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X-X-X-X Chapter two X-X-X-X

Aria shivered as she stepped into the air conditioned hotel. She and the rest of the group were soaked from head to toe.

"Let's go up to the suite." Topaz exclaimed, pushing a button on the elevator. They crowded into the elevator and went to the top floor. It opened up to a hallway with only two doors. '1' and '2'. Topaz produced a key card to door '1' and walked in turning on the lights.

"Big." Saphire whispered. They'd walked into the living room of the suite. Large class coffee table in front of a large cream leather sofa with a matching love seat and three matching arm chairs. A large flat screen TV sat up against the cream wall. A glass of red roses sat on the coffee table with a pile of magazines on the other end.

"Pretty." Aria murmured, looking at the two paintings on the wall. Emerald studied the sleek silver phone on the end table near the loveseat. Carla walked over to the book shelf on the one wall and silently read the titles of the movies on the shelf. Topaz opened one of the three doors that the living room opened up to.

"Found the bathroom. Nice tub." Topaz exclaimed. The title was white marble with red weaving through it with matching counter top, sink, toilet and towel bar. The tub was a large Jacuzzi set in the ground made of black marble with silver woven through it with a silver swan facet that matched the facets of the sink. The walls were a soft rose color.

"How many people would that fit?" Aria asked, walking over to Topaz , peeking into the room.

"A least five."

"I found the girls section!" Emerald called, opening the third door, revealing a bedroom with two doors, one leading to another bedroom and the other to another bathroom. In the room stood two very large beds with white silk sheets and dark red comforted, two large wardrobes and a TV.

"What? No desk?" Aria asked. Emerald opened the other door to revel the other bedroom with another two large beds, one wardrobe, a desk, and another TV. This room had a door to the balcony that over looked the city. Each bed had four suit cases at the foot of the bed.

"How do you know it's our section?" Piper asked.

"A. Saphire's signature blue duffle bag, b. my signature emerald green wheel suitcase with stickers all over it." Emerald exclaimed pointing to each. Emerald's suit case was covered with guitar, black roses, broken hearts, and demon wing stickers. Piper shrugged.

"There are three bathrooms so which three people are taking showers first to get the chill out of their bones?" Aria asked.

"You girls are showering first." Chase exclaimed.

"Saphire and Aria. They were in the rain the longest." Emerald added. Some of the others nodded in agreement.

"And Carla. She was the first in the rain. She was on the balcony when it started raining." Piper exclaimed. Carla grabbed her black duffle bag and walked into the bathroom in the guy's section. Saphire took the main bathroom, entering it with a bag of toiletries under one arm and clothes under the other. Aria walked into the Girl's section bathroom with her silver toiletries bag and clothes. Carla emerged first, wearing a floor length black lace nightgown. She sat down with a room service menu. Finn started to laugh when he saw what she was wearing. Saphire walked out of the bathroom wearing a sapphire nightgown that ended just above her knees, edged in lace. Tina and emerald then went and took the two vacant showers Aria came out wearing a gray tank top and pink pajama pant with a pink robe wide open. Tia ran into the bathroom.

"Okay, Pizza, wings, salad, soda, and cinnamon sticks with icing. How's that for dinner?" Carla asked.

"What kind of pizza?" Aria asked.

"One large cheese, one large pepperoni and for Tia, a vegetarian pizza with whole wheat crust and tofu cheese." Carla exclaimed.

"Tofu cheese?" Aria asked.

"Yeah. Tia loves the stuff. Apparently it tastes just like cheese. "


"How about we get the molten chocolate cake to celebrate another successful concert. We were fuller then ever!" Topaz suggested.

"With vanilla and chocolate ice cream to go on top." Aria exclaimed.

"Agreed. I wonder what Emerald did when she one string broke. I heard the crowd gasp when it happened." Chase exclaimed. Emerald walked in drying her hair, wearing a black sweat pants and a dark green tank top.

"Crowd gasped when what happened?" Emerald asked as her twin got up to take her shower.

"When your guitar string broke. What did you do. I heard you drop out of the song. It actually sounded kind of funny without your guitar playing it's part."
"oh, During cheated? Simple. Darla threw me the replacement string and I let the crowd watch me replace the string. I quickly tuned and jumped back in." Emerald explained Tina came out of the shower wearing a pair of pink sweat pants and matching sweatshirt over a grey tank top and a pair of pink fuzzy socks as Piper walked into the bathroom for her shower.

"Imagine how I felt when I found out my key board had been unplugged. "Tina exclaimed. Emerald turned and stared.

"Is that what you were doing during 'Demon'?" Chris asked, confused.

"Yeah. I was trying to figure out why I was making not sound and why it wouldn't turn on. I really want to know why someone unplugged me during the intermission." Tina exclaimed as Tia laughed as she tripped out of the guy's section. Chase rolled his eyes and went to go take his shower.


Later that night they'd all showered and eaten, Carla deiced to put in a scary movie. The girls screamed, clutching to each other. Aria had at one point jumped up onto Chase's lap. At the end of the movie, Chris deiced to be a mean guy and crept up behind the girls and shouted at them, scaring them silly, causing Aria to knock herself and Chase to the floor.

The girls retreated to their sections moments later where they prodded information out of Aria.

"Is Chase a good kisser?" Emerald asked Aria as the door closed. Aria nodded, a blush powdering her cheeks.

"You're the first girl to be kissed by him since Marla years ago."Tia exclaimed, turning on the TV to a romantic movie.

"Did you enjoy it?" Saphire asked, throwing herself across the foot of the bed Aria sat on. Emerald sat down next to Aria and looked at her. Aria blushed.

"It was perfect. Sweet, gentle, yet rough and tart. It was just perfect…" Aria's voice trailed off as Topaz sat down on the other bed Facing Aria. Tia threw herself across the foot of the other bed as Carla and Piper sat down on the other bed with Topaz.

"You like him!" Tia teased. Aria gasped.

"I do NOT!" Aria denied. The other girls laughed and fell asleep watching the movie.


Lavendar hair, looking white in the darkness, flew backward as she ran threw the night, a dagger in her hand. She slowed to a stop and started at the top floor of the hotel in front of her, at the balcony where her prey resided.

"Come on out bitch. I dare you!" Checallenaged, an evil smirk on her face as she imagined digging her blade into the other girls back, staining her silver-blond hair red with blood, a blood curling scream escaping the victims lips as she slowly fell to the ground, going lifeless and limp. The girl laughed evilly as she clutched the blade.