life of a mobster

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Walking down an ally in New York city, with an unamused set of her face, Sakura descended on her victim, Larry the rat. This little vermin was going to lead her to her career choice, more like her new life. The skinny greasy man backed away from the pink haired woman, this made her mad, then again everything made her mad. She had spent the last month of her frekin life looking for these people and she was not about to let some low life get in her way of meeting them. she swiftly pulled out a rather scary looking knife from her upper thigh and promptly threw it at the terrified man.

why was he terrified? upon hearing that someone was looking for him and thinking that it was the blue dressed pigs* he got himself a few 'friends'. Being the type of person he was he had stood in the back when the pink haired woman had broke into his rat whole of a bar. He also watched as, with no weapons she swiftly began to kill his nine 'friends' . After the last one fell he took off out of the back door, and down the alleyways to hope and escape the she devil after him.

The knife had landed right were his head would have been if he had taken another steep, he fell slat on his ass. Sakura descended on him another knife from her holster in her hand.

"you know Larry I spent a lot of time looking for you. And you made me hurt all those people when all I wanted was to have a little chat."

"well.." he said with a slight stutter then continued with a gulp "I cant tell you nothing lady, they'll kill me if I do."

"Oh no that's to bad." she straddled the rats waist "Hey wanna know what I can do that's worst then death."

"Listen lady these guys wont just kill me they'll take out my family any one associated with me, but only after they've broken all my bones and make me beg for death."

"Larry, Larry who to say I haven't all ready killed everyone you know."

he gasped then looked up to her face to see if she was joking, it was blank. he then jumped a little as he felt the knife in her hand slowly graze down his polyester covered leg and stop promptly at a mans most prized possession.

"Now I never told you what's worst then death, But I hope you get the picture cause im running out of patience"

"Okay Okay I get it just please can you maybe put that thing…" he glance at the knife now cutting into his jewels "somewhere else?"

her reply was to apply more presses then with a clenched teeth she hissed "talk" to him

"Oh OH Okay" he swiftly said and then under his breath "dam crazy fucking bitch gunna get me killed"

"just so I know im getting this right your looking for the Akatsuki family right?"

he toke her silent stare as a yes

"First off you gunna get yourself killed, not that I care. the leader known as Pein can be found in his mansion. Its at the very end of 66 ave and 66th street.* I don't know how you are gunna get in, best bet of you getting in at all is in a body bag"

he let himself chuckle at his 'smart' remark

Sakura smirked then began to dig the knife into his thigh and carved out a cherry blossom.

"from now on you work for me you stinking rat, if you disobey me I will kill every one you know then castrate you then break every bone in your body till you beg me to kill you and you know what…"

she leaned in real close and sensually licked his ear.

"I won't ever do it"

she stood up turned on her heel, and walked out in the night blending in with the shadows.

Larry had passed out the second she had finished her declaration, because he knew like most animals do out of self preservation, that she had really meant it. Every last fucking word of it.

*okay first one supposed to be cops

*second one I made it all up

I don't know with which Akatsuki im going to do it with yet. any suggestions?