Itachi was standing outside leaders door. He was called out of training and was not at all happy.

Just as he raised his hand to knock he herd leader call him in. he opened the large mahogany doors and entered the poorly lit room. The first thing he noticed was the pink haired wildcat that he had to subdue, then to his utter disbelieve Koren was standing by leader.

"Itachi I have a request of you"

Sakura, not hearing any one enter the room, turned around when Pein spook and her eyes practically popped out of her head, she has to clench her fists to keep her from charging at the big asshole who had knocked her out.

Hearing leaders remark Itachi hn'ed him to let him no he herd him. And let him continue

"I have been noticing recently that your vision has begun to deteriorate, particular your peripheral vision, your recent injury is sign to that. "


"So I have decided to give you a fighting partner to further protect you since Kisame cant seen to be able to achieve that.

"I have no need of such thing"

"Of course you don't, think of it more like a pawn to do your dirty work, nothing more."

"and who.." he glanced at the pink haired woman "… would that be"

"This is Sakura, I believe you already know how capable of a fighter she is"


"You will also watch her closely, she will be in the room next to you, you two will be working together so please don't kill each other."

"Yes leader-sama"

"Itachi please show her to her room"


He turned and left the room to be followed by his new problem'

Sakura could not believe that she had to…..with this god dam mother fucking man, really any one else would have been better.


"Well I do think I have a trial run I can give you. But it may not be all too your lacking."

"And what exactly will I be doing sir?"

"I have a member that has a particular amazing blood trait, But in this line of work people die a lot, unfortunately he is one of the last people with this skill. I need you to change that. Sakura i need you to get close to this man and give him a child"

"WHAT no fucking way, I um I just cant do something like that I um..."

"Sakura If you want to fight side by side with the rest of my members you will do this."

"I will try my hardest sir, but I kinda lack in womanly charm, was never my best subject"

Koran came forward and looked Sakura in the eyes "That is exactly why you have a chance at getting close to this man. It will be extremely hard but I trust that you will accomplish you mission."


She could not believe that she had agreed to this especially now, that its THIS one. She was flipping the fuck out and….she was frekin hungry.

Itachi lead them down a labyrinth of hallways until he reached a long hallway , he turned down it and walked to the end door, he turned to address the woman. "This is the green bedroom you will be staying here. I am right next door in the blue."

He turned and left walking back down the hallway and disappearing from sight.

Sakura sighed and opened the door. He's not much of a talker, its gunna be way harder then I thought.

She flopped down onto the big bed in the middle of the room. To her liking the room was nothing like the gaudy gold room she had awakened in. The bed had a lovely emerald silk comforter, the walls were painted a similar color but brighter. The only decoration on the walls was a single Katana

placed on the wall opposite the bed.

She rolled over onto her aching stomach, she was hungry and grumpy.

"Were the hell dose a girl get some grub around here" she mumbled to herself.

"Pretty lady Tobi will show you to the food cause Tobi's a good boy he is!"

Sakura whipped around and stared at the man with the mask on. For the life of her she could not believe that he was able to sneak in here with out her knowing about it. She decided then that she would have to be more cautious around this one.

Tobi stood there with his hands clasped behind his back rocking on the balls of his feet.

"Your names Tobi right? Well Tobi id be more then happy if you could show me around this place. it's a frekin maze." Sakura stood up and walked out the door and started down the hallway when Tobi ran up excitedly to her side.

"Ya know master says that it's a maze cause people would get confused and get lost. He says that it's a defense technique!. But don't worry Tobi always knows were he's going Tobi has never gotten lost before.!"

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