sokka whose snores shadowed his departure and arrival. Mentally thanking his friend, he still couldn't help feeling guilty at what he had done.

But his guilt wasn't as strong as his lust; He knew well that he still smelled of her, and he actually liked that. But then sooner or later his friends would sniff her out on him. Her scent was intoxicating, Jasmine? He thought as he smiled to himself. It was too strong, her sweet and delicate aroma had stuck onto his skin but he was too tired to take a bath. Sweet and delicate; almost exactly her opposite.

"Tomorrow morning! Bright and early, I'll go take a bath." he silently mused to himself.

Never in his wildest dreams would this night even occur to him. He was a monk, she was.. well, he really didn't know what to think of her having been eluding her for quite some time now. All he knew now was.. She's pretty he thought with a smitten look on his face.


She was so beautiful.

Dangerous and unpredictable.

So captivating to him.

She had a certain something that kept him coming back for more.

Her warm breath against the back of his neck, sending shivers down his spine.

Her teeth playfully nibbling on his ear.

Her soft lips pressed onto his.

Her long polished nails making marks at his back.

Her soft skin so warm against his.. sometimes too warm.

Her words forever imprinted in his brain, how she told him how much she wanted him inside of her. He knew it was wrong, very wrong but he just couldn't resist her.

"Where have you been?" said a mischievous voice disrupting his thoughts. This made him rocket ten feet into the air; before landing lightly on his feet with the help of his bending, and sat back down onto his mat.

Oh no.

"I know you're out there, Twinkle Toes." a voice from inside a tent made out of earth shot out.

"Uh- I- I- just went out for a walk," he stuttered nervously. "You know, to clear my mind. Meditate. Uh.. Avatar stuff."

The girl sighed. "You forgot I could tell if you were lying"

He smacked himself in the forehead, not knowing what to say next. Suddenly, the front of the earth tent collapsed into the ground as the little blind girl inside made herself visible to Aang.

"Hey" she rolled to her side and was now lying on her belly.

"Hi Toph," the Airbender smiled his signature smile even though she couldn't see it.

"So, where did you go really?"

"Ha-ha," he laughed dryly. Aang knew that she was getting suspicious by the way he was asked.

"WHAT." she exclaimed weirded out by the young Avatar. "Where did you go, Aang?"

"Uh.. Thing is.." he stalled.

"Spit it out Airboy."

"Uhm.. uh.. I can't." he said nervously.

"What do you mean you can't?" Toph felt his heartbeat rise at her annoyed tone.

"Uhhmmm.. Yeeaaaahhhhh" tredly, he let himself fall onto his mat and turned the other way facing Sokka's back.

"WHAT." the Earthbender yelled confused and still weirded out. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" she shouted at Aang who was now pretending to be asleep. "I know you sneaked out!" still no reply. "Aang! What's the matter with you?" she called out to him and pounded on the floor with her fist that sent a wave of earth towards the young Airbender.

"OW!" he yelped in pain rubbing his shoulder which had just been hit. "Toph? Is that you?" he asked groggily, rubbing his eyes as if he just woke up.

"Of course it's me!" her voice sounded annoyed and tired.

"Huh? Were you talking to yourself? Can you just go back to sleep before you wake up the rest of them." he yawned pointing to Sokka who had drool running down his cheek.

"WHAT." Toph exclaimed still weirded out.

"People are sleeping! What are you doing up and talking to yourself?" he said letting his hand run through his short hair.

"WHAT. I was talking to you!" her dainty fingers were now digging into the hard cold earth underneath her in annoyance.

"No you weren't. I was sleeping! And you probably should get some rest too." he replied innocently.

"WHA- Nevermind." the earth from underneath the girl rose up and created a door that closed up her tent.

He sighed in relief.

"HOG MONKEY!" Sokka screamed.

The sun arose; what a beautiful image of orange and yellow clashing into the blue skies. His eyes remained closed though unable to admire this sight but his ears were fully aware; beautiful sounds of nature. Birds chirping, water flowing and the wind blowing into his tired and worn out limbs. And to the sounds of nature also came the sounds of growling stomachs..

"I'm so hungry!" exclaimed Toph as she lifted up an empty brown sack.

"Aren't we all." Sokka added.

"It seems that we ran out of food," Katara said as she turned around to face.. "SOKKA!"

"Hey! It wasn't.. yeah it was me." wiping off the bits of crumbs on his newly acquired Fire Nation garb that his sister was eying.

"Sokka! How could you finish our food! That could've lasted all four of us for a week!" exclaimed Toph from behind him.

"I was hungry!" he cried in his defense. "I had a dream last night that a pack of rogue hog monkeys raided our camp, ate our food and stole our hats! HATS WOMAN!"

Toph and Katara simultaneously hit their foreheads with their palms out of habit.

"Hog monkeys or Sokka?!" he continued to shout with his arms in the air. "I THINK SOKKA!"

"Urgh, we'll just have to get food from the woods." Katara replied calmly. "Sokka go with Toph into the-"

"I'm so sick of forest food!" cried the Earthbender. "back in Gaoling, I was served the finest cuisines in all Earth Kingdom," she sighed as she reminisced on her luxurious life. "Oh the Noodle Soup that my chefs would prepare. Tofu Curd Puffs! Roast Duck and Egg Custard Tart!" But with the these delicious delicacies came the hideous outfits she was forced to wear every single day. Of course to her it was hideous, she couldn't see them! Only feeling the heavy silk and itchy embroideries clinging to her petite body. But to everyone else, she was utterly gorgeous and reeked of nobility.

Toph sensed Sokka drooling to her whining when buckets of his saliva came hitting the ground sending vibrations to the blind Earthbender who was lying on her back on a throne-like, elevated earth she had created earlier.

"Hate to rain on your food parade, but Toph we have none of those and no way of getting them so we have to settle with whatever edible that came our way" replied Katara who was now just as hungry as Sokka upon hearing what Toph had said.

"I know," she sighed. "My parents hired the best cooks in Gaoling and they're the only ones who could prepare Tofu Curd Puffs the way I like 'em"

"Hey Sokka! Isn't there a big city near by?" Katara asked.

Sokka who had collapsed on the ground remained unmoving.

"There is." Toph answered for him.

"Then we should shop for food," Katara said. "Urgh. Fire Nation food, eek. It's always way too spicy."

"But like you said Sugar Queen, we just have to settle with whatever edible that came our way"

"Yeah, you're right." Katara hated spicy food, and most of the Fire Nation food that was being served was, well, spicy. "Aang and I will go into the city while you stay here and watch over Sokka."

Toph nodded her head in agreement.

"Aang?" she turned to the Airbender who was still sleeping heavily on his mat. "Aang's still sleeping?"

"Yeah, Twinkle Toes had a long night last night"

"Huh? What do you mean?" asked Katara turning back to Toph who remained relaxed on her little platform.

"I'm not sure, but I think he went to the city." she said. "He was panting when he got back. I kept on asking him where he went but he was acting like some crazy person and kept evading my questions. Yeah, and he smelled weird, so I'm guessing he had one wild night!"

"Huh, alright," the Waterbender replied, unsure of what Toph meant. "I guess I'll just go with Sokka then while you watch Aang. I'll just save my very very long lecture on the dangers of the Fire Nation knowing that the Avatar is still alive when he wakes up." He just looks so peaceful when he's like this. Thought Katara as she blushed slightly. He was lying on his back shirtless with his toned chest going up slightly and down again.

Sokka who's still passed out on the hard ground next to Aang began to regain consciousness when he felt cold water pour down his head.

"AAAH!" He screamed. "What was *cough* that *cough* about *cough* *cough* ?!" He shook off the excess water before Katara just Waterbended him dry.

"Hmmm.. does anyone smell burnt jasmine?" Sokka asked with a dumb founded look on his face as he slowly started to get up from beside Aang.

"Sokka we're going to.." she paused glancing back at Sokka's Fire Nation map, ignoring him completely. "..To Fan Wu Fire City!" She added.

Aang's eyes sprung open when he heard of the city he had been frolicking about just last night. "NO! NOT FAN WU FIRE CITY!" The Airbender screamed.

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