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A sharp shock coursing through Piper caused her to stir from a deep slumber. A state of confusion washed over her as a heat source moulded into her side and the electrical impulse continued. Blinking slowly she looked down to the form in her arms and smiled slightly. Scarlett hair mused, his head resting on her chest, arms locked firmly around her waist as if in fear of her disappearing. Stars' still brightly shining and no sign of dawn approaching, Piper sighed.

'Aerrow? Are you awake?' Piper whispered, with a tinge of concern. 'Aerrow?'

No response emitted from the male and Piper picked up on his tremors and clammy skin. She looked down and noticed her crystal glowing faintly, enabling her to see Aerrow.

'Oh Atmos. Please let the doors open soon! Aerrow please wake up?' Piper nuzzled the scarlet male and closed her eyes tightly, sending a silent prayer to the skies, ignoring the light.

She began running a hand through his hair and singing a quite lullaby to him.

'I love you Aerrow, please wake up?'She whispered, pulling the blanket tighter around them.

Collisions of metal began to emit from the door, becoming increasingly more evident and louder. Pipers' head shot up and she stared at the sealed entrance, here heart mimicking the tempo of the approaching noise.

One final sharp bang and the door flew open, barely remaining on its hinges. A damp and flushed Sapphire stepped through the door way, shaking herself violently.

'Bloody disinfectant.' She growled, brushing herself off. 'Steel won't keep me in Stork. I'll show him.. Piper?'

The girls' autumn eyes locked onto the entwined pair and she twitched her ears, sensing fear and relief she rushed over.

'He's sick! We couldn't get in and he's worse now! Help me!' Piper rushed.

'It's okay darlin'. He's safe now.' Sapphire hushed, smiling softly.

Sapphire touched the crystal around Piper's neck and then Aerrow's head. She repeated this movement several times and soon a stream of light transmitted to his head from the crystal. The soft glow began to seep across his head. Slowly but surely, his tremors and breathing began to even out and his grip on Pipers' waist began to loosen.

'Wh-what just happened?' Piper stuttered, awe struck.

'It's for Aerrow to tell you, not me. Never mind that now. Let's get him inside and in the warm.' She soothed scooping the commander up into her arms and stood up. 'Come along doll, we have much to discuss.'

Piper stood dumbstruck, and followed Sapphire through the doorway.

The sound of their boots hitting the floor echoed of the walls, disturbing the silence.

'I assume he failed to discuss certain, matters, with you?' Sapphire chuckled.

'He wants me to finish my course.' She muttered, still in shock.

'Mhmm.. He has a heart of gold I will give him that.' Sapphire noted as she made a turn to towards the medical bay.

'No!' Piper exclaimed, stopping.

Sapphire stopped in her tracks and turned to Piper.

'He hates the medical bay. Let's take him to his room.' Piper gestured to the opposite corridor.

She jogged along and made a door on the left side of the corridor open. Sapphire complied, dipping her head softly to gaze at the unconscious male, and made her way into the room. Placing him softly onto the bed she stifled a yawn.

'I think it's safe to assume you will be monitoring him tonight?' Sapphire glanced from Aerrow to Piper and smiled at her subtle nod. 'I will notify the others of the situation and the plans then. Stork should be finished cleaning by now. If not I will make him hehehe.'

Piper moved around her cousin and sat on the edge of the bed, watching Aerrow.

'Thank you, I don't know what you did or how you did it. But thank you.'

'You will soon enough. And you're welcome. Good night doll.' Sapphire kissed her head and moved out of the room. 'Get some sleep, you'll know if he needs you. Trust me on that.'

The door slid shut behind her form and Piper clapped her hands causing the lights to fade out. Settling down beside the males' body she watched him breathe, as he basked in the moonlight. Twirling the crystal in her hands her mind raced.

Morning would provide answers.

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