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Years passed, and as Papa Ge had nothing better to do, he often spent time contemplating various aspects of this whole disaster- the disaster that had separated him from his family. One day he realized that the Beauxhomme line was now tainted. The young Ti Moune, being raised by Andrea and Daniel, was the only heir to the French family. It painted a hopeful picture of the future. Maybe some day the peasants and Grand Hommes really would feel free to exist together, without animosity or hatred. There was also something to be said about Papa Ge's christening the little granddaughter of Daniel Beauxhomme as "Ti Moune". Not as a title, but as a name, this little girl would never be an orphan. Daniel would look after the little one, the little girl who would remind him every day of her namesake, his one and only love.

He saw the other Gods occasionally. At first, they would turn away in anger or disgust, and Papa Ge would feel the hole in his chest rip open all the wider. But as time passed, their gazes turned to longing, or sadness, or even pity. There still seemed to be no chance for his return, but at least the burning look of almost-hatred had gone from their eyes.

Papa Ge sat beneath a tree- her tree, for days at a time, when he had nothing better to be doing. He could not go back to Agwe, Asaka, and Erzulie, and he had little else to do, and definitely nowhere else to go.

It was one day, years after the original Ti Moune's death, years after Daniel and Sophia had died, even years after Andrea and her husband had passed into the next world, that Papa Ge glanced up into the branches of the tree, which still stood strong and tall, as though not a day had passed.

Ti Moune, Sophia's little girl, was now an elderly woman, who had married a French man. Papa Ge had taken the man's life only a few short weeks earlier, and the mourning widow often took walks outside of the hotel's grounds during the warm afternoons. Her usual route took her straight past the tree of her namesake.

Usually, when Papa Ge heard the woman's approach, he made a quick move to disappear. But, though he had been putting off killing the woman who called Papa Ge her loa, in his blackened heart, the God of Death knew she could not live for much longer.

Andrea and Daniel had taught her to fear Papa Ge, the demon. But Ti Moune had always respected the God who had killed her parents, and spared her life.

As the elderly woman hobbled by, she saw the small figure of Papa Ge crouching in the shadows under the tree. Immediately, she knew who it was. Instead of cringing in fear, which was the response Papa Ge was used to, Ti Moune nodded her head in reverence, and whispered "Thank you for letting me live this life."

Papa Ge shuddered at her brave and clear tone. It cut into his heart, reminding him of the original Ti Moune, a peasant girl that he had learned to love once, years ago.

The God tipped his hat to the woman as she passed, to take a walk among the village of the peasants and through the open fields for one last time.

"I'm sorry," the whisper issued out of the God's mouth. He could not say who he was speaking to. There were too many people to choose from. The woman he was about to kill, the long dead Julian and Euralie, his sisters and brothers- Agwe, Erzulie, Asaka. Daniel, Andrea, their son and Sophia… all of these people deserved his sincerest apology. But suddenly, Papa Ge knew to whom he was speaking. "I am sorry, Désirée Dieu-Donné. I am sorry, Ti Moune."

A single leaf detached itself from Ti Moune's branches and came to settle itself at the God's feet.

A strange wind was stirring. The breezes whispered of forgiveness.

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