Me: HI!

Takara: Hello!

Ryuu: Good day!

Me and Takara: *stares at Ryuu who's BTW my new assistant*

Ryuu: *sweatdrop* What?

Takara: You made him way too formal...

Me: Yeah, maybe...

Ryuu: HEY! You had already said the things that I wanted to say! That was like the only thing left!

Me: *holds up a clown in his face(he's scared of clowns)*

Ryuu: GAAH! *holds up a gigant spider-plushie in Takara's face*

Takara: KYYAA! *holds a gigantic needle in front of my face*


All of us: *runs around in circles while chasing eachother*

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Inuyasha and his new friends were walking in the playground, trying to find the scent of the glassball. Suddenly, he stopped and the others bumped into him.

-Inuyasha, why did you stop? Kagome asked.

He didn't answer. He just sniffed around.

-It can't be... he said and started to run towards some trees.

-Inuyasha! the others screamed but they couldn't keep up with him.

-Why did he run away? asked Sango and Miroku.

-I have no idea. Stay here and I'll see, Kagome said and ran as fast as she could after Inuyasha.

With Inuyasha

Inuyasha approached the trees and in the middle of them was...

-K-Kikyou... he said.

He was right. She stood there, right in front of the tree that she had bound him to. She turned to him.

-Inuyasha, I hoped that you'd come...

-But, why did you run off earlier? he asked and walked closer to her.

-Because I had to. I had to eat lunch... but I didn't want to go...

-Oh... said Inuyasha nodding. She walked closer and closer.

-I really wanted to play with you Inuyasha, she said and Inuyasha blushed.

-Oh, I see... he said before he gasped. She hugged him! (A.U: Dun-dun- DUN!)

-K-Kikyou, what are you d-doing?

-I want to play with you and you alone Inuyasha... she said and didn't let go. He hugged her back.

-I-I want to play with you too Kikyou, but I can't. I have my other friends to play with. We need to find the glass-ball.

-Did you drop it?

-No, it was stolen...

-I see... well, let's go and look for it together, Kikyou said and looked at him.

-But, I am already looking for it with my friends.

She frowned.

-I thought that I was your friend...

-You are!

-Then why won't you come with me?

-B-because if I did, I'd be a meanie to my other friends!

-I see... well then... I'll look for it alone! she said and stomped off. Inuyasha reached after her but didn't leave the spot he was standing on.

-Kikyou... he mumbeled. That's when he felt Kagome's smell.

-Kagome? Are you there?

She didn't answer.

-He was planning to go with her! she thought and ran off.