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Piper sat at the end of Aerrow's bed, a dense decaying book cradled in her lap as she immersed herself into its content. Flicking through the pages, she sighed. Amber light drifting through the window, her only source of light.

'Not here either..'

Turning the page again, she began to scan read once more. The page contained the name of the crystal, a complex diagram of the crystal with annotations and a large description underneath. Piper worked through the page in under a minute and moved on. This routine continued until she came across the desired page.

It displayed the crystal that hung around her neck. He amber orbs widened as she read the title, 'Soul Crystal'.

'You have to be kidding me, these are rare! And here I thought it was just an inactive crystal.'

Reading on Piper began to blush and her heart rate raced.

'The crystal is given by a male to his soul-mate. The crystal will cause harm to the recipient and the relationship between them if the female is not the correct mate.'

'Oh for the love of Atmos.. Aerrow doesn't know this right?' she muttered hastily to no one. 'He said it was a birthday present, and we were kids!'

'When the male is in danger, the crystal worn by the soul mate will cause electrical impulses to flow through their body to alert them. This is similar to the male, except due to his binding to the crystal before giving it to his chosen female, he will receive the impulses without the crystal...'

'That makes sense. It also explains why he always saves me just in time!' she squealed.

She clapped her hand over her mouth in horror and turned her attention to Aerrow.

Aerrow stirred, his head heavy with sleep he slowly opened his eyes, a slow moan escaping his lips as he did so. Piper slammed the book shut and pushed it off the bed with force.

'Good morning sleepy head!' Piper chirped, trying to cover up the noise of the book hitting the floor.

As his eyes focused the fell onto her form, he found her sat cross legged on his bed clasping his hand.

'Hey there.' He croaked.

'Don't try moving just yet. You're weak.' She smiled, running her thumb over his knuckles.

'I won't. I feel like I've gone for ten rounds with Dark Ace.' He chuckled. 'How long was I out?'

'About a day and a half. Sapphire and I have had the boys cleaning to keep them busy.' She laughed softly.

'A natural born leader.' He smiled softly.

Pipers' smile dropped and she stared at their entwined hands.

Silence filled the room for several moments as the pair collected their thoughts. Aerrow cursed himself under his breath and sighed.

'Aerrow we need to ta-'

'Will you be my date for the festival?' Aerrow rushed, his eyes locking hers in an intent gaze.

Piper's mouth fell open, 'What? Are you joking?'

'No. I want to go with you. That is, if you don't have someone else you wish to go with.' He looked down at their hands, a clear blush covering his cheeks.

'No.' she whispered, smiling brightly. 'I want to go with you Aerrow.'

Aerrow looked up and matched her smile and squeezed her hand.

'Do you mean as friends date or as a date-date just so people don't get the wrong idea!' Piper babbled.

Aerrow laughed heartily and shook his head softly, 'A real date Piper. You're cute when you babble.'

Piper poked her tongue out in retaliation causing Aerrow to role his eyes.

'But, why all of a sudden?' A sudden shadow of doubt shaded her face.

Aerrow frowned and tilted his head, 'I had a push in the right direction from a friend. They gave me the courage.'

'But who?'

'Never mind that now. You're sure going with me now? Finn, is still available?'

Piper glared at him with that comment, but soon smiled at the spark in emerald eyes entrancing her and his lopsided grin.

'I'm positive. Aerrow, can we talk?' Piper looked down at their hands, a blush covering her cheeks once more.

'No we cannot leave, Finn on Tropica, I know he's annoying, and as much as I'd like to, the only problem is we need him. I'll slap him round the head. But what's he do-'

'Aerrow! It's not that!' She giggled, shaking her head. 'I'm glad to see you're definitely improving Sky Knight.'

'What could it be then? You want more funding for crystals? You think I'm handsome?'

'Well that could be a topic.' Piper looked to the ceiling.

Aerrow's chest puffed with pride and he gave her a playful smug look.

'I DO need more crystals.' She pondered.

'Hey!' Aerrow exclaimed.

Piper burst into laughter as Aerrow watched on, with a look of fake annoyance but admiration.

'I've never said, but you're beautiful when you laugh, Piper.'

Her laughter subside, she glowed at his words and turned her attention to his eyes.

'Thank you.' She whispered shyly looking into his eyes.

Aerrow's face lit up with a blush, with the attention he was receiving.

'What did you want to talk about anyway, Piper?'

'When you were sick on the roof, Aerrow, I got electrical impulses. It was from my crystal.'

Aerrow's eyes widened at this.

'She knows!' He screamed in his mind.

'Aerrow, Tell me abou-'

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