42_souls, table 3, theme #05:) "leave me be."
Inspired completely by episode 44. The quotes herein were taken from the episode, as well. (Spoilers, maybe?)

"Stein, don't let that woman touch you."

Medusa's tone was teasingly cruel. Marie was upset; angry, frustrated, and anxious. She was trying not to leak bitter tears. She was holding them back.

I, too, was holding back. But barely.

"She's gonna do something weird to you."

I had the incredible urge to slam her body against cold hard stone and hold her there just long enough to cut her open. Surplus of contact in the previous months had told me that Marie's flesh was soft, and perhaps delicate. Most certainly fair. I guessed that it would be easy enough to slice through the skin (scented so faintly of her perfume; days of travel had all but washed the sweet aroma away).

Medusa's words registered into some foreign pit of my mind, and I responded.


I would start with her shoulder.

On any other occasion, I preferred to begin at the throat to silence the victim. But now, it was different. When I began to cut her open, I wanted to hear her shriek in agony and fear. I wanted to hear the torment rip from her tongue as I dragged the scalpel with a sort of liquid grace down her arm, slicing through muscle, flesh, and tissue. I would stop before I hit the major vein; Marie was too beautiful to bleed to death. She deserved a stunning death.

I covered my face with my hands. Deep within, I wondered what on earth I was thinking. If death didn't deserve Marie, I most certainly didn't. I did not deserve the effort it took a directionally-challenged woman to come and find me. I didn't deserve sanctuary, nor retribution, nor compassion.

Behind my hands, I almost smiled.

And I wondered just how many wrong turns she'd taken in order to wind up exactly where she shouldn't be.

"I know what she's capable of."

Aside from the insane desire to cut Marie's flesh from her bones, I had all but lost every other thought. I was swimming in a sea of confusion, drowning in myself. I was delving further into the mystery that was my madness with every passing second. There was no room inside of me for anyone but myself.

Nothing but desire remained.

I craved the pearly white skin that Marie wore. I wanted it under my fingers. I wanted it to envelope the cold steal that I alone could plunge into her so artfully. Medusa would allow it.

Medusa knew what he wanted.

Marie could take it. She was strong.

"I've seen all of them."

Her heart. Her soul. Her spirit. The fire within.

I knew Marie.

But I knew what I must do.

If only she'd left well alone.